20 Inexpensive Client Gift Ideas for Small Businesses This Christmas

inexpensive client gift ideas for small businesses this christmas

Get inspired with these 20 inexpensive client gift ideas for small businesses.

Customer retention is just as necessary, if not more crucial than marketing and other strategies you use to attract new buyers to your business. Your clients, especially repeat customers are the force that moves your business forward — without them, you’d be out of business a long time ago.

As you probably know, it’s not just enough to attract new customers, you also need to keep them coming back again and again.

Quality service, keeping your words, and world-class responsive customer services are ways to retain your clients. But, if you want to turn them into loyal, raving buyers, you will have to do something extra.

Buy them gifts. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? And, if you can crack the code of giving thoughtful gifts without breaking the bank, you will have them loyal to your brand for a long time.

That said, small businesses often feel more obliged to give clients and customers gifts as a show of appreciation for their year-long support. This sense of obligation is usually due to the smaller, tight-knit nature of the business.

Perhaps you have a particular client who has stayed loyal since day one, or an employee that has worked extra hard. Or, maybe you want to thank your customers for the year-round purchases that have kept your business going.

Are you stuck deciding what gift to give your clients this holiday season? Scroll through our list of twenty inexpensive gift ideas for your clients this holiday season for inspiration.

Inexpensive Client Gift Ideas for Small Businesses this Christmas

inexpensive client gift ideas for small businesses - gift wrapped in a brown envelop

Essential Oils

Essential oils are crucial to help relax the body and mind. They lend an air of general relaxation, productivity and positivity.

Not sure which oil to give each client? Try a package of different essential oils like jojoba oils, lavender, vanilla and rose oil.

Inexpensive client gift ideas for small businesses
Essential Aromatherapy oil

Shawl Scarf

The holiday season is synonymous with cold weather in most parts of the world – in Nigeria, it is characterized by hot afternoon and cold mornings.

A large, warm and soft scarf makes for a practical and inexpensive gift item. Dealing with a diverse mix of clients? There is a myriad of colours, patterns and styles of shawls to pick from.

Pen Holders

This small, simple gift is practical in more ways than one. You can be sure your client will utilize this gift in the office or even at home. The pen holder will lend a touch of style, and some organization to any messy work surface.

Super office pen holder - inexpensive client gift idea for christmas
Super Office Pen Holder with Digital Clock

Customized Power Bank

As technology advances more and more, we now do everything on the move. Gone are the days when computers or electronic devices required a permanent plug-in to an electric socket.

With a portable charger, your client can forget about the worries of a low phone battery. All they have to do is charge these portable chargers before heading out of the home or office.

If there are no accessible power outlets while out and about, your client can quickly charge their phones.

New age power bank cheap client gift ideas for small businesses this christmas
Customized power bank

Personalized Business Cardholders

The business world is all about networking, communicating, and exchanging contact information. If you are in the B2B niche, a business card holder is a must-have item.

How else do you show your customer that you value their loyalty and wish them well in the business world than with a customized business cardholder?

ss cardholder -gift idea for clients this christmas
Unisex cardholders

Lunch Bag

Yes, you read that right. Lunch bags don’t have to be for children or preschoolers only. Office people who take their lunch to work would be grateful for a more comfortable and more convenient way to carry their lunch to work. Try purchasing insulated lunch bags to give your clients something to be thankful for.

portable thermal lunch bag an inexpensive gift idea for clients this christmas
Portable Thermal Lunch Bag

Sleep Masks

Sleep masks are not only ideal as fun gifts at parties or bridal showers. They are perfect for people who need a relaxing, good night’s sleep, or some rest while travelling. This gift is ideal for both men and women and is perfect for your clients too.

Coffee or Tea Blends

What better way to show your clients how much you appreciate them than with a gift that lights up their taste buds? If you have any particular tea or coffee blend that you love, wrap it up and serve out to your clients this holiday season.

Personalized Calendars

Rather than send out the regular, boring calendars this season, spice up your gift by customizing your calendars. Have a designer custom-brand calendars to make unique gifts your clients would not find at the local supermarket.

Toiletry Bag

Do your clients travel frequently? Wrap up some toiletry bags as your thank you for their patronage this holiday season. You could easily monogram the toiletry bags to add a touch of uniqueness. Make sure you choose a bag made of quality material. Waterproof or leather is always a right, safe choice.

Online Classes

If you know your client, and they are interested in baking, photography, or even art classes, you could quickly sign them up for some courses as a gift this season.

You can be sure that this is a gift that they would not forget easily; way better than an easily consumed and forgotten cake or a never to be used sweater. Give out gift cards to an online class where your clients can develop their skills.

Restaurant Gift Cards

Do your research and find out some of the best and trendiest restaurants accessible to your clients. Or, you could casually find out if there are any restaurants and spots they would love to visit then, you get them a gift card to that spot.

You could even get them a gift card that covers for two people, so they could unwind over a meal with a loved one. Be assured that your name or company name would be on their mind and lips during the lunch or dinner.

Baked Goods

Is there anything better than the delicious smell of freshly baked goods in your home? Sure there is, and it is the delightful taste of baked goods in your home. Send over a surprise delivery of fresh pastries or doughnuts to your customer, and they will love you for it.


Headphones are not just for obnoxious teenagers with loud music. Office workers and business people can make good use of some quality headphones.

Give some out this holiday season to your customers. At least if they have no use for the headphones, they could easily be regifted to a young person.

headphone as a client gift idea this christmas
Extra Bass Bluetooth headPhone

Cards/Handwritten Notes

You might think this is the tackiest, cheapskate gift to give, but you would be surprised how much people would appreciate a well-written note.

A card is the safest, surest gift to give this holiday season and, with the take-over of electronic letters and emails, your customers would appreciate a breath of fresh air.

Pet Grooming

To gift your client this, you must know them to a certain extent. Perhaps they have talked to you at length about their pet dog or cat, or you can tell how passionate they are about animals by the constant updates they post starring their furry friends.

Research the grooming places closest to your client and make reservations for them. Your client would appreciate this gift better than almost any other.


Have your local designer create some quality leather-bound notebooks embedded with your company logo or company colours. Your client would be glad to get a notebook gift they could use, and not just another cheap sticky notes.

Flower Arrangement

Surprise your client at the office or at home with a beautiful flower arrangement. This gift might not last as long as some of the others but is as thoughtful as anything else.


A bad-fitting sweater done in terrible colour is not the only way you could give out clothing as gifts this holiday season. Even though that seems to be the gift your grandma and aunties love to give out the most, your clients might not be too excited about it either.

However, you could quickly wrap up some ties in lovely print, brooches, wristwatches, and even necklaces for your clients.


What is life without good books, right? If you know any books that you feel everyone has to own at least a copy of, nothing stops you from including them in your gift list.

Think about books that have particularly impacted your career or helped your business grow.

Some great books are; How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, and Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t by James C. Collins.

How do you select gifts that resonate deeply with not just one but all your clients? You might think to buy some pens and notebooks and brand them with the company logo but how about you consider going a bit extra this year?

By choosing gifts that express some thoughtfulness, you are showing your clients how much you appreciate and value their continued patronage. And, you are doing so without incurring debts on your company.

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