What type of an Entrepreneur are you? – Take the quiz now

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What type of an Entrepreneur are you? - Take the quiz now 7

What one word describes your entrepreneurial journey?

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ideal work place for different entrepreneur types - smartentrepreneurblog

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What type of an Entrepreneur are you? - Take the quiz now
You are The Hustler

An entrepreneur wearing T-shirt with inscription: Online Hustler

You are enthusiastic and confident. You could sell ice to the eskimos without batting an eyelid. And when it comes to what you want; you go all out. Nothing and no one can stand between you and your goals. You are that driven. Your other traits include: You are agreeable - works easily with others. An extrovert and conscientious. A famous Hustler is Zig Ziglar. Leverage your out-going, go-getter mindset to achieve your dreams.
You are The Innovator

What type of an Entrepreneur are you? - Take the quiz now 9

You are forward thinking and always challenging the old ways of doing things. Your one core mantra is "Why not?" Ideas come easily to you. While you rely so much on your instincts you also do a lot of research before embarking on a new idea. And you might even habour the idea to build an empire. Keep in mind though, you will need to learn how to delegate and even hire people to do those tasks you don't enjoy. A famous Innovator is Evans Willams.
You are The Machine

Bill Gates - The Machine entrepreneur type - smartentrepreneurblog

Your focus is on the goal - what exactly needs to be done? Once you define in crisp clear details every aspect of a project. All your attention glue to execution. You're a sucker for an efficient process. You'll improve, improvise, or even overhaul a system until it becomes efficient. In addition, you have a knack for problem solving - as long as it can be broken down into tiny units. The archetype of the Machine entrepreneur is Bill Gates.
You are the Strategist

Steve Jobs- the strategist entrepreneur

You are a creative long term thinker. You are never fazed by the present fad. Your ability to think long term and strategic makes you succeed at whatever you focus on. The Steve Jobs of entrepreneurs, you can take a lot of stress and brush off past negative experiences with ease. A total leader, you might struggle with actually learning from your past failures (it’s not automatic). You measure success in being better than the competition and how much money you make. You might jot down your ideas on Twitter — or even on a napkin.

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