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How Realtors Can Use WhatsApp for Marketing

How Realtors Can Use WhatsApp for Marketing

WhatsApp is an effective, yet neglected, marketing channel. Use this comprehensive resource on WhatsApp marketing strategy for realtors to discover how it can help grow your real estate business.

WhatsApp is more than just an app for chatting with your friends and relatives.  

It can help you grow your business too. 

Over 2 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp daily. That’s a huge opportunity to connect with clients on a personal level. With the right strategy, you can step up your marketing game right away.   

However, many realtors struggle to leverage this channel effectively for their marketing needs. They either don’t have a clear strategy, or they use it in a way that annoys or alienates their prospects.

That’s why you need a solid WhatsApp marketing strategy that helps you reach, engage, and convert your leads into loyal customers. In this article, we’ll show you how to use WhatsApp Business for real estate marketing. 

You will learn how to integrate it with your CRM system and also get inspiration from some successful WhatsApp marketing success stories. 

Let’s get started!

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WhatsApp Marketing Strategy For Realtors

WhatsApp Business is a free app that allows you to create a professional profile, manage your chats, and automate your communication with your customers. It comes with features that are not available in the regular WhatsApp app, such as labels, catalogs, and QR codes. Here are some ways you can use it for real estate marketing:

1. Deliver “New Property Alerts” to Prospects

How Realtors Can Use WhatsApp for Marketing 1

Say you have a new listing that’s sure to impress, and you want your potential clients and customers to know about it, a smart move would be to get people hyped about it before it even drops.  

It’s easy. WhatsApp lets you send little sneak peeks and VIP tasters straight to potential buyers on your contact. The most efficient way to go about this is by using your WhatsApp status. You can share text, photos, videos, or GIFs to spread the word about your amazing new offer.

However, there’s a right and wrong way to share statuses. Here’s the correct approach: 

  • Your status should be interesting and appealing to your audience. Let your personality shine through.  You should use captions, hashtags, emojis, or stickers in your media with a good amount of your personal touch.
  • Promote limited-time offers, such as discounts, coupons, flash sales, or contests. This can create a sense of urgency and excitement among your viewers and encourage them to take action quickly.
  • Use testimonials and reviews.
  • Narratives have a compelling effect. Share stories about your business’s origins, purpose, and offerings. You can also use behind-the-scenes content, such as sneak peeks, previews, teasers, or updates on your upcoming products, events, or projects. 

2. Keep it Friendly with Fast and Personal Communication

How Realtors Can Use WhatsApp for Marketing 2

WhatsApp’s charm lies in its speed and personal touch. 

Use this to your advantage by engaging in fast, informal conversations with potential clients. Let your personality shine through your messages. This approach not only helps build trust but also ensures that your communication feels genuine and approachable.

The key is to keep it friendly and professional at the same time. Don’t spam your prospects with too many messages or irrelevant information. Never be pushy or aggressive in your sales pitch. 

Rather, adopt a communication style that’s helpful, respectful, and courteous.

3. Make Sign-ups for House Viewing via WhatsApp Seamless

After you’ve teased prospects with property highlights, it’s time to make it easy for them to take the next step. 

Allow them to sign up for house viewings directly through WhatsApp. This seamless process eliminates unnecessary hurdles and ensures a smooth customer journey. You can make this process seamless by using WhatsApp’s features such as QR codes and links.

When your prospects scan your QR code with their phone, they can be redirected to a landing page where they can sign up for viewing or request more information. To create your Whatsapp QR code, click here.

Alternatively, you can also send them a link via WhatsApp that takes them to the same landing page.

On your landing page/website, you can use Poptin to create effective pop-ups and forms, ensuring you capture leads at strategic moments.

4. Keep Prospects Updated Throughout the Journey

Buying a property is a journey, and your clients want to be informed every step of the way. 

Use WhatsApp to provide timely updates on property developments, important dates, and any changes. This active communication demonstrates your commitment and professionalism. You can use WhatsApp to send your prospects updates such as:

  • Price changes
  • New offers
  • New photos or videos
  • Inspection reports
  • Contract details
  • Closing dates
  • Congratulations messages

By consistently updating your prospects during their journey, you establish continuous communication that fosters loyalty and retention, ultimately boosting your conversions.

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5. Automate Repetitive Workflows

Managing multiple conversations can be time-consuming. 

Luckily, WhatsApp Business offers tools like quick replies, auto-replies, and even chatbots through the WhatsApp Business API. These features help you streamline communication, saving you time and enhancing the customer experience.

You can use WhatsApp Business to automate some of the tasks such as:

  • Sending welcome messages to new contacts
  • Sending confirmation messages to sign-ups
  • Sending reminders to appointments
  • Sending follow-up messages to leads
  • Sending feedback requests to customers

That’s not all! You can also use WhatsApp chatbots to handle more complex queries and conversations. Chatbots are software programs that can simulate human-like interactions with users using natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

You can create WhatsApp chatbots using platforms like ManyChat, or Landbot. You can then integrate them with your WhatsApp Business account using the WhatsApp Business API. 

We also recommend integrating WhatsApp with Omnisend.

This software is our favorite tool for running omnichannel campaigns. It lets us reach prospects simultaneously through WhatsApp, emails, and SMS, allowing us to engage with them with personalized messages on their preferred channels.

We have written extensively on using WhatsApp and Omnisend to grow small businesses.

Seamless Integration: Unleashing WhatsApp’s Power with Your CRM

How Realtors Can Use WhatsApp for Marketing 3

While WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for real estate marketing, it can be even more effective when integrated with CRM systems such as Hubspot and Monday.com.

Integrating WhatsApp into your CRM platform can boost your efficiency.  

Instead of constantly flipping between other real estate marketing apps or entering the same information or messages multiple times, you can sync your WhatsApp and CRM contacts so you have everything you need in one spot.

Here’s how: 

  • You need to use the WhatsApp Business API, a paid service that allows you to connect your WhatsApp Business account with third-party applications like Hubspot.
  • Next, you must choose a CRM system that supports WhatsApp integration, such as Zoho CRM, HubSpot CRM, or Salesforce.

Check out this article for a full step-by-step tutorial for setting it up

When you’re done, it will unleash the full potential of WhatsApp for real estate marketing. 

Now you can streamline your communication, automate your workflows, personalize your outreach, and measure your results.

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Whatsapp Marketing Success Stories: Brands That Got It Right!

To further inspire you, we have examined two brands, albeit not realtors, that have used WhatsApp marketing successfully for their businesses. We believe that these examples will provide you with actionable insights that you can use to creatively use WhatsApp to grow your real estate business.

So, let’s dive in.

Example 1: Hellmann’s “WhatsCook” Campaign

How Realtors Can Use WhatsApp for Marketing 4

Hellmann’s is a food brand that produces mayonnaise and other condiments. 

In 2014, they launched a campaign called “WhatsCook” in Brazil. 

The campaign aimed to help people cook delicious meals using the ingredients they had in their fridge and Hellmann’s mayonnaise. To participate in the campaign, users had to register on Hellmann’s website and provide their phone numbers. 

Then, they received a message from Hellmann’s on WhatsApp asking them to take a photo of their fridge and send it back. After that, they were connected with a real chef who gave them personalized recipes and cooking tips based on their ingredients.

The campaign was a huge success. 

It generated over 13,000 sign-ups in one week, increased mayonnaise sales by 44 percent, and boosted brand awareness by 36 percent. The campaign also received positive feedback from the users, who appreciated the convenience, creativity, and personalization of the service.

The lesson from this example is that WhatsApp can be used to create innovative and interactive campaigns that solve a customer problem and showcase a product’s benefit. 

Example 2: Absolut Vodka’s “Bottles for Everyone” Campaign

How Realtors Can Use WhatsApp for Marketing 5

Absolut Vodka is a Swedish brand that produces premium vodka and other spirits. 

In 2015, they launched a campaign called “Bottles for Everyone” in Argentina. 

The campaign aimed to promote their limited edition bottles and generate buzz around their launch party. To participate in the campaign, users had to send a message to Absolut Vodka on WhatsApp with the keyword “Party”. 

Then, they received a message from a fictional character named Sven. Sven challenged the users to convince him why they deserved an invitation to the party and a free bottle of Absolut.

The users had to use their creativity and humor to impress Sven, who replied with witty and sarcastic comments. The best responses were rewarded with tickets to the party and personalized bottles of Absolut with their names on them.

The campaign hit gold! 

It reached over 600 users in one week, generated over 1,000 messages, and increased brand awareness by 12 percent. The campaign also created a lot of social media buzz, as users shared their conversations with Sven and their bottles of Absolut online.

If Absolut Vodka could use WhatsApp to entertain and challenge their customers, while also promoting their product, you can too.

The Final Puzzle Piece: Whatsapp for YOUR Business 

We understand that real estate content marketing is puzzling sometimes, especially as it concerns customer relations. But, for you,  it doesn’t have to be that way. The fantastic examples we’ve shared in this article are there to ignite your creativity. 

Use these tips to gain an edge over the competition: share sneak peeks, maintain a friendly approach, ensure seamless sign-ups, provide consistent updates, and avoid being weighed down by repetitive tasks – automate them.  

Your journey to revolutionizing your real estate marketing starts here, and we’re thrilled to be your guide.

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You’ll find some practical advice on how to optimize your profile, create engaging content, and generate more referrals with WhatsApp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are WhatsApp Business Features?

Some of the features of WhatsApp Business are:

  • Catalog: You can create a mobile storefront where you can display your products and services with images, prices, descriptions, and links.
  • Cart: You can allow your customers to browse your catalog, select multiple items, and place orders directly from WhatsApp.
  • QR codes: You can create scannable images that can direct users to your WhatsApp Business profile, website, or landing page.
  • Labels: You can organize your contacts and chats into different categories, such as new customers, pending payment, order cocompletionetc.
  • Quick replies: You can save and reuse frequently sent messages, such as greetings, confirmations, or FAQs.

Why Use WhatsApp to Sell Homes?

WhatsApp is a great tool for real estate marketing because it allows you to provide fast and personal communication: It enables you to communicate with your customers in real-time and in a friendly and informal way. You can answer their questions, provide feedback, share updates, and offer advice. You can also use emojis, GIFs, stickers, and voice notes to make your messages more expressive and engaging.

How Can I Attract Clients on WhatsApp?

To attract clients on WhatsApp, you need to:

  • Create a professional and attractive profile: Use a clear and relevant profile picture, name, description, and contact details. Provide information about your business, products, services, value proposition, etc. Use keywords that match your target audience’s needs and interests.
  • Segment your audience: Use labels or groups to categorize your contacts based on their preferences, behavior, location, stage in the buyer journey, etc. This will help you send personalized and relevant messages to each segment.

How Do I Promote Sales on WhatsApp?

You need to create an offer that is valuable, relevant, and irresistible to your customers. You can use discounts, coupons, freebies, bundles, or loyalty programs to entice them to buy from you. You also need to communicate the benefits and urgency of your offer clearly and convincingly.

What is the Business Strategy for WhatsApp?

Business strategy for WhatsApp is a plan that outlines how you will use WhatsApp as a marketing tool for your business. It includes:

  • Your goals and objectives: What do you want to achieve with WhatsApp marketing? How will you measure your success?
  • Your target audience: Who are your ideal customers? What are their needs, interests, challenges, and preferences?
  • Your value proposition: What makes your business unique and different from your competitors? How do you solve your customers’ problems or fulfill their desires?
  • Your content strategy: What type of content will you create and share on WhatsApp? How will you provide value and engage your audience?


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