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TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs

How to Write a Winning Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program Proposal

Since 2015, the Tony Elumelu Foundation entrepreneurship program has empowered over 15,000 entrepreneurs across every country on the continent through training, mentorship, funding and networking support. 

These promising changemakers have launched startups and grown small businesses catalyzing job creation, revenue growth, and environmental and social impact. This case study chronicles 8 inspiring success stories that bring to life the creativity, resilience and vision of TEF alumni turning opportunity into positive change. 

From healthcare to fashion, agribusiness to edtech, these diverse entrepreneurs demonstrate how TEF equips African innovators to drive sustainability and change lives. By spotlighting these journeys, readers will gain first-hand insight into how TEF’s holistic approach accelerates scalable, high-impact ventures. 

When ambition meets opportunity, African entrepreneurs can propel their communities and countries toward inclusive economic prosperity. These stories showcase the breadth of potential waiting to be realized.

8 TEF Success Story Spotlights

Let this success stories inspires and guide your Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme application and proposal writing.

Andrew Etuket: Promoting Healthy Living in Uganda

TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs 1

Doctor-turned-entrepreneur Andrew Etuket leverages his medical expertise to promote wellness and preventive care through Timnath Health, a cutting-edge health and fitness center improving everyday lives in Kampala. 

Etuket recognized glaring gaps in Uganda’s healthcare system after years as a physician witnessing patients suffering from preventable illnesses. He launched Timnath Health to provide integrated, personalized health and lifestyle solutions tailored to each client’s needs. 

Timnath Health offers services spanning medicine, nutrition, research, design, and technology to equip individuals and organizations to better monitor, manage, and improve their health. Since participating in TEF in 2019, Etuket has expanded Timnath’s facilities, staff, and service offerings. 

By advancing affordable prevention-focused care, he aims to help more Ugandans proactively safeguard their well-being and live fuller, healthier lives.

Moses Mutabaganya: Tackling Malnutrition Through Food Innovation

TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs 2

Moses Mutabaganya is combating malnutrition in Uganda with nutritious new food products through his company Glory to Glory Food Industries. With childhood malnutrition rates in Uganda among the world’s highest, Mutabaganya manufactures fortified baked goods, flours, sauces and beverages packed with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients lacking in local diets. 

His affordable, appetizing products like soy milk, high-protein cereals, and nutritious porridge provide a delicious way for families to access vital sustenance. Since participating in TEF in 2020, Mutabaganya has increased production capacity, expanded distribution networks and grown revenues over 20%. By harnessing food technology to nourish communities, his social enterprise is helping eradicate malnutrition across Uganda.

Haythem Dabbabi: Bringing STEM Learning to Life in Tunisia

TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs 3

Robotics engineer Haythem Dabbabi is inspiring Tunisia’s next generation to embrace science, technology and innovation through hands-on STEM education programs. Dabbabi’s company, Evocraft, provides fun, engaging ways for youth to gain robotics, coding and critical thinking skills. 

Students learn programming by customizing personally assembled robot kits during immersive workshops. For girls in underserved rural schools, Evocraft even brings STEM directly to them through a traveling tech bus equipped with 3D printers, computers, and VR technology. 

The TEF training Dabbabi completed in 2019 helped him refine Evocraft’s business model and curriculum to reach more students. By making STEM experiential and accessible, Dabbabi aims to equip youth with 21st century skills to drive Tunisia’s development.

Nora Chaynane: Preparing Moroccan Youth for the Future 

TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs 4

Nora Chaynane is preparing Moroccan youth for successful futures through Shine Space, a pioneering socio-educational initiative bridging skills gaps. Troubled by statistics showing 80% of Moroccan students lack career direction, 

Chaynane founded Shine Space to provide career mentoring, soft skills training, and professional development opportunities. Shine Space partners with schools and organizations to host motivational workshops focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, public speaking, problem-solving, English fluency and more. 

Since participating in TEF in 2020, Chaynane has expanded Shine Space’s programming online to reach students nationwide during the pandemic. By empowering Moroccan youth to identify their talents and unlock their potential, she aims to combat unemployment and empower future leaders.

Chioma Ogbudimkpa: Fashion for the Environment 

TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs 5

Fashion designer Chioma Ogbudimkpa infuses high fashion with sustainability through her label Red Button, which upcycles agricultural waste into couture. Her renewable design techniques transform materials like coconut shells and water hyacinth into striking accessories and apparel. 

Ogbudimkpa’s creative process generates zero waste, while producing jobs for Nigerian artisans. Since participating in TEF in 2019, she has opened new production and retail locations, created ten more jobs, and quadrupled sales. 

With collections exhibited across Africa and Europe, Ogbudimkpa is proving sustainable fashion can be bold, beautiful and eco-friendly. She aims to revolutionize African couture’s impact on the planet.

Angele Messa: Expanding Access to Jobs in Cameroon

TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs 6

Digital entrepreneur Angele Messa connects Cameroonian youth to economic opportunities through her platform EduClick Africa. Messa trains youth in professional skills then matches job seekers to employers via the site’s searchable database. 

She also partners with schools to provide career guidance resources. Since participating in TEF in 2018, Messa has grown EduClick Africa into Cameroon’s largest jobs portal, with over 46,000 registered users. By leveraging technology to link talent with opportunities, she aims to empower 1 million youth with equitable access to employment and entrepreneurship.

Michel Nkuindja: Sharing Africa’s Stories Through Gaming

TEEP Case Studies: Real Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs 7

Entrepreneur Michel Nkuindja preserves and shares Africa’s cultural heritage globally through pioneering video games showcasing the continent’s history, folklore and mythology. His studio Noohkema Game Studios partners with developers across Africa to produce entertaining mobile games celebrating each country’s unique legacy. 

Since participating in TEF in 2015, Nkuindja has expanded distribution to over 500,000 downloads worldwide. As an interactive storyteller, he inspires pride in African identity while bridging cultural understanding worldwide.

They Made Their Moves. Now It’s Your Turn!

These inspiring stories spotlight the breadth of ideas, initiatives, and ingenuity flourishing through African entrepreneurs today. 

While diverse in location, sector, and personal background, these innovators share tenacity, purpose, and potential. The Tony Elumelu Foundation recognizes and champions these entrepreneurs as changemakers illuminating the promise of Africa’s future.

The power of entrepreneurship to lift lives is not limited to those profiled here. Across every African village, town and city, entrepreneurs are rising to build sustainable enterprises meeting local needs – and you can too.

So now it’s your turn to step up. Don’t just watch others build the future – jump in and create it yourself! The Tony Elumelu Foundation is ready to champion entrepreneurs like you with tools to win. But first, you need to make your opening move.

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