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[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 – 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging

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Over 3,200 SEOs Use this guide to power their SEO. Whether you’re a business owner or an agency, the strategies here can propel your SEO and help you outrank your competitors and generate quality traffic.

Quality backlinks are essential to rank top of Google search results.

For instance, a study found that websites that rank number one on Google have about 3.8 times more backlinks than the other top ten sites. Also, 52 percent of marketers believe backlinks can impact search engine rankings.

Sadly, 94 percent of content published on the internet don’t get backlinked. This shows how difficult link building can be. In fact, 41 percent of companies believe that backlink building is their biggest SEO challenge. 

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To make this easier, we researched the top backlink-building strategies and tools that can help you boost your ranking and scale your organic traffic. Wondering what we found?

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Key Takeaways 

  • Get high DA backlinks in a couple of minutes with Links Management.
  • Explore Adsy to find thousands of guest post opportunities to build high-quality backlinks.
  • Use SEOeStore to build an effective link pyramid and automate your link-building campaigns.
  • Publish original research and articles to earn backlinks organically from several websites. Use Collect Chat to survey your target audience for insights and research ideas.
  • Identify low-cost link-building opportunities with SEO Powersuite’s Link Assistant.
  • Learn and copy your competitors to up your link-building games. Use Semrush.
  • Use our library of curated over 200 business directories to build NAP citations and boost your local search visibility and brand awareness.
  • Submit infographics on the eight recommended infographic submission sites to get backlinks from infographics lovers and website owners.
  • Use Semrush to build quality backlinks using the broken link-building strategy.
[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 1

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Now, let’s dive into nine ways you can build quality backlinks to your website this 2024,  plus 19 tools that can help you pull this off effortlessly.

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Learn the latest SEO strategies to rank on Google’s first page this year. Discover the most effective techniques to improve website’s visibility, grow traffic, and generate more leads.

Best For: Building cheap, high-quality backlinks for quick wins.

Quality backlinks could be the missing link to ranking your website in the first position.

But getting enough links that can move the needle and improve your search ranking is not a walk in the park. It’s not as easy as it sounds. To be honest, it could take years and resources to pull that off. 

But if you don’t have these—time and a huge budget—then Links Management can be a lifesaver.

What’s Links Management?

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 2

Links Management provides you with high-quality authority backlinks.

It promises to connect you to a huge inventory of tens of thousands of high domain-authority sites in any niche to achieve Google’s top page ranking with five to ten links weekly. 

The platform has been in the market for over 13 years. And it has worked with more than 3,400 businesses to place over 570,000 keywords on the Google top 10 positions and generate 145+ million organic visits monthly.


We recommend using the platform to source quality links for a small fee. However, you’ll need to exercise caution. Google frowns on link buying, but people have seen tremendous results using the service to scale their backlink profiles. And it’ll work for you too. 

However, use this technique as a short-term fix.

You can invest more in guest posting, creating original posts, and backlink outreach as a more sustainable and long-term link-building strategy. We will discuss these strategies in the later part of this post.

But let’s see why Links Management will work for you.

Links Management Pros

  • Gives you access to thousands of DA40-60 sites.
  • Provides you with quality referral traffic.
  • Supports automated link-building campaigns to build a natural backlink profile.
  • Offers an SEO cost calculator to determine the number of links, months, and budget you need to outrank your competitors.
  • Allows you to build a strong backlink profile in a few months instead of years.
  • Offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Provides guest posting services on high-domain authority blogs.


The price varies depending on the site’s DA.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 3

But you can expect to pay between $6.72 and $31.47 monthly per link, or a $47.02 – $220.20 one-time fee for permanent placement. Alternatively, you may want to for the article links which costs $15 per guest post. But the platform charges an extra $16 if you want them to create the content for you.

Links Management Key Features

Let’s explore some key features of Links Management:

  • Huge backlink inventory
  • Article backlinks
  • Keywords suggestions
  • SEO automation
  • intuitiveness

Huge Backlink Inventory

Links Management has over 340,000 backlink pages in its inventory, making it one of the best places to find inbound links in 2024. 

You can filter your search by multiple criteria, like domain authority, prices, page authority, language, website category and region, and placement percentage (the likelihood that the website publisher will successfully place your link). This lets you drill down to exactly what you’re looking for. 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 4

You can also sort your results by Moz DA or PA, prices, and SEO Experts’ choice.

Article Backlinks

Links Management connects users to over 20,000 guest post opportunities.

This means you can build quality contextual backlinks—links that are embedded within content, like a blog post or articles—to enrich your link profile and boost your organic ranking. Search engines place greater value on these links than on no-contextual backlinks, making them crucial to your SEO.

The best part is that you get to choose the blog you want to guest post on, and you can either write the content yourself or outsource it to the expert writers at Links Management. 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 5

This allows you to get natural, high-quality, and effective backlinks from 100% unique and relevant content. You’ll also enjoy permanent link placement and a 12-month link protection guarantee for just $15.

Keyword Suggestions

Links Management features a native keyword suggestion tool.

And it’s free. You can use it to find the keywords that drive the most traffic to your web pages, their search trends, and search engine ranking. With this, you can gain insights on the appropriate anchor texts to use for your backlinks, which helps you eliminate guesswork and run effective link-building campaigns.

The tool is easy to use. All you need to do is insert your website URL in the search box to get keyword suggestions.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 6

You can save a keyword, generate an SEO budget estimate for it, or use it as an anchor to launch an automated link-building campaign to get appropriate backlinks to your pages. 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 7

SEO Automation Tool

You can automate your link-building campaigns with Links Management.

The tool helps users launch an automatic SEO campaign to get as many relevant DA40+ backlinks as they need. The platform sources the links from only reliable websites with at least five indexed pages. It then places them gradually using your chosen anchor to build a natural backlink profile Google will love.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 8

This feature enables you to build a custom link-building strategy.

We love that users can run as many campaigns as they want, which saves them the time and effort of building backlinks manually. 

Plus, you can manually inspect the backlinks to ensure you’re paying for only what you want. Also, it supports an Advanced mode that lets you run an automated, fully customized, and fine-tuned SEO link-building campaign.

SEO Cost Calculator

Link Management has a built-in cost calculator that lets users estimate how many backlinks, budget, and time they need to outrank competitors and achieve a Google front page result for any keyword.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 9

It’s free and easy to use. The tool analyzes your backlink profile, including the competition for your keywords in Google Ads and the efficiency of the keyword. 

It also evaluates your anchor texts plus the number of links you need, link-building budget estimation, and the time frame required to reach Google’s Top 10 to create your link-building plan and strategy.

Ease of Use & User Experience

Links Management is intuitive and beginner-friendly. 

You won’t struggle to get a hang of it, even when using it for the first time. We love how clean and straightforward the user interface is. Also, setting up and verifying your account is a breeze.

You can build backlinks from this platform in a couple of minutes. Just log in to your dashboard and pick your preferred backlinks. Use the filter to streamline your searches to find relevant backlinks. Manually vet the backlinks to be sure they meet your specifications.

Next, specify whether you want a monthly or permanent placement. Then, add to the cart and check out.

The platform supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, Web Money, and Stripe, so you’re never short of options.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 10

Whenever you run into issues. you can contact customer support through email or leave your phone number for a callback. The platform also has some helpful articles that can get you up and running immediately.

What Some People Say About Links Management

Links Management has thousands of users and many of these people have found the platform helpful.

One customer success story that stood out for us is that of Adam Rawson, a small business owner. According to him, six backlinks from the platform helped promote his pages and doubled website traffic. 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 11

Kernan Shipka’s story is also inspirational. She experienced a 176% traffic increase in three months with 65 backlinks… 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 12

…While Justin Moore, an SEO Specialist recorded a 220% traffic increase and first page ranking. According to him, Links Management is a good company to work with and he “became even more satisfied” than before after working with them the second time.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 13

2. Leverage Adsy

Best For: Building high-domain authority human-inserted contextual backlinks from guest posts.

Collaborating with publishers is one of the most effective link-building strategies.

You could ask for a link insertion in some of their top-ranking posts or to guest post on their blog. But honestly, no one will just agree to this. So, you have to entice them with something of value.

Alternatively, you can find guest post opportunities online by searching on Google using the search string intitle: Write for Us. And then, sort the results to find relevant blogs. 

For fast action, we recommend using Adsy to find reputable high-authority blogs that are willing to write and accept guest posts for a small fee. The tool does wonders for us and we’re sure it’ll do the same for you.

You can learn more about our experience in our Adsy review 2024.

What’s Adsy?

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 14

Adsy connects users to guest post opportunities for high-quality do-follow backlinks.

You can submit your posts to or get high-quality, SEO-optimized posts written by over 82,000 publishers or outreachers. Users have seen tremendous results using the service. It helps them drive quality referral traffic to their websites, improve their backlink profiles, and boost their organic ranking.

Adsy’s business model is straightforward.

Publishers provide or accept quality content, which they publish on their blogs. On the other hand, buyers pay for publishers to create articles and post on high-DA websites.

The platform only accepts publishers with blogs or websites that have at least a Moz domain authority of 15. So, you’re to get only quality backlinks. Also, you get to choose the blogs to collaborate with. 

Adsy Pros

  • Provides users with custom guest posts published on high-authority blogs.
  • Enables users to earn relevant backlinks to boost their link profile quickly.
  • Provides high-quality referral traffic.
  • Has a built-in anti-fraud control.
  • Supports a wide range of targeting options.
  • Helps users improve brand awareness and lead generation.
  • Features thousands of high DA sites to choose from.


Adsy is affordable.

The publishers set their rates, so there’s no standard pricing. Some set their rate as low as $14 while others charge up to $4,500. You can scroll through the options to find what matches your budget. 

Adsy publishers typically offer four pricing options:

  • Placement
  • mini -post
  • Article
  • Long article
[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 15

The first option is the cheapest. 

In this plan, you only pay for the placement of your blog post. You’ll be responsible for writing the content yourself. This is a good option if you’re on a budget or if you want to have more control over the content. However, for the best results, we recommend the “Long Article” plan.

We recorded the best organic traffic boost when we tried it.

The best part is you can combine these pricing offers in one package. For instance, you can order a placement service to submit a post you created yourself plus a content creation and placement service to get a professionally created post from the publisher or the Adsy team.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 16

Adsy Key Features

Let’s explore some of the things Adsy brings to the table.

High DA sites

This is Adsy’s headline feature.

The platform holds in inventory thousands of websites with high-authority scores that customers can choose from to get quality backlinks. Like in Links Management, you can filter by price range, Moz DA, categories, and language. You can also filter by do-follow or no-follow links, publisher’s completion rate, and rating.

Adsy uses a strict approval process to vet publishers to ensure only high authority and non-spammy websites get listed on the platform. 

The last time we checked, Adsy had 82,940 publishers, up from 51,556, about a year ago, which is a massive improvement and a testament to its popularity among publishers. 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 17

Content creation

Some businesses are not cut out for content writing.

Adsy steps in to help, so you don’t have to build an in-house content team or deal with the stress of hiring and managing a freelance writing team. What excites us the most about this feature is that you can choose to work with the publishers or Adsy expert writers.

And if we’re to choose, we’ll go for the latter. 

The Adsy content creation agency promises to help customers differentiate their articles from their competitors. They guarantee an “extraordinary article with well-written SEO keywords.’

Adsy believes that its content can help you increase sales and reach more audiences.

Process monitoring

Adsy has a built-in process monitoring feature that’ll keep users updated.

For example, you can easily see when publishers accept your order, begin working on it, and submit it for your approval. You can move the content to the Improvement section if it needs to be revised and also track when the content is published or rejected.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 18

 All of these help you monitor the process of your order in real time.

The good news is you don’t always have to log in to track your progress. Adsy has a built-in notification tool that can alert you in real-time via SMS, WhatsApp, and email.

Multiple article types

Adsy supports a variety of article types, so you’re sure to find something you like.

You can submit a post or order a mini post, article, or long article. 

Mini posts are around 300 words and allow you to include only backlinks. It’s a low-cost option and we recommend it if you’re on a tight budget. On the other hand, articles are usually around 1,000 words and let you add up to two backlinks.

You can go for the third option if you need up to three backlinks and a 1,000+ word article. This cap also applies to those who wish to create the content by themselves.

Ease of Use & User Experience

Adsy is not as straightforward as Links Management. 

Sure, it can be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze. We love that the dashboard’s menu items are neatly laid out on the right side pane, making them easy to access.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 19

You can set up an outreach campaign in a couple of minutes. 

All it requires is signing in to your dashboard and using the filter option to find relevant guest post opportunities. Next, click the “Buy Post” button and select the service type to specify whether you want content placement or content creation and placement.

Provide the other necessary details, select the contributors you want to work with, and then check out.

Like Links Management, Adsy supports multiple payment methods. We observed that you can add funds through PayPal, credit cards, wire bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 20

Also, Adsy tries in terms of customer support. 

You can get assistance through support tickets, FAQs, and helpful guides and articles. The platform can benefit from having live chat support to help their customers get help in real-time.

What Some People Say About Adsy

From our experience, Adsy is one of the best guest posting marketplaces in the world. And we’re not the only ones who think so.

Max Rhodes from Ukraine has been working with Adsy for over a year now. He’s impressed with how the company constantly expands its inventory and improves the buyer experience by offering new features and functions.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 21

Vlad Y. from Thailand said that the company helped him gain more than 20 referring domains with solid traffic and authority scores. 

Another user, Roman G. admitted that it’s’ his go-to platform for sourcing quality guest posts. According to him, Adsy exceeds customers’ expectations and he can’t think of a better platform that offers non-spammy sites for affordable link-building purposes.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 22

3. Explore SEOeStore

Best For: Implementing link pyramids and running scalable, drip backlink campaigns.

Throwing in one or two backlinks is not often enough to move the needles as you’d have wanted.

Most times, you’d need to build a complex web of backlinks—tier 1, 2, and 3 backlinks—to get sustainable results and dominate the search results page. 

Tier 1 links are backlinks that point directly to the page you wish to boost the ranking. On the other hand, tier 2 backlinks link to your tier 1 backlinks while tier 3 points to your tier 2 backlinks. It’s like building backlinks to backlinks to create a link pyramid to strengthen your link profile.

And make your tier 1 backlinks more effective.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 23

Image Credit: Oncrawl

SEOeStore stands out when it comes to building link pyramids. You can learn more about backlink pyramids and why they’re essential for your SEO from this article from Oncrawl.

Also, SEOeStore shines in drip backlink campaigns. With this feature, you don’t need to purchase orders manually. Instead, you can schedule campaigns on the platform to generate backlinks to your pages.

What’s SEOeStore?

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 24

SEOeStore provides quality backlinks to help users to boost their search ranking.

It’s suitable for website administrators, business owners, SEO specialists, influencers, and online marketers. Resellers will also find it helpful to resell backlinks to their clients as the platform offers white-label reports to help them streamline their processes and generate customized reports.

Over the past six years, the company has served over 202,000 customers in more than 70 countries, helping them generate more than ten billion backlinks monthly.

According to the founders, the desire to help businesses increase their ranking, visibility, and traffic inspired them to create and launch SEOeStore.

SEOeStore Pros

  • Helps users increase their website domain authority.
  • Provides quality backlinks that can boost a website’s ranking.
  • Enables users to achieve organic visibility and exposure for their brands.
  • Offers affordable backlinks.
  • Supports users to implement backlink pyramid strategies effortlessly.
  • Enables drip backlink-building campaigns.
  • Supports agency owners with API and white labeling.


SEOeStore offers most of the most affordable link-building services you can find anywhere. You can get backlinks as low as $0.0005 and up to $5, of course depending on the type and sources.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 25

Additionally, their press release services cost $120 per campaign, which is also a bargain.

SEOestore Key Features

Let’s explore some of the things you stand to gain from using this platform.

High DA sites

The platform has thousands of high-DA websites in its inventory.

This makes it easy for customers to get as many quality backlinks as they want. However, unlike Links Management and Adsy, SEOeStores doesn’t share details of these websites, which makes it challenging to manually vet the backlinks before buying them.

However, customer review data shows that most buyers are satisfied with the backlink quality.

Press services

SEOeStore offers PR services to help customers get real exposure for their brand.

From our experience, this platform can get you placement on over 200 news sites, including mainstream media like NBC, Fox News, CBS, and USA Today. The best part of building backlinks from PR distribution is that it helps you get quality traffic from these media outlets plus high DA backlinks.

For a second, imagine what over 200 DA70+ backlinks can do for your organic ranking.

A lot of business will kill for this. But SEOeStore makes it effortless. And for just $120.

Another thing we love about SEOeStore is that it lets you make an “As Seen On” badge from the earned media. This trust badge helps you use social proof to boost your conversion rate. 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 26

It’s easy to implement. Just copy the code from your order report page to get it done.

Link pyramids

SEOeStore makes it easy to build a link pyramid in a couple of minutes.

The platform saves you the time, resources, and mental stress that comes with planning one. It’s so easy that all you have to do is log in to your dashboard, select the feature from the New Order drop-down menu, pick the service you need, and then check out.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 27

We love that you can schedule drip feed campaigns to mimic a natural link-building process that Google will love. It also saves you the stress of having to create the same orders again from scratch.

You’ll have to create a backlink order first with SEOeStore or select from existing ones to use this service. Whichever you choose will act as the tier 1 backlink in the link pyramid. 

Human-quality content

SEOeStore also shines when it comes to building contextual backlinks.

It offers options that let you build backlinks from human-written content. The content is posted on high-authority blogs to give you high DA backlinks. The team optimizes the content with your keywords, which makes the backlinks more relevant and gets you quality referral traffic.

They also ensure the article is unique and free from plagiarism by passing it through Copyscape.

Ease of Use & User Experience

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to use SEOeStore.

After that, everything becomes a breeze. The platform compensates for this by providing several hints to guide users. Also, you’ll find several FAQs that can help you navigate the website much easier. 

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 28

Sourcing backlinks from this platform is straightforward when you get a hang of it.

Just log in to your account, choose a service, enter your keywords and the page you wish to point the links to, and then submit the order. You can complete these steps in less than five minutes. 

You can always check the report to track the results.

SEOeStore offers live chat support, which makes it the only link-building service in our list to do so. You can also open tickets, send emails, or check the helpful articles and FAQs to get assistance.

What’s more, it offers multiple payment options, including PayPal, Airtm, Neteller, Bitcoin, and Payoneer.

What People Say About SEOeStore

SEOeStore has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot from over 1,370 customer reviews.

Ninety-eight percent of the customers rate it 4.0 or higher, with a staggering 93% giving it a five-star rating, a testament that it works and delivers on its promises.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 29

Mani Sahu from India finds the platform valuable. 

According to him, he was able to generate many high-quality backlinks to his website in a short time. He was also impressed with the platform’s intuitiveness, responsive customer support, and the ranking and traffic boost he got from using their services.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 30

Raheel from Pakistan has been using SEOeStore since 2017 and he is pleased with the quality of backlinks and traffic he gets from them.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 31

Luke Julius believes that SEOeStore offers the best backlinks at the most affordable prices. He recommends the service to those who wish to boost their ranking and grow their organic traffic.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 32
[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 33

Download this checklist to explore latest SEO link building strategies to rank your website on the Google’s first page and get ahead of the competition this year.

Here are the other backlink building strategies and tools you should explore this year.

4. Publish original research

Publishing original research is the best way to build quality backlinks, as it lets people link back to your work.

One easy way to publish original research is to learn what challenges customers face and their expectations and needs. You can achieve this by conducting surveys. They provide you with primary data people can reference and link back to.

Other ways to create original articles people can link to are:

  • Publishing articles compiling relevant statistics on popular topics like the resource we linked to in the introduction.
  • Interviewing industry experts.
  • Getting expert quotes from industry leaders. You can do this by emailing vetted lists of top industry experts requesting quotes on a subject matter.

Use Collect Chat to survey your target audience to gain actionable insights for research ideas.

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SEO PowerSuite’s Link Assistant is an excellent tool for building quality backlinks.

It helps you identify link opportunities, audit your competitors’ links profile and track the progress of your campaigns.

Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy to identify potential link partners and establish link-building collaborations.

You can also use the tool to monitor changes in search engine algorithms so that you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

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6. Copy your competitors

Learning what your competitors are doing and copying them is another excellent link building strategy.

The truth is, no one is doing it better than your top ten competitors. Looking over their shoulder and learning their secrets can help you level the playing ground. We recommend using SEMrush for this. 

The tool can help you audit your competitors’ link profiles and effectively replicate whatever they’re doing. Try to improve on whatever they do to beat them at their own game.

Recommended For You: Gain powerful, actionable on-page optimization insights with Surfer SEO to outrank your competitors and dominate the organic competition.

[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 34

7. Build NAP citations

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number, and it helps search engines identify a business or website.

These citations reference your business information available on various websites and online directories.

Having consistent and accurate NAP citations across multiple websites and directories can help improve your business’s search engine ranking. Search engines like Google use these citations to establish your business’s presence in a particular geographic region.

We have a vast library of over 200 business directories to build quality NAP citations. You can access this resource by entering your email in the form below.

These local directories’ domain authority (DA) is between 20 and 100. And several of them offer quality DoFollow backlinks.

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8. Publish infographic

Infographics are fantastic for building quality backlinks. 

They provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of data, making it easy to explain complex topics effectively and quickly. Also, infographics help break up long blocks of text, making them more engaging for readers. 

As a result, they attract people who may link to your site or share it with others.

We recommend making your infographics embeddable so people can use them on their websites, generating backlinks for you. It also helps the infographic retain its original formatting and functionality and remain interactive.

Here are top tips for generating backlinks with infographics:

  • Convert your top blog posts to infographics or create engaging infographics on trending topics.
  • Use Sumo’s Image Sharer plugin to make your infographic shareable.
  • Generate embed code for the infographic
  • Distribute on infographic submission sites.

The top infographic submission sites, according to 99signal, are:

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[Guide] Learn How to Get DA (40 - 50) SEO Backlinks Without Begging 35

A broken link building strategy is a time-tested link building technique.

The method involves finding websites with broken links and then offering the website owner a replacement link that points to your content or products.

You can also use a tool like SEMrush to find broken links or outdated information on your competitors’ websites and reach out to the site owners to offer your content as a replacement.

This strategy earns you backlinks from website owners in return for fixing the broken link. With this method, you can build a backlink database by earning new links from authority websites in your niche, increasing your website’s visibility.

However, ensure that the replacement content you’re offering adds value to the website owner and the end user.

Need to outrank competitors? Get hundreds of quality backlinks to boost domain authority, generate referral traffic and get ahead of the competition.

We recommend using Link Management or SEO PowerSuite’s Link Assistant. Here are some others:

  • Ahrefs
  • Google Alerts
  • Majestic
  • Moz
  • Adsy
  • SEOeStore
  • Semrush
  • Collect Chat

To build quality backlinks, start by creating high-quality content on your site that people will want to share with others.

Also, seek opportunities to guest post or contribute articles to other websites in return for a link to your site. 

Finally, ensure all the links you create are relevant and add value so that Google doesn’t label them spammy content.

Where is the best place for guest posting opportunities?

The best places for guest posting opportunities are on high-authority websites since they have a large audience and are more likely to accept your post if your content is relevant and adds value to their readers.

Building backlinks is vital in SEO. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website, and they play a crucial role in helping search engine algorithms determine the relevance and authority of your site.

Having quality backlinks can help boost your rankings on search engines.

Also, having more backlinks can increase your website’s traffic since it’s easier for people to find you online. 

Therefore, building high-quality backlinks should be a point of focus when SEO optimizing your website.

Yes. It’s possible to rank on Google without backlinks, but getting backlinks are a significant ranking factor and helps boost your website’s visibility and authority.

There are several methods available for tracking backlinks. One way is to use the Google search console.

You can also use one of our recommended tools, SEMrush, since it does more than just track backlinks.

SEO PowerSuite’s Link Assistant can help you identify the best prospects quickly and easily, allowing you to build high-quality links in no time.

Its comprehensive features make Link Assistant worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable tool for link prospecting.

Link building is essential to growing your business online in 2024.

It involves creating backlinks from other websites to your website, which helps improve search engine rankings and visibility.

We’ve recommended several link building strategies for you, including publishing original content, adopting a broken link-building Strategy, using Links Management, Adsy, and SEOeStore.

However, to ensure success, it is essential to focus on quality over quantity when choosing the sites you want to build links from; this will help establish a strong foundation for your overall SEO strategy.

Also, keep track of all the links you have built so you can monitor their performance, making adjustments when needed.

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  • Chinasa Ferderick

    Ferderick is a highly skilled marketing expert with a passion for helping small businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape. With his comprehensive knowledge of the industry and expertise in marketing and SEO strategies, he has successfully assisted numerous businesses in achieving their goals.

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