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7 Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost E-Commerce Sales This Christmas

Holiday marketing tips for this christmas - smart entrepreneur blog

Here are 7 holiday marketing ideas to boost your eCommerce sales this Christmas.

The holiday season is fast approaching, the jingle bells and brisk weather all point towards one thing.

It is the time of year when shoppers are most ready to loosen their holds on their money bags.

Everyone knows that the holiday season is the best time of the year to ring in good sales. Every year, there is a reported increase in sales all over the world in the holiday season.

Stores are in the best position to take advantage of the spendthrift spirit that comes with this holiday season.

The industry is expanding, and more and more people are veering off the traditional holiday shopping rush and embracing the comfort of online shopping.

Unfortunately, some marketers and e-commerce platforms still do not know how to make the most of online sales in this period.

With an effective holiday marketing strategy, you are more than certified of boosting your e-commerce sales this festive season.

Here are 7 holiday marketing ideas to make the most of the Christmas sales


You might think that only physical stores ought to put up festive decorations this season but, you would be wrong.

Every year, storefronts glitter with bright, colourful ornaments and Christmas decorations, so why can’t your e-commerce store have the same shiny look?

Consider a brand makeover this season that still resonates what your brand stands for while keeping in tune with the festivities.

It is an easy reminder to your customers that the holiday season is upon us all and it is time to get shopping! Also, festive decorations are known to cheer up even the grouchiest people.

Make this annual redecoration a little tradition that you and your customers can enjoy. Remember that first impressions do strike the hardest, so update your website to keep your customers intrigued.

A Christmas Logo

Every online brand worth their salt does this. Take Google, for example. The company regularly updates its logo to celebrate even the smallest events, like the birthday of noteworthy people.

Who says you can’t do something similar? Of course, you do not have to go over the top like Google or some of the other well-established brands. But, it is easy enough to hire a freelance logo designer to create something new for your brand.

Make sure you include the conventional holiday symbols like a wreath, Christmas tree, a snowman, presents, and lots of lights.

Create Gift Bundles

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Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

It’s a fact that everyone loves shopping deals. Throw in a good deal in the festive season, and your customers would go wild.

Rather than the conventional buy one, get one free deal, and the massive price slashes most other companies employ to entice more customers, try out a new tactic this season.

For example, create product bundles that you are sure your customers would benefit.

If you sell cooking utensils, you could easily create a bundle with pots, pans, maybe a hot plate, and camp burner. This way, you also get your customers to buy more than they originally bargained.

Then, you offer a price slash on the product bundle. Just be sure that your bundles make sense.

A great tip is to make bundles using some of your best selling items and others that may not be doing too well on the analytics.

Discounted Prices

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Sure, we talked about bundle sales just above but, who could resist a good price slash?

The truth is that customers are more likely to buy stuff they do not need just because it has a price slash or buy-one-get-one-free attached to it. They think they are gaining more but, they are only spending money they didn’t budget to spend. And all to your store’s gain!

Make sweet deals with some of your suppliers and apply the appropriate slashes to products.

Some companies regularly place discounts on their goods at Christmas time, so this would be an excellent opportunity for you to profit off those products.

Gift Cards

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Photo by erica steeves on Unsplash

There is no way you can talk about boosting e-commerce sales without including the option of gift cards.

If you are not already offering gift cards on your store, you are doing it so wrong.

Gift cards are the most natural gift to give a person, perfect for both formal and personal exchanges.

Your customer might not be sure of the present to get a particular person, and what better way to cut their stress than giving them the option of purchasing a gift card instead.

Free Shipping

All of the major online stores do it, so why wouldn’t you?

If you want to remain in the game, you have to let go and turn on the free shipping bait. If vast stores like Amazon do it, your clients would not think twice about exiting the way they came once they see your shipping fees at checkout.

Of course, you would lose out on some money but; you gain some, you lose some. Besides, you could quickly put in the cost of shipping into some of the product prices.

You could still end up losing a lot of money, but, the truth is you will never really know until you try it.

If discounted prices are the bait that lures Christmas shoppers, then free shipping is the hook that ends it all.

Clearance Sales

Some call it post-Christmas sales, and it is the apt way to put it.

If your customers are running a bit – or more than a bit- late with their shopping, they need not worry about anything.

With your clearance sales, you have an opportunity to clear out your store of any item or product that looks like it could more than overstay its welcome on the shelves.

Just be sure to attach some pretty steep discounts to these products, and watch shoppers follow the scent like sharks.

You might lose some profit here but, it is sure better to sell the product off at a lower price than to throw it out.

Some of the best sales in the entire year happen during the festive season. What’s stopping your store from capitalising on this profitable time?

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