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HVAC Customer Retention Strategies: How  U.S HVAC Companies Can Retain Customers

Looking for effective HVAC customer retention strategies? Our latest post explores proven techniques that U.S. HVAC companies can use to retain their customers and build long-term relationships.

Reaching out to get new customers for your HVAC business is important. What’s also important, and perhaps more important, is retaining your existing customers.

Which would you prefer? A customer that patronizes you once and disappears or one that patronizes you over and over again?

Of course, you would go for the latter. And you can make that happen with the right HVAC customer retention strategies.

This post explains how to put together those strategies. But first, let’s discuss how a customer retention strategy can help your HVAC business in the United States.

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How a Customer Retention Strategy Can Help Your U.S HVAC Business

Customer retention is an age-long practice across many business industries. As a business, you cannot neglect your existing customers.

Do that, and you’ll close shop.

This is because, as statistics reveal, 60 to 70 percent of a business’s sales come from existing customers.

In other words, if you only focus on new customers, you’ll be making just around 30 to 40 percent of your potential sales.

That’s not what your HVAC business needs — especially not in a country like the United States.

Your business needs 100 percent of sales, if possible. And statistics show it’s near possible with a dependable customer retention strategy.

In particular, you can increase your profitability by 25 percent up to 95 percent. That’s just five percent away from 100. So, having solid HVAC customer retention strategies in the U.S. is a no-brainer. It helps you scale your revenue at near-zero customer acquisition costs. 

And here’s how you can pull this off.

Let’s get right into it.

Developing Your HVAC Customer Retention Strategy

Every business is unique in how it manages its existing customers. However, the ultimate goal is to provide a positive experience so the customers can return.

With the below tips, you can develop perfect HVAC customer retention strategies in the United State to meet that goal:

HVAC Customer Retention Strategy 1: Get Customer Feedback with Collect Chat

Understanding your customers is the first step to building effective HVAC customer retention strategies in the United States.

You can do that by collecting and analyzing their feedback. Here’s what you should do:

Create an interactive customer survey form. And for that, we recommend Collect Chat, a simple, straightforward interactive tool with many quality form templates. It’ll help save time as you won’t be creating the form from scratch.

The form should cover all stages of the customer journey, from when they first visit your website to making purchases and afterward.

Then, email the form to your customers and wait for their responses and feedback.

As they come in, review them and point out what your existing customers like or dislike about your HVAC business.

Amplify what they like and fix what they do not. 

They’ll always return.

Pro Tip: Use Collect Chat to gain customer feedback in real-time.

HVAC Customer Retention Strategies: How  U.S HVAC Companies Can Retain Customers 6

HVAC Customer Retention Strategy 2: Create Helpful Articles and Optimize With SurferSEO 

Content is king.

It’s one of the best channels for HVAC customer retention, and it doesn’t have to be a back-breaking task. You can accomplish it by simply creating helpful articles.

HVAC customers in the USA use Google every day. They want to know how to make the right purchase, make the most of their HVAC products, and whatnot.

You can create helpful articles around these topics.

An existing customer that regularly visits your website to read these articles is a returning customer. If they need an HVAC product, they won’t hesitate to buy from you, especially if you establish your brand as an industry thought leader with your helpful content.

We recommend using SurferSEO to optimize and quickly rank your content on the Google Search result page. It also enables you to use the relevant keywords that HVAC customers typically search for.

Pro Tip: Create consistent and valuable content that addresses customers’ post-purchase experience. Use Surfer SEO to achieve top-page Google ranking quickly.

HVAC Customer Retention Strategies: How  U.S HVAC Companies Can Retain Customers 7

HVAC Customer Retention Strategy 3: Monitor Your Mentions With Marketing Miner 

Customers can talk about your HVAC business anywhere on the web – websites, social media, and others.

If you’re serious about retaining your existing customers, know that everything they say about your business and how they feel about your brand matters.

As a result, it pays to monitor your mentions across websites and other internet platforms.

Isn’t that something difficult? That’s a good question, considering there are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet.

But who says you can’t get help. You sure can, and the help you need is Marketing Miner – a tool you can start using for $0.

Marketing Miner has a brand monitoring tool that will track every single mention of your HVAC business on the web.

You get an instant alert whenever there’s a mention, so you can address it immediately.

Like the feedback, leverage positive mentions, and correct negative ones.

Pro Tip: Use Marketing Miner to build a solid social listening strategy.

HVAC Customer Retention Strategies: How  U.S HVAC Companies Can Retain Customers 8

HVAC Customer Retention Strategy 4: Introduce Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are commonplace in the United States. And for a good reason.

Americans have the highest percentage of lifelong customer loyalty in the world. In fact, once they commit, US customers stay loyal for life.

As an HVAC business in the US, there’s no reason not to leverage this. Customer loyalty programs must form part of your HVAC customer retention strategies.

How customer loyalty programs help you retain customers is simple.

In a loyalty program, you reward customers with points or other rewards when they make purchases. These points and rewards can substitute cash when they make subsequent purchases.

If a customer doesn’t patronize your HVAC business again, the points and rewards are worthless. And no US customer wants to waste money, even if it’s in the form of points.

Indeed, you’ll lose some money when customers purchase with the rewards from loyalty programs.

However, it’s a minimal price to pay considering the long-term benefit.

Pro Tip: Digitize your reward program and get more from customers with LoyalZoo.

HVAC Customer Retention Strategies: How  U.S HVAC Companies Can Retain Customers 9

HVAC Customer Retention Strategy 5: Engage on Social Media 

Social media is instrumental to several business strategies. HVAC customer retention strategies are one such.

On social media, you can build trust and improve your relationship with your existing customers. These are bedrocks to ensure these customers revisit your business.

Social media can be the go-to customer service platform for your customers. It’s worthwhile, as almost everyone in the United States has a social media account.

Besides customer service, you can also engage with customers’ posts.

Is someone asking for help managing HVAC products? Drop a comment to guide them. Direct them to relevant articles on your website.

How about a customer that just made a purchase? You can politely ask them to promote your brand. If it’s a first-time customer, notify them of your loyalty programs.

Basically, you want to ensure your business is always on the social media feeds of your existing customers. 

Pro Tip: Run social media marketing like an agency with Sendible.

HVAC Customer Retention Strategies: How  U.S HVAC Companies Can Retain Customers 10

HVAC Customer Retention Strategy 6: Upsell. Upsell. Upsell 

The usefulness of upsells in retaining customers cannot be overemphasized. Here’s an illustration:

If a customer orders Product A, and you offer them Product B at a discounted rate if they purchase both, what do you think will happen?

Well, two things can.

The first is that they take the offer and purchase both products. Second, they purchase just Product A, which they had come for.

Either is an advantage to your business. And that’s why you must add upsells to your HVAC customer retention strategies.

Suppose the customer only purchases Product A; they won’t forget the upsell offer. Especially if it’s an indispensable HVAC product.

They’ll look forward to accepting the upsell the next time they buy from you. The next time they buy from you.  

Pro Tip: Use email marketing to re-engage and upsell existing customers.

U.S. HVAC Customer Retention Strategies: What Next? 

Creating reliable HVAC customer retention strategies is only the first step to actually retaining your customers.

The second is to put the strategies into practice. And third, keep at them. Be consistent.

Do these things, and you’ll have more customers than you can handle. Then, you’ll need to expand your business.

Hand-Picked For You:

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I ensure my U.S. HVAC customers return?

You can ensure your HVAC customers return with the right customer retention strategies. First, ensure you get customers’ feedback, which a tool like Collect Chat will help you do.

Then, engage your customers regularly to address issues in their feedback. Social media is a perfect platform for this. You can also engage them using SEO-optimized articles created using SurferSEO.

Finally, reward customers who patronize you with loyalty programs and discounted upsell. 

What do customers want from an HVAC company?

Customers want quality products from an HVAC company. Your products must be dependable and durable so they get value for their money. Another thing customers want is good support service. Provide help when they need it, and they’ll always return.

What is the lifetime value of an HVAC customer?

The lifetime value of an HVAC customer is definitive. It varies from business to business and depends on your location in the United States. Generally, HVAC customers have a high lifetime value, up to $10,000. Note that you need workable HVAC customer retention strategies to maintain such a high value.

How do you attract HVAC customers in the USA?

You can attract HVAC customers in the USA by implementing expert marketing strategies. These strategies will help you develop quality leads, which you can convert into customers. You can check them out in this post.

How can I improve my customer relations?

To improve your customer relationships as an HVAC business, you must improve your support service. Offer them a personalized customer service experience, and respond to their inquiries promptly. Also, make sure your HVAC business is generally professional.


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