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Welcome to smartentrepreneurblog.com/us we’re super-excited for your interest to write for us.

As our name suggests, we are for everything Entrepreneurship, Business, Marketing, Sales, Startups, Productivity.

We publish anything and everything that will help our audience – entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone wanting to begin on this journey.

Do you think you have something new to say? Or perhaps, have a fresh perspective on issues? Or, want to share some business-related personal insights – we love these ones best!

We want to hear from you.

What you get

A 60 words author bio with a link back to your website or social media profiles.

Exposure to our growing audience to build trust and thought leadership.

We actively promote the articles published on all our social media handles

Our Blog Guideline

Ideally, before you send in your pitch, we expect that you would have taken the time to go through our guidelines – we don’t want to waste your time and ours.

So, here are things to keep in mind when sending in your blogpost idea:

  • We accept ONLY posts relevant, useful, and helpful to our audience – Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, and Wantrepreneurs.
  • Articles should be 700 words minimum.
  • Write in a friendly, warm, conversational tone – first and second person perspective ideal.
  • Use short paragraphs to break up content – we are suckers for 2-3 lines paragraphs.
  • Use subheadings and bullets
  • Do not plagiarize content online. We check every article for plagiarism.
  • Once we publish your article, you cannot republish exact content on any other platform on the internet.
  • Don’t include promotions, endorsements, and or link backs to a specific product, service, or business.
  • Proofread your work. Check, recheck, and check again for grammar errors. Use Grammarly and Hemmingway app.

Submit blog idea

Please note: Do not submit completed article. First, pitch your idea to us.

Once, we approve your content idea, you can then go on to write.

To pitch your idea, use the form below.

  • Suggested blog topic
  • Sell your idea here

Smartentrepreneurblog reserves the right to change, edit, reject, or delete a submitted article without prior notice to you.


  • Sam Steve

    Sam Steve is a strategic content marketer and founder of Emira Digital Publishing. He helps clients grow their online presence by writing primarily about digital marketing, SME growth hacking strategies, and productivity. Connect with Sam on social media:

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