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7 Nigerian freelance websites to hire top talent for your business

Online marketplace for freelancers in Nigeria

This is the third installment in the hire a freelance content writer series. Here’s the link to read the first and second part of the series.

Forget PeopleperHour, Nexxt, Broker, Elance, Toptal and Fiverr – here are ten Nigerian freelance websites to hire top local talents for your business.

Now, you don’t have to worry about dollar rate conversion from naira to any foreign currency. All you have to do is: visit any of the websites, browse through the categories, read reviews from other buyers, contact a freelance.

Once you find the freelancer that’s a good fit and able to deliver on your project, hire them – pay in Naira – and let them get to work for you.

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It’s that simple.

So, here we go:


A freelance marketplace for nigerians

The site prides itself as the leading freelancing marketplace in Nigeria. With a growing Facebook community of 3k+ members, several media mentions, and an active social media handle it they might just be right.

Justfrom5K enables you to hire freelancers ready to handle a wide array of tasks and projects. From simple online tasks to marketing, content writing, WordPress editing, social media marketing.

You can even hire someone to do your home chores or run errands.

Have some items you need to deliver to another location? You can hire a deliveryman from the website too.


Nigerian freelance websites to hire top talents

Oyerr is surprisingly chuck-full with several services. You can hire freelancers for your social media campaigns, search engine optimization, web design, amongst others.

The platform takes it a step further by offering services that are traditionally out of freelance space – Food and catering.

You can order a gig that teaches your different recipes. Have someone plan your events. And, hire a baker to make small chops for any events.

Use the filter option to weed out sellers till you find one that’s good fit.

Plus, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of wading through all the services, use the ‘Buyer Request’ feature to post your project and have sellers send in their offers.


234work -nigerian freelance website

No matter what your needs are – A logo for your new business, articles for your website, marketing copy, Facebook ads whatever your needs are – there’s surely someone on 234works offering that service.

All you have to do is visit the site, use the search bar to search for sellers, go through the listings and hire the best freelancer.

Wait till the seller delivers the job, confirm it meets all requirements only then can you approve the work.


Websites for Nigerian freelancers to make money online

Great easy-to-navigate interface with a diverse listing of services to choose from.

An excellent place to search for freelancers to deliver instant orders. If you’re time-strapped, you want to check out the site.

It has a review system just like Fiverr, so read up on other buyers’ experiences before ordering any gig.


Findworka - a Nigerian online platform for freelancers

Ok, this one is not your regular freelance platform. It’s a specialized place where you hire tech talents.

Want to build an app? develop a website? Create a desktop app? Whatever your tech needs are – you can hire an experienced talent from FindWorka.

The platform offers a secured escrow system that ensures you pay after you are satisfied with the quality of the deliverable.


Asuqu- best freelance marketplace for Nigerians

Probably the best known freelance marketplace in Nigeria. It has a well-designed, easy-to-navigate interface.

Then, a wide array of services to choose – whether you’re looking for an MC for an event, a professional photographer or you want to learn how to tie aso oke, or you need a tutorial on how to apply makeup.

Or, perhaps, you need someone to come in and clean your office or home – you’ll find someone offering the service on the platform.

That’s in addition, to the regular digital services like logo designs, graphics work, article and copywriting services, and so many other gigs.


workdesk - freelance marketplace for Nigerians

WorkDesk provides a platform form businesses to hire remote talents to get work done fast; and or extend their team’s capabilities.

Just like the other websites on this list, WorkDesk has several categories for both buyers to browse through.

Some of the tasks you can hire freelancers for include: writing, editing, graphics, and even lifestyle tips, beauty and makeup tutorials.

Wrapping up on Nigerian freelance websites

So, next time you want to hire a freelancer for any task, visit these marketplaces for your needs.

Work with professionals that understand your local market, speak the same language as your target audience; plus, are on ground to come int to your office when necessary.


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