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5 Time-tested Lifestyle Hacks to Increase Productivity at Work

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Here are time-tested lifestyle hacks to increase productivity you can implement today to boost your efficiency.

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Every organization has them: those who seem to be working but are not productive and those whose productive work can even be acknowledged by their colleagues and superiors.

Yes, there are hard workers and seemingly hard but truly lazy workers.

There is a third category: those who want to boost up productivity at work but find it a challenge to go beyond a particular threshold.

If you belong to the second and third category, this article will show how you can increase your productivity and get things done without appearing busy.

And for those in the first group, well, you know what happens when your cup eventually gets filled in your employer’s books.

Getting fired is an understatement; you will be booted out.

So here are some lifestyle hacks to increase productivity at work:

Identify Time Wasters

This is the first thing to do if you want the results you are seeking which are to boost up your productivity at your workplace.

You need to identify time-wasters, and then either minimize or get rid of them entirely.

For instance, take a close look at your morning and afternoon routines each day:

Do you spend too much time checking your emails in the morning?

Do you find yourself on Instagram spend nothing less than 30 minutes, watching videos or statuses?

Maybe your love for Netflix is blossoming too fast, and you need to do something about it, etc.

These activities chip away at your time – most times, unconsciously – if you don’t curtail them severely, things may go out of hand in no time.

Find out other hidden habits you may have which always interrupt your workflow and get rid of them now.

Reduce Multitasking Activities

Multitasking appears to be the secret of wealthy or successful individuals in society.

But you are not in that league, and even the successful people you’re trying to emulate did not jump to that level overnight.

Multitasking can make you look busy, but in reality, you will be less productive because it will slow your work down.

This is because the simultaneous management of two or more tasks by a single individual consumes more time compared to focusing on one task at a time and running it to completion.

Once in a while, situations may arise that may force you to multitask. But for the most part, reduce multitasking activities as much as possible.

Focus on one task and complete it before taking up another one.

Get More Sleep at the Appropriate Time

Many people drive themselves to their early graves by grinding behind their desks for 24 hours or even more without resting or sleeping.

Forget the myth that successful individuals work 24 hours a day to achieve their goals or dreams.

Lack of sleep can cause a myriad of health problems you have no business mingling with if you sleep well enough every day.

Remember what happened to the Chinese worker that did not sleep for 7 days at a stretch? Well, he is not around to tell the tale.

Lack of sleep, according to the WHO, causes a higher risk of depression – up to five times – more than the masses.

And depression can lead to other ailments or disorders, the most common one these days is suicide.

The truth is that successful people know when to relax and when to work.

When you sleep on time or at fixed times, your body repairs itself, your brain resets, and your memory – and concentration – is improved significantly.

De-clutter Your Workstation

Make sure you work in an environment that is clean and entirely stress-free.

Yes, the aesthetics of your workplace can help you achieve your goals daily.

Clean up whatever needs to be cleaned up, get a comfortable chair for your back, hang an inspiring painting or work of art on your wall, etc.

Do whatever makes you breathe, smile, and be thankful for being alive.

Find what works for you and do it. You will be surprised at the positive outcome.

Be Flexible

Many times, things don’t go as planned. This is evident in every movie that involves detailed or carefully planned robbery attacks.

Something or somebody from somewhere will mess the whole thing up, a cop might show up unexpectedly, all hell breaks loose, and the entire plan gets shot to pieces.

The same thing happens in real life. No matter how perfectly you planned your day, expect a few things to derail the plans.

The key is to be as flexible as possible; be quick to adapt to changes you don’t foresee.

For instance, what happens if the internet gets disconnected suddenly while you are in the middle of something online?

Well, use that glitch to take care of a file offline or get one or two things done before the internet is restored, etc.

Bonus tip: Hang Inspiring Artwork

Contrary to the conventional workspace design trend of a lean, sanitized work environment; hanging bright, inspiring paintings and works of art can actually enhance employee productivity and wellbeing.

Studies show that employers working in offices with decorated walls are 17% more productive than those working in offices with stripped-down, bare walls.

Another study by Dr. Craig Knight, a professor at the Exeter University, UK, who has studied the psychology of work environment for 12 years found that employees who work in an office with decorations work 15 percent quicker than those in offices with no artwork.

So, if you are hesitant about including artworks in your office decor, you may want to have a rethink. Go ahead to hang an inspiring painting on your workspace walls and watch staff productivity improve.

Wrap Up

As you can see, you can improve your productivity only if you are committed to doing so.

Make proper plans to manage your time, sleep, and work. It may be challenging at first but keep at it until it becomes part of you.

Follow these steps doggedly and see your desired productivity spike through the roof.

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