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8 Customer Review Page Examples You’ll Want To Copy

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Let these 8 customer review page examples inspire you as you create a customer testimonial page for your business.

Today’s consumers are smart, tech-savvy, knowledgeable, and often willing to research brands before purchasing.

In fact, before a customer reaches out to a business, they would have read several reviews left by other people. They would have researched the product and services they intend to buy – bottom line: They would have made up their minds – most times.

So, how do you ensure customers have a positive impression of your business even before the first contact?

One method is to create a compelling, authentic customer review page that displays feedback from previous users.

The thing is, customer testimonials not only boost your business sales, but they also validate your brand and help you gain the trust of new and existing customers.

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8 customer review page examples you may want to copy

Here are eight great customer review page examples you could copy to give you a good idea of what your customer testimonial page should look like.

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The website, dealing with restaurants and food, uses simple designs, excellent videos, and customer quotes. The text is easy to follow and captures the viewers’ attention.

customer review page examples - ChowNow testimonial page

ChowNow’s strategy is simple; Post video clips of customers sharing their experiences.

Why we loved it:

Video is a surefire way to connect deeper with new customers, as it provides more information and insight than text or quotes.

Action plan:

Ask your customers to send videos of themselves using your product/services. While at it, they should also share their experiences.

Be sure, though, to give the incentive to encourage them – say, offer to give a discount, promo code, or a low-cost free service when they send you their video.

Startup Institute 

Startup Institute went in a whole new direction with its customer testimonial page. The career-boosting institute chose to display their customer reviews as “love letters,” a concept that is fitting for how much praise they receive from the students. 

Startup Institute aims at aiding professionals in boosting their careers to newer heights, receiving training in their careers, and sharpening new skills. Upon completion, the students return to leave a glowing review on the website. 

Customer review samples you can steal

Why we loved it:

The letters act as a real testimonial to the authenticity of the institute. The layout is creative and has a unique way of displaying customer testimonials. 

Action Plan: 

Send out feedback requests to your customers. Together with your team, brainstorm ways to display your customer testimonials in a unique way. 

Steve & Kate’s Camp 

Steve and Kate’s camp operates all summer long across the United States. The unique twist they gave their own business is how they designed their website. 

Steve and Kate’s camp turned their website into a whole site of customer reviews. When visitors open their homepage, they are greeted with a video of the camp’s fun activities — a great way to advertise and encourage parents to patronize your business.

Steve and Kate's customer reviews - sample review pages to use on your website

Why we loved it: 

Sam and Kate’s camp knows that most parents are skeptical about sending their children away to camp for the summer. However, this business uses the persuasive power of video testimonials to assure parents of trustworthiness and safety. 

Action plan: 

If your business caters to children, you must first convince the parents of your credibility. 

Encourage past customers to agree to video testimonials and post them on your site.


Hubspot is a software company that deals with sales tools and inbound marketing to grow businesses. The company is reliable and knows how to execute everything they promise, but it is cheap. 

However, if you are ready to invest in something that will generate better sales, you are on the right track with Hubspot. And, from the many customer testimonials they have on their customer testimonial page, the investment is well worth it. 

Hubspot case study page with customer reviews

Why we loved it:

You can easily filter what you read by challenges, company size, industry, location, solution, and other factors on the testimonial page. 

Action tip: 

To make navigating your testimonial page easier for your customers, you can include a filter function on your site. 

Emulate Hubspot’s idea by including filters for location, business size, and other factors.

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Coding can seem like a thing only geniuses and geeks can truly master, and learning it might seem impossible. Codecademy aims to make coding simpler for you, though. They aim to teach and provide people new to the coding business with the necessary information and training. 

The brand’s mission is well summed up on its customer testimonial page, with many of its past students sharing their success stories. As a technology business, they use video testimonials to properly showcase their mission and success stories. 

For example, there might be a video about how an individual changed his career after acquiring coding skills and a more extended description with similar stories on the page. 

codecademy customer testimonial page - sample customer review page you can steal

Why we loved it: 

The connection with students who are just everyday people helps encourage others who are unsure about signing up for coding. 

Action tip: 

Post video testimonials to your site to make clients more comfortable using your product/service. 

You can easily give incentives for leaving these testimonials. For example, a discount on a purchase or a free gift.


Shopify uses a simple yet elegant approach with its customer testimonials page.

However, their minimalist approach does not mean the testimonial page remains too drab and unexciting. Shopify personalizes customer testimonials with pictures of customers who leave reviews. 

shopify customer reviews - testimonial pages you can steal

Why we love it: 

Their layout strategy allows users to focus more on what is essential, with the smallest distractions from font and color. 

Action tip: 

Rather than go overboard with fancy font and colors that could overwhelm visitors, keep for testimonial page simple and sweet.


One thing that can be confidently said about mHelpDesk is that they got their testimonial page right. On their testimonial page, visitors can see text and video testimonials and photos of the people who left the testimonials. 

To avoid seeming overly professional or too scripted, some of the videos are low-quality self-shot videos. Still, they get the information to visitors clearly and loudly.

customer review page examples you can steal today

Why we love it: 

As a further testimonial to their merit, mHelpDesk includes awards and badges of excellence they have received.

Action tip: 

To boost your credibility, include awards your business has received and any accolades you may have collected.

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Clear Side 

Clear Side displayed their creativity through the title they named their testimonial page; “What They’re Saying.” The page is filled with quotes from satisfied customers and the client logo.

customer review page examples to help you create your website's testimonial page

Why we love it: 

The business also highlighted testimonials from influencers and other big names who have sampled their services.

Action tip: 

Show off your business’s good by displaying some of your big-name customers.

Tips for Creating an Awesome Testimonial Page

To summarize it into actionable tips, here are some ideas you can use when building your business’ testimonial page.

  • Collect videos and pictures that are of good quality. This is especially important if your business is catering to the media department. If you must, send out a video crew to interview customers.
  • Don’t forget that the testimonials are for the customers, not just your business.
  • Provide ways to filter testimonials by relevance to your visitors’ needs. For example, create filters for location, company size, etc.
  • Get creative with your testimonial page format. You can use tweets, quotes, and other social media posts. Just remember that you must inform your customers.
  • Ask customers who are giving testimonials to provide accurate facts and figures of how your services helped them, if possible.
  • Testimonials should not be limited to just the testimonial page. You can also include great customer reviews to grab visitors’ attention on your homepage.
  • Forget about using just quotes. Use pictures of your real customers, and show your services/product in action where possible.

Once you have successfully built your customer testimonial page, don’t forget to properly promote it to your customers, staff, and social media platforms. Add a link that takes visitors straight to the testimonial page in your “About Us” page.

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