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LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty

Discover how we use Loyalzoo for customer retention in our review of this software. Uncover how you can leverage its powerful features to build strong customer relationships, boost sales, and unlock unprecedented growth.

Most businesses focus on finding new customers. 

However, while on the lookout for fresh buyers, it’s advisable to pay serious attention to existing ones.

A study found that about two-thirds of a company’s businesses come from existing customers. Also, you have a 13x higher chance of selling to a previous buyer than a new one. And over 40% of customers will spend more on a brand they’re loyal to.

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That’s eye-opening.

So, having a customer retention program is not a mistake.

And Loyal Zoo is our favorite solution for building and executing this strategy. In this post, you’ll learn how this tool can help you build an effective customer loyalty program.

So, let’s get started.

What is LoyalZoo?

LoyalZoo is a customer retention tool. 

It helps businesses connect with clients, issue rewards, and increase sales effortlessly. The solution promises to help users to boost their revenue by up to 14%.

LoyalZoo boasts many top recognition and awards as a testament to its reliability. For Instance, it made the Capterra shortlist for Noteworthy Product for customer loyalty software for three consecutive years:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 10

In addition, it’s one of the Get App’s Category Leaders:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 11

Furthermore, while Loyal Zoo is a premium software, it’s possible to use it for free on trial. It doesn’t matter if you’re tech-savvy or not; the platform comes with staff training tutorials to familiarize anyone with the tool in no time. 

LoyalZoo Key Features Review

LoyalZoo is a feature-rich customer loyalty software. Here is some of what it brings to the table:

Point-target Rewards

Loyal Zoo’s point-target reward system is for businesses that collect purchases, making it suitable for eCommerce websites.

Here’s how it works:

First, you create a loyalty program —depending on your website platform. — and notify customers. The solution facilitates this notification via email, SMS, and check-in notifications.

Next, indicate the number of points customers get when they complete a purchase. Typically, the point count will be higher for buyers who spend more.

Finally, you specify the rewards clients can exchange their points for. For instance, you can gift buyers who accumulate up to 500 points a 5% discount or a free product on their next purchase.

One of the perks of this feature is the multi-location support. You’ll appreciate it if your business has walk-in stores.

Prime-Style Loyalty

Prime-style loyalty is ideal for subscription-based businesses, like online courses, video or audio streaming services, SaaS, and paid news.

Implementing this feature is seamless, just like the previous one. The best use case is to reward subscribers with discounts on their next payment or give them access to some exclusive product or service.

Once you apply these settings in your Loyal Zoo dashboard, sit back, and allow the tool to work. It’ll automate the entire process, allowing you to focus on other things.

Loyal Zoo securely stores your clients’ payment details, allowing safe recurring subscriptions. In addition, it automatically sends receipts and rewards notifications immediately after each payment.

Random Rewards

Besides rewarding shoppers and subscribers, Lucky Zoo also lets you reward customers randomly. It’s a welcome feature if you want to surprise clients, especially your most active customers.

From our experience, an ideal way to leverage this feature is to create many small rewards. For example, it could be a $1 cashback for a purchase or subscription. Even if it’s a small amount, you’ll be surprised how customers will appreciate it.

You can access the feature from the Random Rewards option in the menu:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 12

Then, click the Create button and enter all details, like a name, description, quantity (based on the reward type), and applicable days. Also, you can set how long you want the scheme.

Customer Registrations

Clients need to sign up to join your loyalty program. 

Loyal Zoo makes the process straightforward. And you have two main options:

  1. Register shoppers directly into the Loyal Zoo software
  2. Use a customer-facing tablet

We recommend the first option if you’re running a digital reward system. But the second option is best if you’re a point-of-sale with a physical location. It allows customers to type in their details themselves:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 13

Alternatively, you can display a registration form on your website for buyers to sign up. Or tell them to install the Loyal Zoo mobile app and complete the process themselves.

Post-sale Marketing Promos

This feature encourages shoppers who have just completed a purchase to return. However, it may not serve much if your business deals with subscriptions.

Select the Send Promotion option under Marketing on the menu to launch your post-sale promo.

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 14

Fill out all required fields, save, and publish.

You can announce your post-sale marketing promo via SMS, email, or as a push notification. From our experience using this tool, you’ll get the best conversion if you use the same channel as when a customer registers.

For instance, if you sent a text message when a client signed up for your loyalty scheme, use the same to announce the promotion. 

Personalized Rapport

About 90% of top marketers confirm personalization is critical to business profitability. 

And this is one of the areas Loyal Zoo shines. The tool has a personalized rapport feature that lets you connect at a more personal level with customers. It works like a chat. 

Use this feature for your highest-paying customers to create interesting and distinctive notes that they’ll find appealing. It helps them understand that you have them at heart, making them more loyal.

On the other hand, you get to know more about your shoppers or subscribers. You can then create rewards that best suit their interest.

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The feature helps you stay on top of your loyalty programs’ performance. 

Click My Reports from the menu to access this feature.

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 15

The reports cover the number of participating customers, rewards issued, those redeemed, and a lot more. You can leverage the trends if you’ve had the program running for a long time — up to a year, for example.

Furthermore, there’s an exclusive section to find all payment data. These include purchases and subscriptions for each customer part of the loyalty scheme.

Loyal Zoo lets you export your reports for further analysis. You can export them as XML files and edit them using MS Excel or Google Sheets.

POS Support

You’ll appreciate Loyal Zoo’s POS support feature if you’re a business with multiple physical stores. It lets you connect with at least seven unique point-of-sale solutions:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 16

The best available options, however, are Clover and ePOSnow. You can leverage the POS solutions to handle a point-based, prime-style, or lucky reward scheme.

We observed that setting up Loyal Zoo for supported POS options is straightforward. Usually, you only need to install the app on the solution platform. 

For instance, suppose you use Clover, then search and install Loyal Zoo from the Clover App Market:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 17

Afterward, simply log in to your account and follow the walk-through setup instructions. Note that with these POS solutions, you get lower pricing.


Besides the POS integrations, Loyal Zoo also connects with many other platforms. These range from eCommerce solutions to payment channels and CMS systems.

A good eCommerce integration is Shopify — the most popular in the online selling industry. You can download and install Loyal Zoo from the Shopify App Store:

loyal zoo review

For payment channels, one of the best platforms Loyal Zoo integrates with is Stripe. Meanwhile, for CMS, you can install the app on Square. It’s commendable that Loyal Zoo supports a mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can use the application to manage your programs on the go, while your customers can leverage it to quickly claim offers. 

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LoyalZoo Ease of Use

We didn’t run into any challenges when we tested Loyal Zoo. The signup process is straightforward. And from our experience, you won’t spend more than five minutes on it.

Also, the dashboard is intuitive, as evident below:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 18

Even if it’s your first time using such software, launching your rewards program will only take minutes. All it’ll take for your customers to join your loyalty scheme is one tap or scan.

The best part is that you can manage your account from any device, especially on your smartphone, with the mobile app.

LoyalZoo Product Roadmap

It’s not certain what to expect from Loyal Zoo in the future. At the moment, the platform doesn’t provide public information on its product roadmap.

Nevertheless, from the press releases on the website, it’s clear the tool announces new features from time to time. Most of the recent updates have been integrations with other platforms. So, it’s safe to anticipate some more partnerships in the coming years.

Customer Support

You’ll find a live chat at the bottom of the Loyal Zoo website. One click on the button, and you get access to all available support options:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 19

First, you can interact with the live chatbot or request a team member. However, the latter might take a few minutes, but you’ll be connected to an agent.

Furthermore, you can use the demo video to get a complete picture of how the Loyal Zoo platform works:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 20

In our experience, this is an unskippable option if you’re a new user. Also, you can use the Help Center and access guide articles and FAQs.

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Software Rating On Top Review Websites

Loyal Zoo has thousands of users, and we can draw insights into the platform’s performance from what they say. In that view, let’s consider the software’s rating on top review websites:

Get App

Loyal Zoo gets 4.5/5 from Get App. 

The tool records 103 reviews, scoring highest in monetary value and ease of use. In particular, 63 users gave the software a 5-star rating. Conversely, just two reviewers gave a 1-star rating. 

Software Advice

Loyal Zoo’s rating on Software Advice is 4.45 from over 100 reviews. 

Ease of use and customer support are the software’s strongest holds on the review platform. While just two users rated it 1-star, over 60 reviewers gave Loyal Zoo a 5/5 rating.

Smart Entrepreneur Blog

Loyal Zoo is one of our favorite tools.

For ease of use, we rate it 8.5/10. The main reason is due to the intuitive dashboard and easy registration. However, it loses 1.5 stars since users have to enter payment details for the free trial.

Regarding value for money, it’s hard to fault Loyal Zoo as the tool’s pricing plans are cost-friendly. So it gets a 9/10 rating.

Considering features, we rate the software 8/10. No doubt, Loyal Zoo is feature-rich, but some functionalities require additional payment.

For customer support, Loyal Zoo gets 8.5/10 from us. It should get 10/10 if not that you don’t get a support agent immediately. Your first help option is a chatbot. 

Overall, we rate this product 8.6.

LoyalZoo Pricing Review

Loyal Zoo features two sets of subscription plans, depending on the reward type. These include:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 21
  • Digital Loyalty Plan: $47 per month per website
  • Prime Loyalty Plan: 1% transaction fee

So, if you reward customers based on their accumulated points, you’ll pay $47 monthly. It’s relatively cost-friendly.

However, the downside is that it doesn’t include SMS notifications. To add it, you’ll pay $30 per month.

On the other hand, if you’re collecting subscriptions from customers, the cost is 1% of each payment.

It’s an accommodating plan since you don’t get charged monthly. You only pay when you record a subscriber.

But, for some transactions, the charge may exceed 1%. That’s if you include the processing fees of the payment platform.

LoyalZoo Alternatives

In this section, we’ll pair Loyal Zoo with some of its top competitors to see who takes the lead. The competitions in question are FiveStars, Annex Cloud, and Kangaroo Rewards.

LoyalZoo Vs. FiveStars 

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 22

FiveStars is more than a reward system. Instead, it’s a full-fledged marketing solution businesses can leverage to collect payment and contact details without stress.

Like Loyal Zoo, it supports different reward types and includes a mobile app. In addition, FiveStars also connects with POS solutions.

However, FiveStars’ features are relatively advanced. Loyal Zoo stands out among both if you need a simple and flexible loyalty program.

For more emphasis, consider FiveStars’ starting pricing plan of $299 per month. That’s over 6x higher than the Loyal Zoo Digital Loyalty plan.

Since it comes with advanced features, it’s not surprising FiveStars is more popular than Loyal Zoo. The software records over 70 million users. On Get App, it has a 4.6/5 rating from close to 1,300 reviews:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 23

LoyalZoo Vs. Annex Cloud 

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 24

Annex Cloud is an all-in-one loyalty management program with many similar features to Loyal Zoo. You should get more advanced features from Annex Cloud, such as gamification, referrals, and social commerce.

However, Annex Cloud developers don’t make joining the platform straightforward. There are no public pricing plans. So, your only option is to contact the sales team for a quote. In our experience, custom pricing plans are usually somewhat expensive.

Comparing user reviews on GetApp, Annex Cloud scores much lower compared to Loyal Zoo. While Loyal Zoo gets a 4.5/5 rating, Annex Cloud scores just 4.2/5:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 25

The areas most users have with the platform are value for money and ease of use. On the contrary, these are the aspects Loyal Zoo performs best.

LoyalZoo Vs. Kangaroo Rewards

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 26

Kangaroo Rewards focuses on helping businesses drive traffic and improve customer retention. As a result, the platform features comprehensive loyalty and advertising schemes to build leads. Like Loyal Zoo, Kangaroo Rewards will work for online,  in-store, or in-person applications. 

In terms of user reviews, Kangaroo Rewards performs impressively well, better than Loyal Zoo. The score on GetApp is 4.6/5, which is ahead of Loyal Zoo’s 4.5:

LoyalZoo Review 2023: How It Helps Us Build Customer Loyalty 27

However, Kangaroo Rewards has less than 60 reviews, while Loyal Zoo has over 100.

Regarding pricing, Loyal Zoo once again takes the upper hand. You pay $59 per month to access Kangaroo Rewards basic plan. To access the highest, the cost is $299 monthly.

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Summary of How LoyalZoo Compares With Other Software

Loyal ZooFiveStarsAnnex CloudKangaroo
Free trial7 days30 daysNo30 days
Free planNoNoNoNo
Paid PlanStarts at $47 per monthStats at $299 per monthCustom pricingStarts at $59 per month
Points-based rewardsYesYesYesYes
Prime-style rewardsYesYesYesYes
Reports YesYesYesYes
POS integrationsYesYesYesYes
eCommerce integrationsYesYesYesYes
Live chatYesYesYesYes
GetApp Rating4.

Is LoyalZoo Worth the Money?

Yes, Loyal Zoo is worth the money when considering the cost of similar tools. You pay less than $50 for the digital rewards option. Meanwhile, the prime-style plan demands only 1% of each transaction.

LoyalZoo Pros and Cons


  • Supports digital and price loyalty programs 
  • Relatively affordable pricing plans 
  • Features a mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Integrates with multiple third-party platforms and POS solutions
  • Supports personalized rapport to foster more customer relationships.
  • Works with eCommerce and CMS systems
  • Delivers insightful reports and trends


  • Free trial requires payment details
  • No road map 
  • SMS notification attracts extra pricing

LoyalZoo Review: Final Verdict

With point-based and prime-style loyalty schemes, Loyal Zoo lets you reward your customers conveniently. Your buyers and subscribers will feel special and trust your brand more. And that’s how you build customer loyalty with this software.

Loyal Zoo is cost-effective, so you won’t overspend. This is evident as most reviewers confirm the tool offers serious value for money. You can register on the website and activate the 14-day free trial. 

As already stated earlier, you’ll enter your payment details. However, no cent leaves your account until the trios period is over. Try it out!

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LoyalZoo FAQs

How does LoyalZoo work?

Loyal Zoo works by allowing businesses to create loyalty programs. It supports prime and point-scale reward patterns and is relatively easy to use with an intuitive interface. Businesses can use the tool online, via the mobile app, or with their POS machines.

Is LoyalZoo a good loyalty program provider?

Yes, Loyal Zoo is a good loyalty program, and there are many features to prove it. First, it’s simple and flexible to set up. Second, it integrates with multiple POS solutions. Third, you can leverage it as a marketing app to build customer rapport. Fourth, the software is relatively affordable.

Can small businesses use LoyalZoo?

Yes, small businesses can use Loyal Zoo. The platform’s scalability and pricing plans, particularly for small businesses. However, you can also count on Loyal Zoo if you’re an individual marketer or a medium to large-scale enterprise.

What is the LoyalZoo app?

The Loyal Zoo app is a mobile application that allows software users to manage their accounts on the go. As a business, you can use the app to monitor your loyalty programs. Meanwhile, customers can download the app and stay alert to leverage available rewards.


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