Home Marketing Lagos Start Online Home Business Passive Income Email Marketing New Report Launched

Lagos Start Online Home Business Passive Income Email Marketing New Report Launched

New Report Lagos Start Online Home Business

Emira Digital Publishing launches a new report to help entrepreneurs and marketers learn how to grow their businesses using email marketing. The report covers proven strategies anyone can utilize to start and scale their online business.

Sam Steve, the founder of Lagos, Nigeria-based Emira Digital Publishing, announced the launch of their latest report aimed at entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, and business owners looking to start and grow their business online. The new report details step-by-step how the online entrepreneur utilized email marketing and other strategies to generate six-figure revenue for their new business in 21 days.

More information is available at http://smartentrepreneurblog.com/ng/dnr

Emira Digital Publishing made the announcement as part of its efforts to highlight several effective and profitable marketing channels business owners can utilize to start and scale their venture online.

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Many business owners are made to believe email marketing does not work in Nigeria. These entrepreneurs are misled and often advised to discard email as part of their marketing channels.

Sam Steve and the Emira Digital Publishing team launched a new business in a niche nobody knew them. Their goal is to show it is possible to grow a new business to six-figure using only email marketing as the primary promotion channel.

The recently launched report details all the steps, strategies, and tools the team at Emira Digital Publishing utilized to generate six figures in revenue within 21 days of starting the business.

Included in the report are the two most important lessons anyone must learn when building a successful online business. These lessons provide the framework for understanding the underlying principles one needs to master to become successful online.

Readers will also learn about the one-step idea validation system Sam Steve and the Emira Digital Publishing team utilized to find a hungry audience for their product. With this straightforward, easy-to-implement system, anyone can see effortlessly if there is a ready market for their product or service.

The report also covers the exact steps and strategies Sam Steve utilized to attract their target audience without wasting time on people who are uninterested in what they have to offer. These strategies will enable the reader to build a highly engaged audience quickly.

Other things covered in the report include the little-known tool that will help readers create and run profitable Facebook ads to drive traffic to their offers and the 21-day email marketing strategy that will transform the ice-cold audience into engaged subscribers that trust and like them.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Many business owners have been lied to about how email marketing is dead. We know when done right, email marketing can be a powerful marketing channel for businesses, so my team and I set out to demonstrate what’s possible when businesses include email as part of their marketing mix. We documented our decisions, actions, strategies – everything we did to take this new business to six figures.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting the website mentioned above. Alternatively, click on this URL to learn more: http://smartentrepreneurblog.com/ng/newreportop

About Emira Digital Publishing

Emira Digital Publishing is an innovative content marketing agency based in Lagos, Nigeria, with a global outlook. Since our launch in 2017, we have worked with clients that included SEO agencies, Saas startups, Influencers, local small businesses, and eCommerce stores. Our people are dedicated to helping businesses tell their brand stories in a compelling and visually-appealing manner with a focus on nurturing customer-loyalty, acquiring new leads and assisting businesses to meet their objectives. 


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