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Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors

Discover the top content marketing strategy for HVAC contractors to boost your online presence, attract more customers, and establish yourself as a trusted industry expert. Learn how to create engaging and informative content that resonates with your target audience, drives organic traffic, and generates valuable leads.

The United States HVAC industry is very competitive.

As a professional in this space, you’d compete against over 650,000 other contractors. So, succeeding here depends largely on your ability to capture leads and convert them into customers. 

And content marketing offers you one of the most straightforward ways to pull this off.

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It involves creating informative and engaging material like articles, infographics, videos, and podcasts to provide instant value to homeowners or businesses looking for HVAC services or DIY tips to fix their cooling and heating systems.

This post guides you on how to create an actionable HVAC content marketing strategy and all the tools you need to effectively execute it.

But first, let’s see why leveraging this channel is not a mistake.

Why HVAC Content Marketing?

Here’s what content marketing can do for your HVAC business:

  • Establish your company as a thought leader
  • Make your brand more recognized and trusted by customers, particularly those seeking solutions and information.
  • Turn random visitors into customers, as the content keeps them returning.
  • Help your website rank on Google via SEO and keyword optimization.

Statistics show the above is true and valid. 

At the moment, about 97% of organizations confirm they have a content marketing strategy. Also, individual marketers that employ content marketing record close to 30% higher conversion rates than those that don’t. 

With quality content, it’s easy to rank on Google. And stats show 50% of visitors will visit a website if it appears multiple times on SERPs.

Now, imagine your content pages showing up on Google when people look up HVAC terms. It means searchers get to trust your brand and are more likely to visit your website. With that comes industry authority and returning customers.

Building An Effective Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Businesses

Action these tips for building an effective content marketing strategy to improve your chances of recording a 30% higher conversion rate than other HVAC businesses. 

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #1: Understand Customers’ Pain Points

Recommended tool: Collect Chat

For your content to be relevant, then it must satisfy customers’ intent. So, your first step to building a solid HVAC content marketing strategy is understanding your customers’ pain points. 

And Collect Chat can help you do that.

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors

The tool is popular as a live chatbot solution. But you can also use it to create interactive survey forms and gain valuable insights on your website visitors.

You can feature these survey forms as landing pages or pop-ups on other web pages. Thankfully, Collect Chat features professionally made templates for both options.

Ask the right questions to understand what your customers want. In particular, focus on difficulties and issues they may be facing. Then, use the details to create tons of content that addresses those issues in the most helpful way.

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #2: Uncover Keywords Customers Use

Recommended tool: Marketing Miner

Suppose, from your survey, you know a customer can’t operate their air conditioner. You can create an article that addresses the issue in simple language.

But how do you know what the customer types on Google when looking for a solution? That’s where keywords come in. Your content must have the right keywords to appear on SERPs. 

If you center your blog post on “operating an air conditioner,” but the customer searches, “how can I use my AC,” it’ll be challenging to rank. A competing company using the keyword “how to use an AC” has a higher chance of ranking.

Marketing Miner is our recommended tool when it comes to uncovering keywords. Leverage the keyword research feature, then strategically insert the phrases into your content.

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors 1

Another way to use the tool is to spy on your top competitors. All you need is their URL, and you’ll find out what keywords bring them the most traffic.

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #3: Optimize Your Content To Rank on the Search Engine

Recommended tool: Surfer SEO

Articles and blog posts are among the best content marketing mediums. 

However, if you stuff them with phrases from your keyword research, search engines will penalize you. So, you have to use them strategically to avoid spamming your content. And Surfer SEO can help.

The tool’s content editor ensures your articles and blog posts are optimized for Google. It’s our go-to tool to rank on the Google front page. And it has been doing wonders for us. Check out our Surfer SEO review.

You can work with it in real-time, keeping an eye on the SEO score to know the quality of your content:

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors 2

The tool is premium, but you won’t break the bank. You can start by paying $19 per month with an annual plan.

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #4: Boost Content Reach With Social Media

Recommended tool: Sendible

Over 4.48 billion people use social media platforms. That’s more than half the world’s population. More mind-blowing is that each person uses up to six different platforms.

So, after creating your content, it’s in your best interest to boost it on social media. It could be a simple status or story post or a paid ad. And you have to repeat this on multiple platforms.

Sendible makes social media management a walk in the park. It’s a must-use for your HVAC content marketing strategy.

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors 3

We recommend you use the platform to distribute your content on multiple social media platforms. Also, it works for engaging followers via quick comments and DM responses. 

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #5: Track Readers’ Behavior

Recommended tool: Hotjar

Similar to understanding user pain points, you have to understand their behavior. This comes after putting out your content, and it’ll help you know if customers relate to it or not.

Consider a reader that hits the back button on your blog post after a minute. That’s a bad sign! It means they didn’t find the post helpful, and such content needs reworking. Also, a scroll depth of less than 70% is another signal to look out for.

Providing these behavioral insights in real time is where HotJar shines. It’s a simple tool that monitors the activities of every website visitor.

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors 4

Use the tool to generate heat maps and recordings. Then, take your time to analyze them to identify points of friction. Subsequently, leverage the insight to improve your content marketing.

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #6: Build Domain Authority With Quality Links

Recommended tool: Adsy

Quality content and keyword optimization alone won’t make your website rank on Google. An essential ranking factor is backlinks.

The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your domain rating. And a high domain ranking means a high position on SERPs. We recommend using guest posts to build quality backlinks to ramp up your domain authority. A platform like Adsy is dependable.

It’s one of our favorite tools in our content tech stack. The platform helps us find relevant high-DA websites to publish guest posts. Also, use the tool to build your domain authority.

To begin, sign up, search for high-DA websites, and connect with the publishers.

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors 5

Adsy curates both low-priced and expensive publishers. So, you can build quality links irrespective of your budget.

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #7: Stand Out With HVAC Schema

Recommended resource: Smart Entrepreneur Blog

Featured snippets are driving millions of SERP engagements and traffic to many business websites. 

You can join the trend by implementing relevant schema-structured data on your HVAC website. Adding structured data to our Adsy review article helped it land a rich snippet on the SERP, improving the article’s search visibility.

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors 6

Also, structured data enabled us to get the star-rating snippet.

Top Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Contractors 7

Besides landing featured snippets, using structure data has other advantages. For instance, local Business structured data will make it easy for customers in your locality to find you.

At least ten schema data types bring the most benefits to HVAC companies. We have the most comprehensive and actionable resource you can use to implement each one. You can check it out here.

HVAC Content Marketing Strategy #8: Monitor. Optimize. Iterate

Recommended tool: Google Search Console

Your HVAC content marketing strategies shouldn’t be stagnant. You have to constantly monitor, optimize, and improve them to gain more leads.

Since Google is the primary search engine where you’ll aim to rank, Google Search Console is the monitoring platform to use.

Set up Search Console by verifying your website and, afterward, submit a site map. Keep track of your keyword traffic and ranking for each content, and work on those with low conversion. Also, stay on alert for any ranking or sitemap issues.

We recommend reading our recent article on real estate keyword research strategies to learn how to use Google Search Console to optimize published articles to boost their organic traffic.

HVAC Contractor Marketing Strategies: What Next?

After implementing all HVAC contractor content marketing techniques outlined in this post, it’s time to consider other selling strategies.

For instance, you can boost your leads using referral and customer retention marketing methods. We’ve covered these extensively, too, and you can check them out with the below links:


What Is HVAC Content Marketing?

HVAC content marketing involves creating and publishing quality materials that appeal to HVAC customers. These materials can be articles, videos, graphics, or podcasts. 

What Are the Top Tools for HVAC Content Marketing?

The top tools you need for HVAC content marketing are:

  • Surfer SEO
  • HotJar
  • Marketing Miner
  • Sendible
  • Collect Chat
  • Adsy

Is Surfer SEO for Content Marketing Strategy Design?

Yes, Surfer SEO can help you with a content marketing strategy design. The tool works for article optimization with the right keywords that visitors search for. Hence, it’ll ensure your blog post and articles rank on Google and other search engines. 

Should I Do My HVAC Content Marketing Myself?

You can do HVAC content marketing yourself following the simple strategies discussed in this post. However, it helps to employ a few more hands for comprehensive implementation. For instance, you can hire a quality writer to craft your blog posts and articles. 

How Do I Build Quality Backlinks to My HVAC Website?

You can build quality backlinks to your HVAC website via guest posting. Sign up for Adsy and use the tool to find high-DA websites that will accept your content and link back to you. 


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