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How to Increase Productivity at Work and Get More Done in a Day

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I believe you want to get more done. Complete tasks without burning out. And to stay on top of your to-do list. Learn how to increase productivity at work with these tips.

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Do you have a feeling that your productivity is beginning to decline at your work place?

Would you like to improve your productivity and get things done faster?

If you’re saying yes to any of the above, then this article is what you need!

This article contains powerful tips for improving productivity at work, and the good news is that each technique has been proven to be very effective by several people. Therefore, read through to create your own success story as well!


Here we go:

Reward yourself for finishing a big task.

Motivation is one of the factors that enhance productivity, and a very good way to motivate yourself is by rewarding yourself for every big task you accomplish.

Therefore, keep track of your previous wins and milestones, and celebrate yourself for achieving that. You can refer to them whenever your productivity level seems to be dropping, and you will feel energized again.

Organize your office.

Your office arrangement in most cases has a direct impact on your productivity levels.

For instance, if the essential documents or files are not positioned in the right place, you may waste time in finding them and this will surely affect your productivity.

Way out?

Always arrange your office files and desk in a systematic manner so that your necessary documents will be easily accessible whenever you need them for certain tasks.

Find out your productive hours.

Human beings are not created equal, such that we have distinctive productive hours.

The hours that seem productive to me might not be productive to you, so find that very hour at which your brain and strength functions optimally and schedule your biggest tasks for this particular period.

Performing these tasks at your productive hours will improve your productivity than you could ever imagine.

Prioritize your tasks ahead of time and eat the biggest frog first.

One of the common mistakes we make is – Shifting the bigger tasks to a later period, and this is a big killer of productivity.

When you procrastinate about bigger tasks and shift them to the bottom list, you may develop some stress and find it difficult to execute them at that period, and this will surely lower your productivity.

Therefore, before going about your daily office activities and assignments, make sure you first identify your activities for the day, list them in order of importance, and put the tedious tasks first.

Once you are able to complete these herculean tasks, it will be much easier to handle all other activities.

Learn to say NO and mean it

There are lots of things that will be contending for your attention at work, ranging from people seeking your help or input on certain matter, people calling you for unnecessary meetings, etc.

Dedicating much of your time to all these can reduce your productivity by a significant margin, so make sure you keep it to the barest minimum by learning to say no.

However, if you feel saying a “no” to some people can offend them; there are certain ways you can do it politely.

For instance, if someone needs your opinion or wants to have a gist with you, you can ask them to give you some minutes to finish the task at hand. You can then receive them when you’re done with the tasks.

Take regular breaks.

”All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy.” sure holds true here.

One of the productivity killers is – trying to complete every task at a go. The plain truth is that when you are involved in too many activities without taking a break, your productivity tends to reduce by a significant margin, which is not ideal.

Although this may sound counterintuitive, but multiple studies reveal that taking scheduled breaks during long tasks can improve your concentration as well as productivity.

Therefore, it is recommended you go on scheduled breaks when handling certain tasks so as to increase productivity at work.

Set self-imposed deadlines.

Rather than targeting the actual deadline for a project or task, create a self-imposed deadline for yourself and seek to complete the tasks before that time.

The benefits of giving yourself a deadline is tremendous such that it can improve your concentration as well as your overall performance.

Quit multitasking.

The vast majority of us believe that multitasking [handling multiple tasks at a time]is very great for increasing efficiency, but the plain truth is that it is killing our productivity and lowers IQ.

If you really intend to increase productivity at work, then you need to stop multitasking ASAP and focus on a single task before moving on to your next project.

Increase productivity at work with great Apps and Software

The Technology is really a blessing to us such that we now have numerous apps and software that can help save more time, perform tasks better, and improve productivity.

Some of the apps and software to improve your productivity at work includes:

RescueTime: This is a top-performing productivity app, and it runs in the background so as to track the exact amount of time you spend on important and non-important things on your browsing gadgets.

It also provides you with a detailed periodic report that analyzes how you spent your time on the computer within a certain period.

You can really improve your time management skills and productivity provided you use this app wisely.

Evernote: This is yet another time-saving digital app. It allows for cloud synchronization, and also allows you to access your saved notes and other files remotely from your computer or mobile app.

StayFocusd: Thisisa browser extension that allows you to limit access to the websites that distract you most so that you can focus more on important tasks.

Todoist: This browser extension comes with several productivity-enhancing features, including deadline setting, recurring project reminders, quick labeling, etc.


Having known some of the best techniques you can leverage to increase productivity at work, which of the techniques would you like to start with or which one have you ever tried before?


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