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10 Real Dental Email Examples & Templates Your Clinic Can Steal

dental email example 1

Discover ten real dental email examples for your dental practice. Use our expert tips to eliminate guesswork from your dental email marketing and grow your clinic effortlessly.

People sent and received nearly 350 billion emails daily in 2023.

This shows that email marketing can help you reach your target audience. Also, around 29 percent of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel. Social media and content marketing come second at 25 percent, while search engine optimization follows closely at 22 percent.

So, leveraging this channel to grow your dental practice is a no-brainer.

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However, executing a dental email marketing campaign that stands out and drives results is not a walk in the park.

But to make it easier for you, this resource explores some of the best email examples across different verticals—dental clinic, scent, eye care, skincare, and hair care brands—to inspire yours.

It also put together our favorite ten dental email marketing best practices. Use the insights here to grow and scale your clinic with email marketing.

So, let’s begin.

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SmileDirectClub: Boost conversions with social proof + discounts

Reinforce your email copy with social proof and enticing discounts.

These two elements combine well and can help skyrocket your conversions. We love how SmileDirectClub, an international oral care provider, does it. Let’s see what we can steal from their email.

Email Subject: Ready to get the smile you’ll love?

dental email example 2

The email begins with a captivating visual plus straightforward, yet compelling copy informing them that they are a great candidate for a smile they’ll love, priming them for the offer.

It reinforces the message with social proof and a huge discount to entice patients and minimize their objections. First, the brand claims to straighten teeth three times faster than braces and also boasts of helping thousands of people with crowding issues.

dental emal example 3

Additionally, it promises to straighten the teeth at a 60 percent lower price.

Next, the email tries to inspire confidence by demonstrating how the process works.

dental email example 4

The brand then sweetens the deal by offering flexible monthly payments.

dental email example 5\

It makes another attempt to inspire confidence and trust by outlining the health and safety precautions they took while manufacturing.

dental email example 6

Finally, the email ends with multiple links for additional information. And this could help boost its click-through rate.

Real Dental Email Example 7

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Grab attention and create a good first impression with a great visual.
  • Use a compelling copy to sell your message.
  • Inspire trust with social proof.
  • Minimize objections with huge discounts and flexible payments.
  • Let patients know how your products or services work.
  • Walk them through your safety and health policies.
  • Improve your odds of conversion with multiple CTAs in the email footer area.

Spotlight Oral Care: Drive Black Friday sales with flexible payments

Around 88 million Americans shopped online on Black Friday in 2021, spending nearly $9 billion.

Data show that 52 percent of these shoppers were first-time buyers, while 58 percent were impulse buys. But competition for these shoppers is unimaginable. However, you can ramp up your numbers by providing flexible payment options to make your offerings more affordable.

Spotlight Oral Care, an oral health product manufacturer, does it well.

Email Subject: The Beauty Oral Care Brand that everyone’s talking about! ❤

Real Dental Email Example 8

The brand’s Black Friday was pretty straightforward with zero distractions.

It seems the guys at the dental practice don’t believe in too much talk. They also know how to grab instant attention with a simple, but visually appealing product image. We are also impressed with how they use a stunning image background to help create a sophisticated look.

Real Dental Email Example 9

Finally, the brand offers prospects the option to shop now and pay later, plus a site-wide 30 percent discount to entice them to convert.

Real Dental Email Example 10

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Win your prospects’ attention with a great product image.
  • Don’t bore email readers with too many texts.
  • Include a “shop now, pay later” offer in the email.
  • Provide a site-wide discount to stimulate sales.

Two Front: Minimize objections with free consultations

Consumers are often skeptical about new product and service launches.

Offer free consultations to learn about patients’ objections and address them. It also provides an opportunity to build trust with the client and connect them emotionally to the brand.

Let’s see what we can learn from Two Front.

Email Subject: Meet Modern Orthodontics

Real Dental Email Example 11

The email grabs attention with a nice graphic that introduces the product.

It follows closely with a persuasive and compelling copy, detailing the product’s key features and strengths to build acceptance for it. The email then invites readers to book a free consultation with a visually salient CTA button.

Real Dental Email Example 12

Two Front tries to inspire confidence by sharing 6 things about the brand, including how they can handle complex cases, bring orthodontics to patients’ homes for convenience, and offer flexible payment plans.

Real Dental Email Example 13

It further strengthens the email to build trust by outlining how the procedure works.

Real Dental Email Example 14

The email ends with another CTA, inviting the readers to book a free consultation, bringing the total to three. It also encouraged them to join their Instagram community.

Real Dental Email Example 15

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Introduce your new product or service with a clear, stunning graphic.
  • Outline the product’s key features to connect prospects emotionally to it.
  • Invite patients to book a free consultation.
  • Reinforce your email by providing more information about your brand and how you stand out.
  • Demonstrate how the product or service works to inspire new confidence.
  • Invite patients to join your online community.

DUO: Use the welcome email to encourage the first purchase

Put your welcome emails to good use.

Leverage them to close the first appointments and showcase your offerings. We love how DUO does it. So, let’s see what we can learn from them.

Email Subject: Welcome to Duo! 😊

Real Dental Email Example 16

The email welcomes subscribers and then goes straight to outlining what the brand does, the uniqueness of its products, and its eco-friendly processes, all in an attempt to inspire acceptance for the product.

It then invites prospects to explore all their offerings.

Next, Duo offers a ten percent discount on the first purchase. It then follows this up by highlighting what makes the product unique and different. Finally, the email closes with another CTA encouraging recipients to explore available products.

Real Dental Email Example 17

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Welcome subscribers to your email list.
  • Quickly outlines who you are and what your product can do for them.
  • Offer an enticing discount to encourage the first purchase or appointment.
  • Describe in bullet points how your offerings differ from what it’s already obtainable.

Ashley & Co: Get more from patients with cross-selling

Cross-selling involves offering complementary products or services to customers to increase revenue.

Studies show that businesses that use this technique report a 20 percent sales increase. It can also boost the lifetime value of a customer by 14 percent. Like Ashley & Co, a New Zealand-based scent maker, use cross-selling in your dental office marketing emails to get more from patients.

Let’s see how they do it.

Email Subject: Receive a complimentary sample of Wash-up All-Over!

Real Dental Email Example 18

The email opens by inviting subscribers to try their product.

It then tries to leverage wisdom-of-the-crowd to get them to commit by mentioning that the new release gets positive feedback from users. To drive instant purchases, the email promises time-bound complimentary samples for every purchase.

The brand makes the offer availability limited, further triggering the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Real Dental Email Example 19

Next, the email outlines the product’s core features, including how it helps cleanse and nourish the skin.

Real Dental Email Example 20

Immediately after this, the brand again encourages subscribers to try the product. To sweeten the deal, it lets them know they can add any complementary sample to their cart.

Real Dental Email Example 21

Finally, Ashley & Co cross-sells subscribers, recommending three relevant products they can add to their cart. It then offers them the opportunity to shop for the products and pay later.

Real Dental Email Example 22

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Promote the main products or services by inviting email subscribers to try them.
  • Use social proof like customer reviews and ratings to prove its wide acceptability.
  • Offer time-sensitive, limited product giveaways to incentivize purchases.
  • Outline product or service key features and how they help solve users’ pain points.
  • Cast your net widely by recommending related or complementary products or services.
  • Offer flexible payment plans to drive immediate action.

Of Other Worlds: Cultivate social engagement with product giveaways

Of Other Worlds, a skincare product maker offers another solid dental email example you can steal.

The brand offers end-of-summer product giveaways to drive and boost social engagement. You can learn several things from their emails that you can adapt to your dental practice. So, let’s look at them.

Email Subject: Running Low On Light Beams? Here’s Your Chance to Snag One For Free

Real Dental Email Example 23

The email starts with a stunning image of the giveaway product.

The sky-blue background makes it even more captivating. It also helps draw attention to the product quickly. The email ends by inviting subscribers to the brand’s Instagram page to stand a chance to win.

It makes this easy with a conspicuous CTA button.

Real Dental Email Example 24

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Gain prospects’ interest with a stunning image of the giveaway product.
  • Use a visually appealing background to draw attention to the product.
  • Add a CTA button to invite prospects to your social media profiles.

Summer Solace: Improve average order value with free shipping

Around 90 percent of consumers will shop more online if there’s free shipping.

So use it strategically to boost your conversion rate and average order value—if you sell dental products. Summer Solace, an organic skincare product manufacturer, does it well.

Let’s see how you can refine their tactic for your dental emails.

Email Subject: Embrace the Wave of Beauty: Mendocino Bladderwrack Seaweed’s Skin Benefits

Real Dental Email Example 25

Summer Solace starts its email with a free shipping offer on orders of $175, a nice way to influence shoppers’ order value while appearing generous. Next, the email tells a good, long story about the brand, product, and manufacturing process to arouse interest.

It then adds a ‘Shop Now’ CTA button to make shopping seamless.

Real Dental Email Example 26

The email continues with more compelling stories about the product’s features and strengths.

Real Dental Email Example 27

Another shot of the product image, plus a CTA button follows.

Real Dental Email Example 28

The email ends with some product recommendations and multiple shopping category links, which gives buyers multiple shopping choices.

Real Dental Email Example 29

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Offer free shipping pegged to a minimum order value to entice shoppers to shop more.
  • Tell compelling stories of the product strengths.
  • Offer prospects multiple shopping options to boost conversion chances.

MTHK: Re-engage inactive patients with free tests

The bulk of a company’s revenue typically comes from its existing customers.

If you work your numbers well, you’ll discover this applies to you too. So allowing them to go cold means losing potential revenue. But you can reactivate them with free tests, like MTHK, an eye care product maker, does.

Let’s explore how they do it.

Email Subject: Anything we can help with?

Real Dental Email Example 30

The email begins with a self-praise, probably to inspire confidence.

Next, it reminds subscribers how long they have been inactive and encourages them to continue with their procedure, tactfully, emphasizing their problem and pain point.

Real Dental Email Example 31

To further reinforce subscribers’ confidence, the email curates one of their best reviews with an option to read more.

Real Dental Email Example 32

MTHK then invites them to try a free 60-second eye test, probably as a means to reignite interest without appearing salesy or pushy. The brand already knows that those who scored low will likely reach out for treatment.

Real Dental Email Example 33

MTHK made it easy to share the test results with family and family, a tactful way to generate referrals.

The email also offers helpful articles to educate them on eye care, plus an opportunity for subscribers to speak with or share their concerns with experts.

Real Dental Email Example 34

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Begin by showcasing your USP.
  • Let prospects know how they have been inactive and invite them to try your brand again.
  • Make your case compelling by emphasizing their pain points.
  • Use patient reviews to provide social proof.
  • Offer a free procedure or online dental care test.
  • Encourage them to share the results of the rest with friends and family.
  • Make it easy for them to speak or chat with experts.

Hairtage: Create pre-launch anticipation and excitement

New products are not often easy to sell.

But you can move inventory faster by generating anticipation before it launches. Creating a buzz around the product creates excitement among potential customers, which can lead to increased sales.

Let’s see how Hairtage, a hair care brand, generates pre-launch anticipation.

Email Subject: In other hair news

Real Dental Email Example 35

Hairtage captures attention with a stunning image. The brand then announced what they were working on, creating pre-launch anticipation and excitement.

Real Dental Email Example 36

Down the email, Hairtage invites readers to leave a review. It probably aims to ride on the pre-launch excitement to get people to spread words about the company to their friends and families.

Real Dental Email Example 37

The company reciprocates the favor by offering some helpful articles plus free shipping.

Real Dental Email Example 38

They followed this closely by recommending their scalp stimulator to help customers take advantage of the free offer.

Real Dental Email Example 39

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Win customers’ attention with a visually appealing image.
  • Use concise but catchy copy to announce your pre-launch to generate excitement.
  • Encourage email readers to review you on Yelp, Google Business Profile, Trustpilot, or other review sites.
  • Give before you take by offering helpful articles and free shipping.
  • Recommend best sellers to encourage sales.

Rael: Win lost sales with free shipping

Shipping costs are one of the reasons people abandon their carts.

So offer free shipping to cart abandoners to recover lost sales. Rael’s email can guide you on the right way to do it. Let’s see what we can learn from this skincare brand.

Email Subject: We noticed you, noticing us

Real Dental Email Example 40

Rael cut straight to the chase.

First, it offers free shipping on the go. And it’s the first thing prospects see when they open the email. Next, they invite customers to check them out again in a very straightforward manner. Also, Rael gives shoppers more options by recommending four additional products.

Finally, the company offers them 10% off to join their subscription services…

Real Dental Email Example 41

…and another 10%, to refer to their friends.

How your dental practice can steal this email:

  • Quickly tempt shoppers with a free shipping offer.
  • Show them their abandoned cart and use concise copy to encourage them to checkout.
  • Recommend more products to widen their options and lower objections.
  • Invite them to refer their friends for a discount.

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10 Best Practices for Writing Winning Dental Emails

Follow these best practices while creating your dental emails:

1. Personalize your email

Establish familiarity and personal connection by personalizing your emails.

Several brands, even some examples we reviewed, make this mistake. And you shouldn’t. It won’t cost you anything to start your email by mentioning your prospect’s name.

All it takes is collecting their names while subscribing and adding the name tag to your emails.

2. Grab attention with stunning visuals

Studies say that the human attention span is less than 12 seconds.

So, start your email with attention-grabbing visuals. They also help you make good first impressions and say more with fewer words. Ensure every image you use is intentional and passes a message and not something you just throw in to fill up your email.

3. Build emotional connections

Patients will only engage with brands they feel comfortable with.

Therefore, it is important to build an emotional connection with your copy. For example, emphasize your prospects’ oral health concerns and demonstrate how your dental practice can help. Additionally, show them how much value they will receive from you compared to your competitors.

4. Use social proof

Inspire confidence, reassurance, and trust with social proof.

Things, like curated patient reviews and ratings, celebrity endorsements, and earned media can help. The thing is your email should demonstrate how positively and highly people perceive your brands. You can also use years of experience or patient counts as social proof.

You might want to check out our dental social proof comprehensive guide.

5. Keep it concise

Glue people to your email by keeping it concise.

The average email open rate across all industries is around 21.5 percent, which suggests that people are often busy and do not have time to read long emails. When recipients do take the time to open your email, be respectful of their time by getting to the point quickly and avoiding unnecessary filler.

6. Entice with the right offer

Ensure that there’s always something in for your prospects.

And communicate this very clearly. Brands that succeed with email marketing give before they take. You can offer them downloadable oral care guides, free procedures, discounts, or free shipping if you sell dental merchs. These offers could make them feel indebted to your brand.

7. Guide actions with relevant CTAs

Don’t let prospects guess what you want from them.

Call them to action. Back the CTA with your offer to make it more compelling. Also, use contrasting colors to create visual salience and grab attention.

8. Cater to mobile users

Mobile users now account for more than half of the web traffic.

So, use email templates that are mobile responsive. Also, ensure to test your email across multiple devices and email clients to see how they render the email. Most email marketing software comes with this feature. However, dedicated email testing tools, like Litmus, Mailtrap, and Email on Acid are also available.

9. Avoid spam triggers

It’s a waste of effort to write emails that end in recipients’ spam folders.

And I guess you don’t want that. So, avoid spam triggers. Use Mailemeteor to check your emails for spam words and eliminate them.

Additionally, improve your email deliverability by implementing these DNS records:

  • SPF and DKIM records
  • A record
  • MX record
  • PTR record

You can take a step further by asking your email providers for a dedicated IP address.

10. A/B test your email

Split-test your emails to ensure you send the emails most of your recipients will love.

It helps you eliminate guesswork from your email designs. Thankfully, several email providers have a built-in A/B testing tool.

Final Thoughts On Dental Email Examples

Use these dental email examples to grow your clinic.

Also, action the ten best practices to write winning emails and deliver an email marketing campaign that meets your expectations. However, in addition to this channel, we recommend dental SEO and Facebook retargeting to supercharge your dental marketing.

And when you are ready, use this dental marketing resource to learn easy ways to market your practice.

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What is dental email marketing?

Dental email marketing is an email marketing campaign that is tailored to people who are interested in dental care. It’s effective for promoting dental services, products, or events and reaching a large number of potential customers.

It can also help to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and close appointments. 

How do I write high-converting dental emails?

Follow our top ten dental email best practices to write high-converting emails. Some of them are:

  • Keep your email short and sweet
  • Plan for spams
  • Personalize your emails
  • Use captivating visuals
  • Include the right offer
  • Use relevant CTAs

What email marketing software do you recommend?

There are several good email marketing software you can use. Some of them are Campaign Monitor, Getreponse, Sendgrid, and Active Campaign. But we recommend Omnisend as it lets you complement your email campaigns with other effective channels like SMS and WhatsApp.

We have detailed how to use it for omnichannel campaigns in our WhatsApp marketing resource

What are the best metrics for tracking email performances?

Here is a list of some metrics you can track your email performances with:

  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • Click through rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Conversion rate



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