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How I Use PiggyVest to Save Money

How I use PiggVest to Save Money

This, ‘How I Use PiggyVest to Save Money’ post is not our usual blog post. I wanted to do something different with this, in fact, this was supposed to be a Social media post. but at the last moment, I decided to share it here too.

Enjoy the rant!

I hardly have more than 10k in my account at any moment. Except perhaps our business account.

Why on God’s green earth will I leave my hard earned money in the bank for SAFEKEEPING, yet still come back to find the money gone?

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Like, I don’t know If you know, if you leave 20k in your bank account now.

By next month when you come back to it, instead of finding your 20k intact, you’re likely to see 19,800.

And if you leave the money for another month, you have 19,600. And it goes on and on.

If you leave the money long enough in your bank account, you will end up with NOTHING. Zero Balance…and in some cases, a negative balance.

So in essence, you’re Losing money just to keep your money in the bank. I don’t know where else this happens.

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Bank Charges and deductions are not even the only enemy

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That’s not even the only enemy fighting hard against your money.

Inflation too is eating away at your money.

For now, let’s not talk about the day light robbery by banks. Let’s look at the unseen enemy of your money.


To get a real sense of how inflation chops away at your money’s value. here’s my experience this past couple of months

In my area, to buy a good pint of garri now costs about 700. Two months ago, we could get the same pint of garri for 350-400 naira.

In the past, with 1k we could afford two pints of garri. Today, we need at least, 1400 to afford the same quantity.

Now this trend repeats in almost every area of your daily life.

So how do you stay on top of all these forces frittering money away from your pocket?

How I Use PiggyVest to Save Money 2

Don’t keep money in the bank. Don’t keep money at home too. Hard right?

But, Sam, if you say, I shouldn’t keep money in the bank and at home, where should I save my money?

Great question.

Now pay attention.

Keep a small amount of your money in the bank. This tiny fraction, in my case, usually not more than 10k at any given moment, is for daily expenses.

(Notice I didn’t say ‘save’ when putting money in the bank?)

Split the bulk of the remaining money into two. Stay with me and you will see why.

…take one part and Save in an interest yielding account.

Aha…but which bank pays interests these day, ehe?

None actually. But we are not talking about banks now.

Remember Akawó (in Igbo) know what it is called in Yoruba and Hausa. Daily contributions in English?

Ermm… some people use piggy bank (Ochokoro, I think in Yoruba) for the same thing.

But, in this case, it is an App!

Introducing PiggyVest App

How I Use PiggyVest to Save Money 3

A digital piggy bank that helps you save money securely. And, here’s the kicker… You’re paid interest on the amount you save.

For me I use PiggyVest. I started using this app since last year.

When you Sign up with this link below you will get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey –>>>> Sign Up <<<<

Here’s where it starts getting interesting…

…Remember we want to avoid all those annoying bank charges?

PiggyVest pays you 10% interest on all your savings.

So if you Save 20k in your PiggyVest account. At the end of the year, your money GROWs by 10%.

You will receive 22k for Saving!

What other bank gives you money for saving?

…Tell me, I’m waiting.

Stay above inflation

Even with our double digit inflation rate, when you Save your money in PiggyVest, you can be sure to come out ahead or at least, have your money intact.

Tell me which other bank helps you preserve VALUE like this?

Oya download the PiggyVest app to open a TRUE Savings account.

Use my link below:

>>> Download PiggyVest app Now <<<

Where were we?

Remember that second part of your money? That one you divided into two and Saved one part.

Now, let’s talk about what to do with the second part.

We know that naira is losing value.

Do you know early this year, in January, naira was selling for 350-360 to one dollar?

Can you guess the exchange rate now?

At official rate, naira is exchanging for 380 to a dollar.

At Aboki exchange, you can exchange your dollar for as high as 420 to a dollar…

…and, the sad reality is, naira is still expected to crash. In fact, some are saying it will get to 500 naira to one dollar before the end of the year.

So, as a hardworking citizen, how do you secure your money? How do you preserve the value of your money?

Save this second part of your money in Dollar.

Dollar sweet dollar. I love the smell of dollar…oh

But…but…wait Sam, before you get carried away…

…I have a question, as a regular, hardworking, patriotic Nigerian with no access to rich bureau de change Alhajis, how do I save in dollar?

Simple. Go to the bank and open a Dollar Dom account. Then start saving in there.

Ha…bank again?

Abegii… I no get strength for bank wahala. E no get anything I fit do to Save Money in Dollar?

OK, I have one more option for you. This one easy sef.

So, by now you should have your PiggyVest app downloaded, right? (Hope you used that link I gave you, sha)

If you haven’t, see the link here. Follow the link to download the PiggyVest app.

>>>Download PiggyVest app Now<<<

  • After downloading the app.
  • Create your account. Follow all the instructions. No miss anything oh.
  • Log in to your PiggyVest account. On your dashboard you will see: Total investment. Total Savings. Flex Dollar. And Flex Naira.

How to Save in Dollar Using PiggVest App

How I Use PiggyVest to Save Money 4

Leave the others and Tap on Flex Dollar.

That’s the one we are interested in for now.

On the new page, you will see:

  • What is Flex Dollar? This is where you learn more about saving in dollars.
  • Save in Dollars. Tap this one. Na hin carry us come.

You will be prompted to enter the amount you want to save. As a test, save $10 first.

You will see below the space where you entered the amount, how much naira is selling.

Use PiggyVest to Save Money

Today, as I was writing this post, the exchange rate was 461 naira to a dollar.

Tap to preview. Select your funding source. Then Tap ‘Credit my Flex Dollar’ to save.

Easy peasy. No sweats. Congratulations you’re now saving in Dollar and immuned to Naira’s crazy dance.

Remember to use my link to get started.

>>> Sign Up Here <<<

If you read to this point you be a person of timber and caliber. (Wanted to say, you be man, but we are trying to be gender-neutral these days)

Oluwa go bless our hustle no matter wetin dey shele for we countri.

Sam Steve

Signing out.

Visit PiggVest sit here.


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