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Best 21 Facebook Ads Targeting Audience For Dentists

Top 21 Facebook Ads Targeting Ideas For Dentists

Wondering the right Facebook ads targeting audience for dentists? Then this article is for you. Learn the top targeting audiences most dental clinics use to grow and scale their practices. 

Facebook is not just a social media platform.

It has grown over the years to become one of online marketers’ favorite places to find new customers. 

The platform has nearly three billion active monthly users, of which about 88 percent are mobile users. And these people spend about 57 minutes on the Facebook app daily. 

So, advertising your clinic on the platform is a no-brainer. 

But Facebook ads can get to up to 2.11 billion people worldwide. So, you’d need to target right to reach your ideal audience. And this is what this post is all about.

Here, we shared our top 21 Facebook ads targeting audience for dentists. 

So, let’s begin.

1. Newly Married

Run personalized Facebook ads for newly married people within your neighborhood.

Incentivize them with discounts or free teeth whitening procedures. Of course, let them know that the offer is only for new couples and is available for a limited period. Design your campaign to collect their emails to retarget or upsell them later.

2. Parents with preschoolers

Parents with preschoolers, between ages three and five are excellent Facebook target audiences.

Remember, the key to onboarding them is highly personalized ad campaigns and incentives. Also, promote your dental clinic as child-friendly, and use a lot of social proof to influence their decisions.

3. Families with specific annual income

How much do you think a family would need to earn annually to comfortably afford you?

Determine this and then run a Facebook ad targeted at those families. 

However, personalizing the ad messages could be quite challenging. So for this target group, we recommend offering free helpful dental care tips or DIY checklists with the hope to subscribe them to your email list. Then, nurture and convert them to paying customers with personalized email sequences.

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4. New movers

Reach out first to new movers and convert them.

The truth is most of them will be in the market for a new dentist. If your offers are enticing then they might look in your direction. Let them know that you are currently running a subsidized or low-cost oral care to welcome new movers into the city.

Don’t push too hard so you don’t appear intrusive. 

You might want to start by offering them free tips on how to care for their dental health while in the city. Give them something of value. Then, retarget those that visited the campaign landing page with a discount. 

5. Recent home buyers

People buying a new home are likely to get a new dentist.

Then offer them your services. As usual, personalize your campaign and use compelling ad copy to excite them. Also, offer them discounts and free consultations if they sign up within a specified period. We recommend you implement the strategies outlined for new movers above.

6. Beauty accessories buyers

Beauty accessories buyers are some of the top Facebook target audiences for dental clinics.

Though not hot prospects like the ones above, these guys won’t mind putting in dollars if you can convince them with a compelling value proposition. If you can tell them how a dental procedure will enhance their overall beauty, then they might be game.

Of course, this could take some time, so we recommend building an email list of beauty accessories buyers with this campaign and then nurturing them into booking an appointment.

7. Locals interested in Oral care

Target those who have shown interest in dental hygiene, dental products, or related topics.

These guys are qualified prospects. Offer them compelling value and remember to personalize your campaign. Discounts will also work here. However, for the best results, don’t be too forward. Instead, add them to your email list and nurture them.

8. Luxury goods buyers

These audience segments can comfortably afford dental procedures.

So, discounts might not be too enticing for them. However, demonstrating how your procedures can enhance their luxury lifestyles might move them. Also, these guys are easily influenced by people’s recommendations and perceptions of value.

So, you might want to leverage FOMO and social proof to get them on your side.

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9. Senior citizens

Senior citizens have one of the highest demands for dental care.

So, prioritize them. For these guys, building an email list first might not be necessary. We believe personalizing your ad messages and offering enticing discounts will work for them. Also, use social proof and FOMO to improve their response rate.

If it’s possible, offer them a free home dental check or deep cleaning and upsell them after the procedure. 

10. Non-converting website visitors

These Facebook ad campaigns will bring a lot of visitors to your website.

But a lot of them will not book an appointment. The reason is a typical customer requires up to five nudges or follow-ups to convert. So, we recommend retargeting non-converting website visitors with more personalized ad campaigns.

Tempt them with bigger discounts. 

Also, throw in more social proof, like customer success stories and video testimonials to convince them.

11. Inactive customers

Don’t allow your customers to stay inactive forever.

So, re-engage them with a Facebook custom audience. First, compile a list of all your inactive customers and upload it to Facebook ads for this campaign. However, you’ll need at least 100 people to use the custom audience Facebook targeting.

Personalize the campaign, tell them how much you have missed them, and offer them a discount.

Build a dedicated landing page for this campaign and don’t forget to share recent customer stories and reviews.

12. Most active patients

Target your most active customers to get more from them.

Since about 80 percent of your revenue is likely coming from this segment, it’s important to prioritize them. For this ad campaign, we recommend enticing them with discounts to refer their friends to you. If you do this right, then you’ll be killing two birds with a single stone.

That’s new business from your old customer and another from the referral.

13. Friends of active patients

It’s not a bad idea to target your active patients’ Facebook friends.

The reason is people often look at what others are doing to know what to do. Also, we tend to copy others for social validation or to have a sense of belonging. So, if you personalize and craft your ad messages the right way, then you’ll have their business.

You might need to add them first to an email list and then nurture them.

14. Active patients’ lookalike audience

Facebook’s lookalike audience lets you reach new people who share similar characteristics with your existing customers. 

Create this audience for your most active patients and target them with personalized ads. Since they share similar characteristics, they may be interested in your dental services. Entice them with discounts or free procedures to onboard them quicker.

15. Competitors’ patients

Your competitors’ patients should be part of your target audience.

But getting customers to ditch a loyal brand is not a walk in the park. So, you have to up your offerings and hit them with more value. Also, leverage social proof and FOMO to connect them to your brand.

When you sort these out, follow the tips here to target your ads at your competitors’ patients.

16. Email list

Relying on email marketing alone to convert your lists may not be enough.

So, we recommend targeting them with personalized Facebook ads to nurture them. Reaching leads on multiple channels with consistent messages creates brand familiarity, making it easier to convince them.  

Run a custom audience Facebook campaign for the list. Offer subscribers enticing discounts. Make the offer time-sensitive to trigger fear of missing out. Also, create a separate landing page for this campaign.

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17. Dental insurance

People looking for dental insurance are an excellent target audience.

Personalize your ad copies, letting your audience know that the offers are exclusive to those with dental insurance. Set clear expectations with your value proposition. Use heavy discounts and social proof to influence their decisions. A dedicated landing page will also work great here.

But you might need to add them to a list first. These leads are already at the bottom of the funnel, so, they don’t need nurturing.

18. Dental product online shoppers

Of course, targeting these guys is a no-brainer.

If they are shopping online for dental products, then they might be interested in dental procedures too. But since you are not so sure of this, then we recommend you start with building your list and then nurture them into paying clients with personalized email sequences.

Also, retarget those lists with Facebook ads and offer them discounts to boost the conversion rate.

19. Cosmetic treatments

Target those interested in cosmetic treatments.

Also, personalization is key. These guys are probably more interested in getting valuable and personalized services. So, put that at the forefront. You might also want to entice them with discounts.

But social proof, like patient reviews and video testimonials, might work best in convincing them.

20. Fitness and gym membership

People who have fitness and gym membership might also be interested in dental care.

Of course, most of these people might not be aware of this need. So, use compelling ad copy and solid social proof to convince. We also recommend offering them discounts to save them costs.

Also, consider nurturing them with email drip campaigns.

21. Personal care product buyers

These are another solid Facebook audience to target.

These guys are already spending dollars online to take care of themselves. So, they might be interested in dental care. The keys to unlocking them are compelling ad copy, a huge discount, and lots of social proof.

These guys might not be open to converting at a go. So, we recommend adding them to an email list and then nurturing them subsequently.

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Dental Facebook Targeting Audience: What Next?

Facebook allows you to reach your ideal prospects effortlessly.

And identifying the right target audience is the key to maximizing its potential. Thankfully, the audience targeting ideas in this post can help out. However, prioritize them to make the most of your budget. But running all the campaigns concurrently can supercharge your business.

In addition to Facebook ads, we recommend SEO for your dental clinic.

Search engine optimization is one of the best-converting marketing channels. Also, it lets you target prospects when they are most likely to convert. So, most of the time, you won’t need to nurture the leads.

Besides this, you might want to check our recent article on dental practice marketing strategies. Where we outlined our favorite strategies for growing a dental clinic effortlessly.

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Are Facebook ads good for my dental practices?

Facebook ads are good for your dental practices.

Facebook lets you reach new people you can’t naturally get to. Also, you can laser-target your campaign to your ideal prospect. The good thing with this marketing channel is that you don’t need to wait for days to get results, like SEO, email, and content marketing.

Facebook can get you leads within 24 hours if your copies and audience targeting are right.  

What is the average Facebook ads conversion rate?

The average Facebook ad conversion rate for all industries is 9.21 percent.

This means that about nine out of 100 prospects will convert, making it one of the best converting channels. You can improve this rate further by retargeting those who didn’t convert with more personalized ads and compelling offers.

What Facebook targeting do you advise for my dental clinic?

Implement any of the above outlined Facebook targeting ideas. 

However, for the best results, we recommend combining these target audiences. You can also test each of them and then stick to the ones that deliver the best results.

Can I run dental Facebook ads myself?

Of course, you can’t.

But ensure you understand how Facebook ads work before you dive in. You can take online courses on Udemy to learn at your pace. Better still, head to Fiverr and hire a freelance professional Facebook marketer for less the amount.

Prioritize good customer rating over pricing.

Besides Facebook ads, which other marketing strategies can grow my dental office?

Besides Facebook ads, here are other ways to grow your dental clinic:

  • Use SEO to dominate the organic search result pages.
  • List on Yelp and Google Business Profile to target local dental patients.
  • Leverage content marketing to complement your SEO.
  • Use referral marketing to get your active patients to work for you. 
  • Implement social proof marketing to improve your conversion rate.
  • Boost response rate with WhatsApp marketing.
  • Nurture your leads with email drip campaigns.
  • Use Zapier to automate and streamline your marketing.


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