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Fulfilment Service Transformations: How Brandservices Australia is Transforming The Order Fulfilment Landscape

Brandservices Australia provides tailored solutions that can empower businesses to streamline their logistics, save costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Discover how fulfilment services can transform your business. Learn how Brandservices Australia’s tailored solutions can empower you to streamline your logistics, save costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

To the average consumer, the entire fulfilment process, from the moment they place an order to when it is delivered to their doorstep – is an inconsequential detail they care nothing about.

All they want is to have their order delivered when the seller said it would, in good condition and, of course, the right product.

To you, the business owner, however, you understand the intricate, often balancing art that goes on behind the scenes before a product is shipped or service delivered.

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Usually, these activities are not even at the core of what you do, but they are mission-critical to your business’s success. In fact, a study found that more than one-third of online shoppers will abandon their order if the delivery takes more than a week.

One lapse, one missed detail…could mean a failed order, an unhappy customer (who had secretly vowed never to have anything to do with you again), or worse, a client that goes about sharing their unpalatable experience with your company online – you don’t want any of these if you can help it.

But what if you can’t efficiently fulfil orders by yourself?

Fortunately, there are several fulfilment service transformations, like those offered by Brandservices Australia, you can use to streamline your workflow or as a cost-saving mechanism.

But before getting into that, let’s briefly look at what fulfilment services are all about and their challenges.

What is a fulfilment service?

A fulfilment service is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that handles all aspects of order fulfilment on behalf of another brand.

Think of it like an extension of your team, but this time, instead of having dedicated team members and resources in-house, you get the benefits of a well-oiled fulfilment machine without the hassles or costs associated with running one yourself.

Brandservices Australia is such a logistics operator, serving Australian businesses, from retailers to manufacturers and other companies that need fulfilment service in one form or another.

With Brandservices Australia, you get an all-in-one 3PL solution that keeps your operations going.

Understanding Fulfilment Challenges

Order fulfilment is vital to the customer experience, which can significantly affect your bottom line. 

But with changing customer expectations (today’s shoppers expect lightning-fast shipping, real-time order tracking, and responsive customer support, even B2B buyers are not left out, with them expecting the same direct-to-consumer experience) and several moving parts within the order fulfilment process, many businesses struggle to meet fulfilment demands.

Out of the many fulfilment challenges businesses face, inefficient inventory management, order filing, and rising costs are some of the most common. 

Inefficient Inventory Management

A 2023 Flexport’s State of Logistics Trends Report shows that 60% of businesses view inventory management as a must-have.

Effective inventory management allows businesses to efficiently manage their stock levels, minimise stock-outs, reduce costs, and enhance order fulfilment accuracy.

A lack of robust inventory management can present logistical challenges in B2B fulfilment, where shipments will likely include multiple items in different quantities.

Sadly, many still grapple with this problem, often because of a lack of stock visibility, limited resources, and manual techniques, among other factors.

Higher Operational Costs

Higher operational costs can make it difficult for businesses to maintain a profitable, efficient, and risk-free fulfilment operation. This can lead to a number of fulfilment challenges, including late deliveries, damaged products, poor customer service, and supply chain disruptions.

The implication? A poor fulfilment experience can negatively impact customer satisfaction and brand reputation, as customers expect timely and reliable deliveries. And what makes this even scarier is that more than half of customers will switch to a competitor if they have a single negative experience.

Given these challenges, it is essential for businesses to proactively manage and control operational costs to maintain a smooth and efficient fulfilment operation. 

Ability to Meet Order Commitment Dates

Mounting geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, and unexpected delivery constraints are just a few factors that could impinge on your ability to fulfil orders promptly. 

For most, according to a study by Blue Yonder, a staggering majority of businesses (87%) have already experienced supply chain disruptions in the past 12 months. These disruptions can take various forms, including shipment delays, shortages of critical materials, and increased transportation costs. 

As a result, companies are now facing immense pressure to adopt agile and resilient supply chain strategies to counter these unforeseen risks.

The Brandservices Australia Advantage

Fulfilment Service Transformation: Brandservices Australia helps businesses overcome fulfilment challenges

Image Credit: 3PL | United Kingdom

We’ve seen three of the most common B2B fulfilment challenges. 

To help businesses like yours overcome them, Brandservices Australia offers an array of fulfilment services, including inventory and stock management, warehousing, order processing (picking and packing orders), shipping, and returns management.

And get this – they’ll even tailor their services to match your unique business needs ideally. This way, you’d say goodbye to those generic, one-size-fits-all solutions that never seem to hit the mark.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these advantages.

Campaign kitting

Brandservices Australia shines when it comes to campaign kitting.

It’s an excellent way to manage inventory and get orders out there in a flash. This fulfilment technique involves bundling and shipping different products as one package. With this, the company helps you save time, cut down on shipping costs, and speed up fulfilment. 

Also, they typically brand the packaging with your logo to create consistent branding that elevates customer experience and emotionally connects them to your brand.


You might not believe it, but finding space in warehouses in Australia is becoming a significant issue. 

Global real estate consultants Knight Frank observed that vacant industrial space across the Australian eastern seaboard is at a record low. According to them, the growing demand and limited supply have “reduced availability by 18 per cent over the first quarter” of 2023.

Scary, right?

Brandservices Australia tries to solve this by providing warehousing services to help businesses optimise their storage for seamless operations. And the good thing is its affordable and tailored to your specific needs – so you’re only paying for what you use.

Pick & Pack 

Another thing that Brandservices Australia brings to the table is that you can completely outsource your logistics and fulfilment operations, saving you the need to maintain an expensive in-house team.

They have your back when it comes to pick and pack services. Regardless of the magnitude of your orders, you can rely on them to take care of it all. The best part is that they can handle the whole process and even ship the orders to your customers.

Drop Shipping

You can build a thriving retail business without holding inventory. 

It’s possible with drop shipping—direct-to-consumer shipping from a warehouse or supplier. The good thing is it’s financially rewarding, and the future looks promising too. Analysts projected a staggering 28.8% CAGR between 2019 and 2025. Insane!

However, this business model has its fair share of challenges. For a starter, ensuring a seamless shipping experience is not a walk in the park, especially when you buy from multiple suppliers. But Brandservices Australia can take care of this effortlessly, allowing you to focus on growing your business.  

Inventory Management

Inefficient inventory management can damage customer experience and erode your profits. 

And this is not good for retail businesses, where margins are typically razor-thin, and customers are not shy about switching their allegiance to the competitors for every minor inconvenience. 

The good news is that Brandservices Australia can bring their extensive experience in inventory management to bear to help you track and manage your stock and make every dollar count.

Postage & Freight Systems

Brandservices Australia can enable you with sophisticated assignment processing capabilities.

They do this by integrating a postage and freight management system with other components of your order fulfilment system to streamline your processes and improve efficiency. It also benefits you by giving you multiple shipping options to compare rates and make informed cost-saving decisions.

This service is excellent if you rely on freight shipping to get your products to the market. 

Returns Management

You may have yet to hear that people usually return about 30% of the stuff they buy online. That’s a lot. 

And get this: if they have a terrible experience returning something, over 30% of people (and up to 60% for people between 18 and 25) won’t shop at that store again.

So, not having a seamless return policy is like skating on thin ice.

And that’s where Brandservices Australia comes in. The team can help you deploy an integrated return management system to streamline return processing and logging. 

Real-Life Success Stories

brandservices australia services customers across diverse verticals

Brandservices Australia serves businesses across diverse verticals, including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and automotive. Let’s explore three real-world examples of results they have achieved for companies like yours.

Brandservices Australia Helps A Manufacturing Brand to Go DTC

This client manufactures product samples to help Australians make informed architectural designs, interior decoration, and property development decisions. The brand operates in super-competitive retail, wholesale, and consumer markets, so getting noticed and reaching the right people is challenging.


To help this client navigate this, Brandservices Australia built a specialised eCommerce solution, a direct-to-consumer channel so that the company can connect with their customers without any middlemen. Moreover, they integrated this system with the company’s sample website, so everything from storing and managing products to fulfilling orders and tracking data is all in one place. 


This solution helps the company to manage inward and outward goods transparently. Since deployment, they have been able to store, manage and fulfil over 10,000 SKUs across a wide product range and dispatch seamlessly over 2,000 parcels weekly. 

A Hospitality Brand, With the Help of Brandservices Australia, Print and Dispatch Marketing Collateral On Schedule

A hospitality brand specialising in apartment hotels needed help finding reliable hands to help them print and deliver high-quality collateral for their new properties. They wanted their marketing team to focus on the big-picture things and above-the-line activities instead of getting bogged down. 

The tricky part is that this client owns an extensive portfolio of over 170 properties spread across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. And it’s not exactly a piece of cake to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.


Brandservices Australia gets to work six weeks from the opening to ensure they get all the deadlines. 

They began by designing all artwork based on the property specifications and approved design templates to ensure brand consistency. Then, once they got the green light, they jumped right into printing, paying attention to detail. Next, the team followed strict freight and delivery guidelines to ensure all the locations received their collateral on time. 


The campaign was a super success. The team at Brandservices Australia worked closely with the client, using their approved processes to ensure everything went off without a hitch. They also delivered all the marketing materials on time, and everyone was happy with the results.

An Automotive Client Manages Storage and Inventory With Brandservices Australia

This client manufactures automobiles and also serves a national dealer network. 

Their headache is ensuring that all point-of-sales (POS) communication materials, marketing collateral and car decals for all new model launches and retail campaigns align with their corporate identity. And they need to get these materials procured, distributed, and available at the same time.


Brandservices Australia stepped in by providing storage, inventory management, event logistics, plus POS marketing procurement and distribution for all dealerships across Australia. To ensure this is smooth, they made it effortless for these dealerships to order their requirements through the company’s website. They then procure, store, and distribute these collateral to them super fast.


Since these car company clients started working with Brandservices Australia, they’ve been able to get their marketing materials to their dealerships whenever needed. The campaign was without hitch that the client entered into an exclusive partnership with the agency.

Brandservices Australia has been supporting this client and their dealership network since 2012.

Why Choose Brandservices Australia?

Here are some of the reasons working with Brandservices Australia is not a mistake:

  • Personalised Services: The company adopts a client-centric approach, allowing it to provide only tailored solutions to meet each client’s needs.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Brandservices leverages a tech-driven approach to fulfilment.
  • Seamless Fulfilment: The team at Brandservices are experienced and can handle every aspect of the fulfilment processes, enabling you to focus on growing your business.
  • Professionalism & Expertise: They bring improved fulfilment expertise to your business so you can quickly and efficiently fulfil orders.
  • Cost-Saving Solutions: Brandservices gives you access to multiple shipping options to lower your fulfilment costs and deliver the experience your customers will love.

Tips for Businesses Considering Fulfilment Solutions

With so many 3PL services out there, finding the right fulfilment partner can feel like an arduous task. 

However, the key lies in thoroughly assessing your specific needs and requirements. It helps you narrow your options and find the ideal fulfilment solution that aligns with your objectives.

Start by evaluating your order volume, product types, and shipping needs. Consider factors such as the size and weight of your products and your desired shipping methods and delivery times. Determine if you’ll require specialised handling or storage conditions for your products. 

Next, take a close look at your inventory management requirements. Figure out if you need a 3PL partner that can handle inventory control, forecasting, and replenishment. 

Also, assess your technology and integration needs. This matters because a seamless integration between your systems and those of your 3PL provider is crucial for efficient order processing and inventory management. 

Another thing is to consider the geographical reach and scalability of your 3PL partner. Suppose you have customers in multiple locations or plan to expand your business. In that case, you need a provider with a vast network of warehouses and the ability to scale their operations to meet your growing needs.

Wrapping It Up

Getting your fulfilment game on point can be a real game-changer for growing your business.

We’ve seen some of the challenges of handling them yourself and how fulfilment services can help you overcome them. Plus, tips for businesses considering the right solutions.

Picking the right partners can help you streamline your processes, ensure efficiency, deliver seamless, customer-centric experiences, and reduce costs. The best part is that they do all the heavy lifting while you focus on running and growing your business.

So, if you’re ready to level up your fulfilment game, give Brandservices Australia a shout. They’re the real deal when it comes to  fulfilment services transformation and rethinking your inventory management in Australia.

Brandservices Australia is an expert in fulfulment services transformation


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