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For smart copywriters, freelancers, marketers and anyone in business…


Is The Blank Screen Of Death Slowly And Painfully Killing You?

Learn The Secret Rule Nobody Tells You About Not Even Your Favorite Online ‘Gorooos,’ That Will Save You Countless Hours Of Work…Thousands In Cash…Heartbreaks

This one rule will make you more creative…it will help you churn out cash spinning campaigns in minutes without breaking a sweat…and help you take back control of your time so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want it while raking in truckload of money, completing clients’ work on time…



Only NOVICES, ITK and smartass wannabes do this…

…create Sales letters, Ad copies, Headlines…

…Design landing pages, optin forms, sales funnels

 from Scratch

Real professionals, high performance business owners, cash minting marketers

do things differently

You see, 9 out of 10 times, the people that often struggle in online marketing,

make this one grievous mistake

They usually fail to observe this #1 immutable law of the online game:

Don’t ever try to reinvent the wheel.

 Here’s often what happens:

 This smartass wannabes often try to reinvent the wheel

They usually spend way too much time trying to create a sales letter or ad copies or design high converting landing pages or profitable sales funnels…

 …from scratch

But then, ice cold reality smacks them hard on the face

They realize –

nobody gives a bullcrap about what they’ve written. No leads. No conversion. Nothing, crickets nada…

All those sleepless nights come to nothing. Wasted. Fruitless


They will lose the little money they have

See. Reality is an unforgiving beech. It doesn’t care that you’ve put in long back breaking hours

Break the rule and get punished mercilessly

Abide by its rule and get rewarded handsomely

many of those smartass wannabes I mentioned earlier break this simple rule mindlessly…like tomorrow no dey

And of course, they get punished…

But, that’s not you. You’re smart and ready to learn how the real professionals do it

And, even if you broke the rule in the past…you’re now ready to make amends

It wasn’t your faults, really…you didn’t know this rule existed. Nobody told you

But, that’s all about to change

How do I know?

Because you’re still here

You see, I have been right where you are now

I have made the same EXACT mistakes you made

And I’ve lost a shitload of money too


everything changed for me when my mentor let me in on a secret

A secret that changed the game for me, forever

the mind-blowing thing about this SECRET is:

It is so simple and easy anyone can implement it and

see results INSTANTLY.

But, you’re probably going to dismiss it with a wave of the hand

You’ll probably not believe it

you’ll think, something this seemingly simple can’t possibly work

Just stay with me

Keep an open mind


Dear Friend,

You see, just like you, when I started my online business a couple of years’ back

I would spend hours – long back breaking hours – trying to find creative ways to sell my products

Like trying to write my own sales letters from scratch (big mistake)

And often, I’ll pull my hair, beat myself up for not being creative enough

sounds familiar?

See. it is a terrible place to be:

…watching as minutes turn into hours

…feeling the burning sensation in your bum gradually intensify and become unbearably painful from long hours of sitting

…spending hours staring at the blank screen with the black cursor blinking – tic tic tic

Yet, you can’t find the inspiration to start

And if by a stroke of luck, you dragged yourself to complete the copy

Another heart wrenching experience awaits you

That: sales letter…email…web copy…sales funnel

You spent your life force creating…

Often Fails

Epic, heart shattering failure

No conversions. No sales. No calls from customers.

See. As I mentioned earlier, I have been there

I have felt every of the emotions you feel right now

Fortunately, my story changed because of an incredibly simple advice from my mentor

What did my mentor tell me?

“Sam, find high performing copies in your niche and model yours after them”

In a sense, what my mentor meant is:

“Sam, don’t reinvent the wheel. This product you want to sell someone somewhere has already written a successful copy that sold millions of it. Search for that copy, personalize it and use it to sell your product”

This simple yet profound statement was all I needed to change the direction of my business

It will transform your business too

But you will need to do one little something first:

find the successful copy…email…sales funnel

Pay attention…you want to read the next couple of lines carefully 


Introducing: The Monster Cash Super Swipe File

Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault 7

You see, for the first time ever…I’m opening my vault of Monster Cash Super Swipe File to a few selected people.

This valuable, high-impact resource took painstaking hours, thousands of naira on courses, back breaking research to collect…

…in fact, I just checked now, I’ve been building this Monster Cash Super Swipe File for over three years now…

Yes, you read that right.

And, I’m going to hand over this Box Full of Incredibly Super Valuable Swipe File to you…

But before we get to how you are going to get the Box Full Swipe file…

What is a swipe file and why you need one

A swipe file is a collection of battle-tested, proven advertising campaigns, landing pages, sales letters you use to draw inspiration and or see what’s working in a niche.

Swipe files let you see immediately what other successful business/people in your niche are doing…

…you can model what is working without the costly price of trial and error

Let me let you in on a secret: All the experts you know keeps a swipe file. Yes. Every one of them.

And, they are constantly updating their swipe file with new resources.

So, they don’t just have a collection of resources to draw inspiration from, they are ACTIVELY acquiring new resources to add to their swipe file.

Now, that’s something to think about. If you don’t have a swipe file and you don’t have plans to acquire one…

…you are at a great disadvantage. In fact, you are far…far behind in this online game.

But why should YOU keep one?

  • #1: You are a busy business owner and you want to quickly create a marketing copy.
  • #2: You don’t have the budget to hire a professional copywriter or designer
  • #3: You are a copywriter or aspiring to learn how to create copies that sell

Imagine that you received a Box full of Proven, Battle-tested, High-converting Swipe file for everything you will ever need to launch your own successful online business.

Feel just how easy it will make your life… imagine the impact it will have on your business…

Now, when you get my battle-tested, high converting swipe file instead of pulling your hairs…or scratching your back…or wasting precious hours…

…to create a landing page, or write a sales letter, or design an optin form, or create Facebook ads, or write impactful headlines…

…or do whatever, the heck you need to do to grow your business…

…you will simply pull out this Monster Cash Swipe File to see what is already working for others in the same niche as you…

And then,

You will Swipe the ideas to create your own winning landing page or sales funnels or sales letter or headlines… without even breaking a sweat.

Remember, don’t ever try to reinvent the wheel.

With this Monster Cash Super Swipe File, you no longer need to start from scratch.

You don’t even have to create anything new.

And, you don’t have to worry about whether your Facebook ads will convert or your sales letter is good enough…or whether your headlines are compelling


you now have in your hands, the same exact successful campaigns your favorite internet marketers, coaches, gurus…use in their own businesses.

Now, with the Monster Cash Super Swipe file, you will see:

·        exactly what others in your niche are doing correctly

·        what is already working

The best part is, you can copy these same successful campaigns, sales letters, Facebook ads, emails, headlines… and use them in your own business.

You don’t have to spend hours creating your own resources from scratch.

Imagine just what this will mean for your business…

·  You will save time to focus on other aspects of your business

·   You will become more productive

· You will make more money because you’ll be using already proven resources

Remember, don’t ever try to reinvent the wheel.

IF it works for others, it will certainly work for you too.

All you have to do is to discover what is already working for others…

…and swipe them.

Thankfully, I have done the hard work for you.

I have scoured the internet, read hundreds of sales letters, viewed hundreds of landing pages, Facebook ads…decoupled tens of sales funnels…

…to collect this Monster Cash Super Swipe File.

Keep in mind that this Super Swipe File was for our internal use only. We collected them to use in our business. We never thought we would open the Swipe Vault to the public ever.

The fact is, the Swipe Vault is choked full with value we just know it is immoral to want to keep it only to ourselves.

So, here we are today, inviting only a select few of ambitious people to quickly take up this offer…

…you are among the lucky few!

I know you are smart to take advantage of this offer to lock in your spot quickly before we change our minds and pull down this page.


Now You’ll Have The Resources To Implement
Rule #1 In Your Business Right Away

Here’s what you will get receive inside the Monster Cash Super Swipe File:

· 20+ Advertorial Swipes to master how to write sneaky sales copies that give you access into your prospects’ minds without them noticing (₦5,000) 

· 100+ Classic Sales Letter Swipes: Proven Oldies that Have Pulled In Billions In Sales. Now you can see How the Master Copywriters create powerful copies that sell (₦25,000) 

·  Expert Swipes – Do these names Waju Abraham, Toyin Omotosi, Anik Singal, Brain Keith, Ben Settle, Dean Graziosi, Anthony Morrison, Remit Sethi, Eben Pagan, among others ring a bell?  Over 150+ Swipe of each individual expert swipe inside (₦10,000)

That’s not all!

You will also get the following:

·    350+ Email Swipes including dare to look headlines, shotgun headline templates, welcome email series, conversion-focused sequences (₦7,500) 

·  71+ Facebook Ad Swipe Inside You Will find successful Facebook ad copy and creatives that Have Made
Millions (₦7,500) 

· Sales Funnel Resources Swipe including High quality Funnel screenshots, converting optin forms, sales page, Funnel flow, landing pages, exit intent popup, one time offer. thank you pages (₦50,000) 

·     Landing Page Swipe to inspire to create high converting landing pages. You will see some of the best performing landers in different niches. (₦12,000)

Total Value: ₦ 107,000

Regular Price: ₦50,000

Fast Action Price: ₦5,000

Grab the Monster Cash Super Swipe File…Quick

For just ₦5,000 you’ll get the following:

·       20+ Advertorial Swipes

·       100+ Classic Sales Letter Swipes

·       Swipes From 11+ Expert Internet Gurus

·       350+ Email Swipes

·       71+ Facebook Ad Swipe

·       Sales Funnel Resources Swipe

·       50+ Niche-specific Landing Page Swipe

Why I’m Literally Giving Away The Monster Cash Super Swipe Vault…

As Zig Ziglar stated, “when you discover something that works…share it with the world.”

Having a swipe file works. 

All the experts and successful internet marketers I know of have one and often advise everyone to get one too…

Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault 8
Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault 9
Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault 10

Swipe files make your work and life easier.

To us, it is immoral not to share what we have with you.

But, that’s just a tiny part of why we literally opened the doors of our Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault to you…

…the other reason is

You see, a lot of online business owners like you struggle to create high converting material…

…materials like high converting landing pages, sales letters that pull in cash…

And, it hurts me to no end, to see you leave a lot of money on the table…

why do you have to create a sales letter or design a landing page from scratch when there are proven resources you can swipe?

I bet it’s often down to information. 

Now you know the secret to creating high converting, sales pulling copies effortlessly.

For Just ₦5,000 you get access to this limited time offer.

Yes, I Want The Monster Cash Swipe File

Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault 11

100% Iron-clad, No questions asked 30-day Money back Guarantee

To make this a no-risk deal for you, because I understand you may be thinking: but what if I don’t like the offer? What if after paying I change my mind?

To make sure, no matter what happens, that you come out of this deal satisfied we are offering a 100% Iron-clad no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

You only need to have spent at least 30 days studying the swipe files and using them in your business. And if after the 30-days you didn’t notice any improvement in your business, call me or send me an email and I’ll refund your money without questions asked. That’s not all, you also get to keep the Swipe File.

I will not just only refund your money but you also get to keep the Monster Cash Super Swipe File too.

So, you see the only way you lose is if you don’t take action right now to gain access to the Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault.

YES, Take My Money And Send ME The Monster Cash Super Swipe File Right Aw

Yes, I Want The Monster Cash Swipe File

Monster Cash Super Swipe File Vault 11

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Disclaimer: It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to succeed with a business. The average person who watches or buys any information on “building a business” (or something similar) gets little to no results. The sales figures stated above and in our training are my personal sales figures, and are NOT typical. There’s risk involved with any business, and we do not guarantee any monetary gain.

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