Home Marketing [Infographic] How to Find the Right European Distribution Partner in Ireland Post-Brexit

[Infographic] How to Find the Right European Distribution Partner in Ireland Post-Brexit

Here's your chance to find european distribution partners in Ireland post-brexit

This is a guest post from our friends at 2Flow about how to find the right European distribution partner in Ireland post-brexit.

With Brexit looming over our heads, many businesses are still unsure about how it will impact their supply chain. As such, a large number of UK-based businesses are now looking to Ireland as a solution for distributing goods throughout Europe.

The Impact of Brexit on Supply Chains

Did you know that around half of the UK’s trade is with the European Union? As such, Brexit is expected to have a massive effect on supply chain management for British and European organisations alike.

In fact, 1 in 6 UK manufacturers say that supply chain disruption will be the biggest factor impacting their business post-Brexit.

Experts predict that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU will bring about increased costs and delays which could prove to have a devastating effect on businesses of all types and sizes.

Brexit is also anticipated to have a negative impact on the foreign exchange rate as well as on recruitment efforts within the logistics sector.

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Why Choose Ireland?  

One way to possibly mitigate the effects of Brexit would be to find a European distribution partner who is based in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish government have declared their strong commitment to the EU and have no intention to leave.

Hence, companies that distribute from Ireland have access to free trade with 27 EU states. This also means that businesses will be able to avoid the costs and delays brought about by Brexit.

Furthermore, Ireland boasts many cultural, legal and economic similarities to Britain (for example, they are both English-speaking nations) and these will go a long way to ease the transition to Ireland-based distribution.

Find Out More

This infographic guide from 2Flow provides some helpful information on how to find a European distributor that will suit your business’s post-Brexit needs. It covers some interesting statistics and also highlights the impact that Brexit may have on supply chains.

Scroll down to the infographic below to learn more.

how to find the right european distribution partner in ireland post brexit

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