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7 simple yet overlooked tips to increase productivity at work

tips to increase productivity at work

Believe it or not, these simple tips to increase productivity at work actually work!

Doing those simple; yet, often overlooked things could be the key to unlocking your productivity superpowers.

You want to be productive at work. Your colleagues expect you to knock off all your tasks. Your manager wants you to bring your A-game every day.

With the pressure to continually give your best, it’s not surprising, if you are always searching for the next cutting-edge tips to increase productivity at work.

And, usually this quest for the shiny final solution to all your productivity problems; leaves you blinded to one simple truth that:

Perhaps, what you need is to go back to the basics. To focus on doing those simple, common-sense things that are proven to work.

Sure, they might not be sexy, glamorous, and all shiny. But, they get the job of increasing your productivity done.

So, why not give them a try? At least, you have nothing to lose.

Ready, to go back to doing the simple things that move the needle? To commit to trying out these simple tips to increase productivity at work?

Here are some guides to help you get started:

Simple tips to increase productivity at work

how to tips to increase productivity at work - smart entrepreneur blog

Tip #1: Track how much time you spend on tasks

According to recent research, only about 17 percent of people can accurately estimate how long they have spent executing a particular task.

A tool such as Rescue Time can help you – and your employees – to know precisely how much time you spend on day-to-day activities including email, social media, apps, word processing, etc.

These employee monitoring software are also effective in monitoring your staff as well as keeping a track of work.

Tip #2: Use Tools to Make Your Work More Efficient

Technology has made life way easier for everyone; now, there are tools you can use to not only organize your life but to also help you manage your time more effectively.

Here are some nifty, handy tools you can use today to make your life easier at work while also increasing your productivity:

•    Time Doctor’s Time Tracking software – use this personal time analytics tool to track how much time you spend on tasks.

•    Boomerang – manage your Gmail inbox with this nifty tool. Schedule, track, and follow-up on emails with this.

•    15Five – create open communication and transparent work culture, inspire innovation by asking the right questions and help your team become the best version of themselves.

•    StayFocused – freeze every other tab on your computer while working so you can stay focused on what’s in front of you.

•    Evernote – curate all your important content and save in one place. Provides easy access to all your notes and content while on the go.

•    Todoist, etc. – set and manage your daily task.

Tip #3: Delegate Tasks

One of the best ways you can improve the job satisfaction and morale of your staff is by delegation.

It may come with an element of risk, but it is essential for your workers to assume responsibility for some of the things done in your company.

Assign tasks to qualified employees with proven track records in specific fields, and leave everything to them to execute at their own pace.

This will give room for employees to gain not only skills but leadership experience as well.

It will be of immense benefit to the company and improve your employees with a sense of worth and achievement in their respective careers.

Tip #4: Minimize Distractions

One of the biggest productivity killers of our time is social media. But having a no-phone policy at the workplace is a no-no.

Instead of opting for the impractical policy of banning phones from work, do your best to ensure your employees are as engaged and focused as ever while giving them breathing room.

Encourage your workers to turn off their cell phones or set it in Flight Mode, especially during the crucial hours of the day.

However, give them the option of taking regular short breaks in which they can come up for air, check their phones for messages or emails, and generally freshen up.

Tip #5: Do Your Heavy-Duty Tasks When You Are At Your Best

Execute any heavy-duty task on your plate when you are at your best. This is a personal thing that every individual needs to figure out on their own.

Some people are at peak periods in the morning, and so they can tackle tasks that demand a lot of their creativity.

On the other hand, if you are a night owl, then you should carry out your duties, perhaps, when you are at home.

The goal is to ensure that you find specific periods of the day when you can check your email, send SMSs, reply texts or phone calls or even read the news.

Just get the job done at your personal peak productivity time, and that goes for every one of your employees, too!

Tip #6: Eat Healthy Foods throughout the Day

The human brain takes a lot of oxygen and is the most tasked, biological computer in the world.

Therefore, to keep it fueled and boosted, you need to eat good food that increases your brainpower, which will, in turn, impact productivity.

Encourage your employees to eat good food, not junks that will not only affect their overall health but may also decrease their productivity at work.

You can also keep healthy snacks at readily accessible places in the workplace to help your workers stay fueled and focused as they go about their respective assignments.

Tip #7: Implement the “Two-Minute” Rule

If you see a task that can be done within two minutes or less than two minutes, do it immediately.

Completing a two-minute task right away takes less time than reverting to it at a later time.

This rule was made famous by Steve Olenski, an entrepreneur, and this has made him one of the most authoritative content strategies on the internet.

And lastly, ensure that your employees are happy. A happy employee will give you their best.

Stressful workplaces will never yield any positive result, no matter how much you try to encourage them.

So, make sure that you always appreciate your employees, show that you care, that you value their contributions to the growth of the organization, etc.

When employees feel valued and respect, they will churn out their best in any circumstance!

Final thoughts:

As you can see, even with the proliferation of tools and hacks that promise to increase productivity; following these simple tips will always get you ahead.

My favorite tip is completing tasks that take less time as fast as possible. I’ve seen my productivity shoot up the roof from implement this simple trick.

What are your favorite tips to increase productivity at work? Share it with us on the comment box below.

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