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Let’s Have a Book over Coffee: 3 Effective Steps to Create Coffee Books

how to create coffee books

This is a guest post from the guys over at Print Papa in California, USA. Learn 3 effective steps to create coffee books.

Coffee tables are known to be one of the coziest places, for making conversations. And numerous coffee shops, in order to add to the conversation in their own way, provide attractive coffee books.

These books are prone to casual reading and to initiate conversations.

After all, there are always places we all want to visit or animals we adore or just go through attractive clicks and paintings because we like it and love to talk about them too, don’t we?

So, if you are a café owner and are planning to invest in coffee books too in order to give your customers a better coffee experience, and considering whether you should go for it or not, then know that it is not that difficult.

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Or, even if you are a blogger or photographer and want to print your own books for promotion at the local cafes and restaurants, book printing services nowadays have various styles of printing options for you to choose from. All you have to do is be very clear about what you want and leave the rest to the book printing agency.

Here are 3 steps which will help you create coffee books:

effective steps to create coffee books
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Of the theme, for the theme, by the theme:

The first step in planning for your coffee book is to think about the theme. It can be anything from exotic locations to wildlife photography to paintings to film posters to almost anything else that sparks interest. 

Once you have decided upon the subject and curated your coffee book, a good way to validate it is to go for a second opinion.

Show it to a family member or a friend to get an unbiased opinion. This will help you decide whether there are any changes needed or not.

Services of book printing California offer various attractive paper stocks which further add to the coffee book theme and quality. You can go for gloss, matte or uncoated finish based on your subject and budget.

Reign in design:

The next step is to go for its designing and layout. The design should be based on the theme of your book.

Quirky designs and bright colors will appeal to the youth whereas chic sophisticated look will cater to a classier crowd.

Categorizing your coffee book into sections also helps the readers in going through the book in an easier manner.

Another thing is to make sure that you incorporate pictures and they are in the right format as specified by your publisher (if you are hiring one). Opt for high-resolution images as it reflects the quality.

If you are showcasing paintings then it is suggested to convert into photographs of high-quality to make them appear more radiant (nobody likes to read pages and pages of just texts).

There are many finishing like soft covers, saddle-stitched and coil bound. Choose one that suits your style.

Various online printing services allow you to upload your own design in PDF format or to select one from their own templates. A perfect design and layout further complement your coffee book and grabs the attention of the reader in a better manner.

The Publishing Act:

The next and final phase of your coffee book creation is its publishing. Now, this is based totally on your choice.

You can either self-publish which involves lower budgets due to the absence of a middle man between you and the print process. Or you can also go for attractive design packages offered by many online printing services in California. These packages include designing, packaging, marketing, and distribution as well. 


  • Choose your paper stock wisely– The paper quality plays an important role in uplifting the overall look of your coffee book. Use a commercially standard size as it reduces book printing production costs.
  • Never compromise on a good designer– No matter what, keep in mind to never compromise on a good designer. He will make it certain that your pictures are appealing and will also tell you cost-effective ways of doing so.

Keeping the above-mentioned three steps in mind will help you give shape to your coffee cards in the perfect manner. And this will further help you make an evening over coffee much more interesting while making your books popular.

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