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Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses

Grow your HVAC business with our comprehensive Social Media Marketing Guide! Discover proven strategies, expert tips, and powerful tactics to boost your online presence, attract more customers, and dominate the digital landscape.

HVAC contractors focused on growth should invest in social media marketing.

Data shows that more than 4.9 billion people use the channel, making it a place to reach potential customers. Also, about 75% of marketers confirm that social media marketing helped boost their web traffic. Additionally, up to 90% say it increased their brand exposure. 

And interestingly, it costs less than traditional marketing.

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Sadly, several HVAC contractors struggle to make the most of this marketing channel.

And that shouldn’t be your case.

In this social media marketing guide, we explored expert strategies to grow your HVAC business.

So, let’s get started. 

Top Social Media Strategies for HVAC Contractors

Follow the below marketing strategies to boost your HVAC business via social media.

Strategy 1: Pick the Right Platforms

Picking the right social media next can help you maximize your impact.

We recommend the following platforms for your HVAC business:


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 1

Number one is the largest social media site, with nearly three billion active monthly users. Over two billion people log into their Facebook accounts daily.


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 2

Instagram stands as one of the best social media platforms for visual marketing. More than two billion people use it every month.


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 3

Twitter is a top social platform for engaging your customers in real-time. The active monthly user count is over 230 million.


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 4

You can’t skip YouTube if you target engaging and informative marketing. It’s the second most visited social platform, with more than 2.5 billion users.


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 5

LinkedIn works for professional networking, which can significantly benefit your HVAC campaigns. The platform records close to a million monthly active users.


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 6

TikTok is golden for promoting your HVAC business using short videos. It’s newer than the previous platforms, yet 1.53 billion people use it per month.

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Strategy 2: Optimize Your Profiles

Your social media profiles should communicate your brand identity, and you achieve that by optimizing the profile.

It’s simple.

Add your business name, logo, contact details, and website link. Also, publish info about your HVAC products and services in your bio.

Here’s an example from an HVAC Twitter profile:

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 7

Importantly, the details you provide must be the same across all platforms.

Strategy 4: Build Your Followers

You need followers to kickstart your HVAC social media campaigns.

One way to build followers quickly is to inform existing customers. As they like, comment, and share your posts, your account becomes visible to others.

So, reach out to your existing clients about your social profiles and encourage them to follow your handles. You can do this via email or with a blog post. 

Also, publish your handles on your HVAC website where visitors can see them:

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 8

If you use WordPress, you can install the Social Feed plugin to display your social media timelines on your website:

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 9

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Strategy 5: Engage Your Audience Consistently

Engaging your customers the right way can increase your revenue by 23 percent.

You can do this in multiple ways, but content marketing and frequent interaction are best.

Content Marketing

Social media content marketing involves sharing valuable content on your timelines to attract your target audience.

The content should be:

  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Helpful

HVAC tips, news, exclusive offers, customer stories, and FAQs are some workable examples:

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 10

Create short and long-form content, and be versatile with text, images, videos, live streams, and stories.

In our experience, LinkedIn Pulse and Facebook are some of the best for content marketing. Twitter threads also work, especially for long-form content.

But if your content is mainly visual, use YouTube and Tiktok.

Before posting, check the day’s trends and hot topics, and include them in your content. We advise posting at least once per day for consistency.

Audience Interaction

Your social media posts will get likes and comments. It’s people performing these actions, and you should acknowledge them by interacting.

Reply to comments professionally and with a positive tone. If it’s an inquiry, ensure you provide all details to help the customer,

Also, encourage followers to DM for further info and be prompt to respond when they do.

Manually, this can be challenging, so we advise using Sendible. Check this post to learn how to use the tool in detail.

Strategy 6: Leverage PPC to Reach New People

Social media constitutes 33% of digital advertising efforts. 

So, leveraging it is not a mistake. It helps open multiple customer touchpoints, allowing you to reach new clients of any demographic.

Begin by specifying your budget. Next, pick the social platform your target audiences are most active on. You can explore all the above-listed platforms if you can afford it. The good thing is if done right, they will more than pay for the advertising budget.

Now, create compelling adverts with clear headings, descriptions, and CTAs, like the below:

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 11

Ensure to use high-quality images and videos. And, importantly, your ads should link to your HVAC website or a specific landing page.

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Strategy 7: Use Zapier to Run a Multichannel Campaign

Zapier lets you integrate social media with other marketing platforms for multichannel campaigns. 

Use the tool to connect your email subscribers or Collect Chat leads to Facebook ads to re-target them in real-time. We prefer the latter because it streamlines our lead generation.

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 12

Sign up on the platform, create a lead generation chatbot with the no-code drag-and-drop builder, and then embed it on your landing pages for real-time lead generation. As web visitors interact with the chatbot, it collects their names, emails, phone numbers, and other details you want. 

Zapier can fetch these details automatically into your Facebook ad remarketing list. This allows you to serve them personalized ads to nudge them closer to conversion.

Learn how we use this tool in our Collect Chat review. 

Strategy 8: Boost Your SEO With Social Signals

Social signals involve the likes, shares, and comments you get on your posts:

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 13

The more signals you generate, the better your social media SEO, meaning more of your HVAC posts will appear on timelines and trends. Also, quality social signals can improve your page SEO, improving your search result rankings.

Here are some tips to drive more social signals:

  • Make your posts share-worthy.
  • Frequently engage customers and other HVAC professionals.
  • Encourage customers to drop positive reviews in the comments.
  • Add social sharing buttons to your website posts.
  • Make your ad content appear more organic.

Strategy 9: Build Loyalty With Social Contests

Social media contests are effective for building loyal HVAC customers.

Winners get rewards, such as product discounts or vouchers. Ultimately, they know you appreciate them and will return to win more.

Outgrow is suitable for this strategy. 

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 14

The tool has optimized templates you can use. So, pick one, customize it, and publish. For best results, add lead generation elements — like email opt-ins for contestants.

Strategy 10: Leverage Influencers

Up to 93% of marketers use influencer marketing and confirm it’s essential. So, you can’t skip this strategy.

Contact top HVAC influencers on social platforms you use and discuss the business promotion. Particularly, work with influencers that share your brand values and understand your marketing goals.

You can make things easier with an influencer marketing platform. Here are some of the best ones:

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Top HVAC Social Media Marketing Tools

Use these tools to handle your social media marketing like a pro:


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 15

Sendible is our number tool for managing multiple social networks. It supports all major platforms and is easy to use.

Use Cases

  • Scheduling posts
  • Generating content
  • Audience engagement
  • Client collaboration


Starts at $29 per month with a 14-day trial.


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 16

Here’s a top interactive marketing solution. We advise using it to create social media contests, giveaways, quizzes, and surveys.

Use Cases

  • Interactive marketing
  • Social contests and surveys
  • Building chatbots
  • Creating SaaS funnels


Starts at $22 per month.


Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 17

Zapier fosters automation. You can leverage the platform to connect your social accounts with other marketing tools.

Use Cases

  • App integration
  • Automation streamlining
  • Custom workflows
  • Leveraging AI


Free plan available. Premium starts at $19.99 per month

Collect Chat

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 18

This is our go-to solution for building lead-generation chatbots.  More than 25,000 businesses use it.

Use Cases

  • Lead generation
  • Customer feedback
  • Real-time audience engagement
  • App integrations


Free plan available. Premium starts at $24 per month.

Google Tag Manager

Social Media Marketing Guide for HVAC Businesses 19

Google Tag Manager integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics. So, we recommend it for monitoring your HVAC social media campaigns.

Use Cases

  • Campaign monitoring
  • Website management
  • Team collaboration
  • Integration with Google tools


Available for free.

HVAC Social Media Marketing: What Next?

Action the strategies here to grow your HVAC business with social media. 

But you must be consistent, as it may take up to six months to get visible results. Furthermore, monitor your campaign regularly so you know you’re on the right track. We also recommend these HVAC referral marketing strategies to get more customers and build a loyal customer base. 

Hand-Picked For You:


How Do HVAC Beginners Use Social Media Marketing?

HVAC beginners can use social media marketing by creating quality posts, rewarding contests, and regularly engaging their audience.

What Are Some of the Best Social Media Marketing Tools for HVAC Businesses?

Some best HVAC social media marketing tools include:

  • Sendible
  • Outgrow
  • Zapier
  • Collect Chat
  • Google Tag Manager

What Strategies Do You Use for Social Media Marketing?

You can use the following strategies for social media marketing:

  • Create engaging posts
  • Regularly interact with your followers
  • Organize contests and giveaways
  • Use influencers
  • Run Ads

Does Social Media Marketing Promote Your HVAC Business?

Yes, social media marketing will promote your HVAC business. More than half the world’s population is on social media, and over 93% of marketers leverage the platforms.

Is Social Media Marketing for HVAC Expensive?

Social marketing for HVAC is not expensive compared to traditional marketing techniques. Most of the best social media marketing strategies cost $0 to implement.


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