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To Hire Professional Event Planner or Not to? 4 Essential Things To Consider Before Hiring.

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Once you’re ready to host an event for your small business, you’ll have to decide whether to hire professional event planner or not. Here are 4 things to help you make the decision.

Think you are ready to organise and host your event all by yourself? Well, what about dealing with all the minor details like finding the perfect catering service and decorating? Still, think you are up to it?

Why should you hire an event planner when you can do it all by yourself, right? Accepted, sometimes it is easier and more financially wise to organise small events by yourself, maybe with the aid of one or two friends or an assistant.

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For bigger events or a party for your small business, there are too many details to pay attention to that a DIY might lead to disaster.

To hire an event planner or not to; that is the question.

Who is An Event Planner?

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Event planners are not afraid to multitask. They know precisely the perfect tablecloth and silverware to match your event decor.

These people are professionals; they take responsibility for entertainment, planning, and proper execution of all details.

Their primary responsibility and aim are to execute events that match perfectly with the host’s values and vision.

Before hiring an event planner, ensure that the individual possesses some or all of these qualities;

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  • Great at Multitasking

Think of a superhero-esque ability to balance busy schedules and organise different aspects of your event, so they all flow smoothly together. Your event planner must be able to multitask efficiently. Otherwise, you might as well organised the function by yourself.

  • Technologically Skilled

In this age of technological takeover, anyone without at least a basic understanding of technology is at a considerable disadvantage. Search for an event planner who has access to technology, and can properly use it.

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  • Informed

One of the main reasons you are hiring an event planner is to take off some of the stress that comes with planning and hosting your event. Another area they would be useful is giving you the best information on ideal locations, services, and prices.

Why You Should Hire Professional Event Planner

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You alone can decide on whether or not you will hire the services of a professional event planner. Let’s look at some of the benefits that come with an event planner.

Knowledge and Experience

In line with being a great negotiator and knowing all the shortcuts in the event-planning world, a professional event planner will have a network of likewise skilled professionals.

So, if you need catering services for your event, your event planner would for sure be able to recommend a reliable and appropriate company. Need a decorator and a DJ? Your event planner can hook you right up!

Also, he/she would have spent long enough in the business to have gained experience in areas that are most likely to go wrong. With this foresight, they can quickly advise you on how to avoid these potential disasters.

Stress Reliever

This is maybe the most crucial point in the argument for or against an event planner. A professional event planner will considerably ease off your stress and workload. They are quite used to handling the chaos that comes with organising an event, and you are not (fact).

Even if you are hosting a small event and the planning stage goes smoothly enough, on the day of the event, you are more likely to be stressing about things going wrong rather than enjoying yourself. Let an event planner take that stress off your hands.


If you are looking to manage the planning and execution stages of your event all by yourself, be ready to have crazily conflicting schedules. There are a million things to confirm and arrange, and sometimes, your program would not allow for all that running around.

Your professional event planner would be on hand to do just that. After all, it is their job to have the time to schedule in planning your event.

The Cost

You might think that hiring an event planner is adding extra costs to your budget, but think again. Even though event planning services don’t come free, your professional event planner would ultimately save you some money.

For example, with their knowledge of the event planning business, they would give you valuable advice and information on how to get the best services at the lowest price. You can get special discounts and take advantage of promotions with their assistance.

Cons of Hiring an Event Planner

Every good thing comes with its fair share of negatives. Here are some of the downsides of hiring an event planner for your event.


Before going into a business relationship with an event planner, you must understand that there must be a certain level of trust. To avoid being duped, or ending up with a terribly organised event, be sure to hire an event planner based off of referrals and certification.

Otherwise, you might be better off keeping the entire thing between you, assistants, and friends and family.

Misplaced Vision

Most times, the only person who understands what you are going for is you. Professional event planners would do their best to understand and match the tone you wish your event would follow.

If you hire a bad event planner, though, they might completely miss your vision for the event. When you consider hiring an event planner, be ready to get down with the specifics. Make sure they understand what exactly you see for this event in your mind’s eye.

The Extra Cost

Good things don’t come cheap. Event planners are an added expense to your budget. Although their keen eye for bargains and excellent haggling skills would ultimately save you some money on your planning, you can be sure to balance the scores when you pay their fees.

If you have a stringent, tight budget, you must weigh the costs of the planner carefully against some of the perks of hiring one.

The debate on if it is better to DIY an event or hire the services of a professional event planner is always up. The truth is that the decision of hiring an event planner or the stress of DIY is in your hands.

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