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Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies

Free HVAC Marketing Strategies

Unlock the secrets to effective HVAC marketing without breaking the bank! Discover the top free strategies to skyrocket your HVAC business’s online presence, attract more clients, and generate leads.

Customers will only learn about your business if you reach out. And that’s what HVAC marketing involves.

However, there’s an issue. About 60% to 90% of business strategies never fully launch. 

So imagine spending time planning your marketing, only to end up not executing. It’s bad for business, but it will happen if your strategy exceeds your budget.

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But the good news is not all HVAC marketing schemes need spending. You can leverage several free HVAC marketing strategies to grow your business. And that is what this post is all about.

But first, let’s see how much these strategies can save you.

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How Much Free HVAC Marketing Strategies Can Save You

Generally, marketing costs about seven to ten percent of the total revenue. 

So, if a business generates $1 million per year, marketing takes $70k to $100k.

Data shows the average HVAC company makes between $580,000 and $1.25 million yearly. HVAC startups generate less – about $78,000.

We estimate you can save between $40,000 and $58,000 with free HVAC marketing strategies if your revenue is around $580,000. HVAC businesses generating over a million each year can save between $70,000 and $100,000. Meanwhile, as a startup, you’ll have about $5,500 and $7,800 to keep.

The Top 10 Ways to Market Your HVAC Business for Free

Below are our top ten favorite strategies for marketing an HVAC business:

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 1: Target Online Searchers With Search Engine Optimization

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are big players facilitating online HVAC service discovery. And this strategy involves optimizing your website to appear for relevant queries on these search engines.

Additionally, ensure that the site is mobile responsive, fast-loading, and easy to navigate. Search engines consider these factors when ranking web pages. Also, create quality content using relevant industry keywords. 

Integrating content into your SEO campaigns helps you target several long-tailed keywords, allowing you to cater to a wide range of searchers which improves your organic visibility.

We recommend this post for guidance on how to rank your HVAC website on Google’s front page.

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 2: Get Local Customers With Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is one of the most effective free HVAC marketing techniques. It helps you put your HVAC business in Google Maps, which enables you to attract local customers.

For instance, a well-optimized Google Business Profile lets your brand show up when prospects search for nearby HVAC services. Optimizing the listing for relevant keywords can help you dominate your neighborhood for local searchers.

Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 2

And I guess you want this.

So, create a Google Business Profile and provide all the necessary details. Ensure to add quality photos, and publish updates regularly. You can streamline this with the Post to Google My Business WordPress plugins by Koen Reus.

Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 3

The plugin posts automatically to your GBP anytime you publish a new blog post.

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 3: Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Ignoring Pinterest is a huge mistake. 

Data shows that 445 million people use the platform monthly, that’s nearly half a billion monthly users. Interestingly, 45 percent of the social network’s U.S. users earn over $100,000 income annually, making it a great place to find ready-to-buy customers.

Start by registering a Pinterest Business account. 

Next, optimize your profile with HVAC keywords, descriptions, and hashtags, and create boards.

Post high-quality images and videos regularly. Link each post to your website to turn random followers into paying customers.  

Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 4

Twitter is another gold mine for marketing, with more than 368 million monthly users.

Trending topics on Twitter shows what people are talking about. So, they usually attract many views, likes, and comments.

Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 5

Creating engaging content around trending topics to boost brand awareness, and possibly, generate traffic. Polls and contests will also work. Encourage your audience to engage with the content and follow up on their comments and DMs.

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 5: Build Thought Leadership With LinkedIn

About 90% of C-level decision-makers confirm that thought leadership impacts their view of a brand.

So, this strategy won’t only draw in customers but also helps you build strategic partnerships. We prefer LinkedIn for this, but for the best results, combine it with blog posts to reach those outside the platform.

For Linkedin, optimize your profile, then create and share valuable content and solutions. We have a mini-guide on B2B LinkedIn marketing and you could benefit from the tips.

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 6: Convert Web Visits to Leads With Collect Chat

Your website visitors may leave and never return unless you convert them into leads.

Collect Chat is an easy solution for this. 

Sign up on the platform and create chatbots to interact with visitors. The good thing is it features a drag-and-drop builder that makes it straightforward to create one without coding. Embed the bot on your high-traffic pages for the best results.

You can see the exact way we leverage this tool in our Collect Chat review.

Additionally, we recommend you integrate the solution with your email marketing software, preferably, Omnisend, to nurture the leads into paying customers. 

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 7: Spy On Competitors With Marketing Miner

Looking over competitors’ shoulders can help you uncover their secrets to beat them.

Marketing Miner comes in handy here. The platform provides free 1,000 monthly credits you can use for this. Launch the competitor analysis tool and input your competitor’s website URL to uncover insights to beat and get ahead of them.

The software is feature-rich and has several use cases. Kindly check out our Marketing Miner review to learn how we use the platform to plan our campaigns.

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 8: Eliminate Conversion Frictions With Hotjar

Poor website layout and poor navigation experience can cause buyers to abandon your site. 

And a high bounce rate is not good for your HVAC marketing. You can improve this by eliminating distractions and friction on your website.

Hotjar is our recommended solution for this.

Connect the tool to your website and generate heat maps. The heatmaps will highlight areas your site visitors experience difficulty. Optimize such pages for a smoother customer experience, and you’ll record higher marketing conversions.

Hotjar’s basic plan is free, yet it lets you generate unlimited heatmaps.

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 9: Build Customer Trust and Confidence With TrustIndex

Having lots of positive reviews makes things easier for you.

The reason is customers often read customer reviews before patronizing a brand. And it costs you nothing to get them, just excellent customer service delivery.

Collect and embed positive reviews on your website as social proof. The TrustIndex WordPress plugin is one go-to tool for this, and it’s easy to set up.

Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 6

First, install the plugin and choose from over 100 review platforms such as Google Business Profile, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, and Trustpilot. Next, set your display preferences, and finally, use the embed code to show the reviews on your website.

Check out our guide for more ways to build confidence and manage your reputation.

Free HVAC Marketing Strategy 10: Reach More People With Email Marketing With Omnisend

More than 4 billion people have email accounts. 

In our experience, email marketing remains the most cost-effective channel for any business. It’s a workable route for promoting your HVAC newsletters, discounts, and others.

Automated campaign apps are usually premium. But you can use Omnisend to deliver up to 500 marketing emails each month for free.

Ensure to leverage the professional templates the tool features. Also, use the free A/B testing option to pick the best-converting emails.

Top Online Tools for Free HVAC Marketing

We highlighted some tools when discussing the free HVAC strategies. Let’s throw some more light on each.

Marketing Miner

Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 7

We primarily recommend Marketing Miner for competitive intelligence. However, you can employ the tool for all-around SEO. This includes generating keywords, tracking rank positions, and building backlinks. With this, you can utilize the tool for strategy one.


Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 8

Hotjar provides insights into your web visitors’ behavior analytics. The tool houses many premium features that’ll help you understand your customer’s experience and, in turn, eliminate friction. But, with the free account, you can only access heatmaps.

Collect Chat

Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 9

Collect Chat exists to convert random visitors into leads and prospective customers. As mentioned earlier, the best way to leverage the solution is by using automated chatbots. You’ll find Collect Chat easy to use, thanks to the drag-and-drop builder and free templates. 


Best Free HVAC Marketing Strategies 10

Email marketing is Omnisend’s specialty. You can manage up to 250 contacts with the tool for free and send over 500 emails. That’s not all. You still get pre-built automation & workflows, pop-ups, sign-up forms, and performance reports.

HVAC Free Marketing Strategies What Next?

Action these strategies to market your HVAC business on a budget.

They are some of what your top competitors use to stay above the curve. Implementing them can help you to level the playing ground. Also, ensure to check out the recommended resources for more in-depth insights on how to leverage each strategy.

However, don’t rule out spending to promote your HVAC businesses. It’s essential if you are serious about beating the competition and growing your HVAC business.

Hand-Picked For You:

HVAC Marketing On Budget FAQs

Is HVAC Marketing Expensive?

According to our estimates, HVAC marketing costs start from $5,000 per year. So, for startups, it’s not much expensive. But you will spend more if you’re a big brand.

How Can I Market My HVAC Products With No Money?

You can market your HVAC products with no money by employing free strategies. These include creating quality content, using Google My Business, leveraging social media, and displaying positive reviews.

What Free Tools Can I Use for HVAC Marketing?

Free tools for HVAC marketing include:

  • Collect Chat
  • Hotjar
  • Marketing Miner
  • Omnisend

Do I Need a Big Budget to Market My HVAC Startup?

No. You don’t need a big budget to market your HVAC startup. Any amount you can afford will be acceptable, as there are free strategies to follow.

Are Free Marketing Strategies Worth It?

Yes, free marketing strategies, when applied accurately, can yield massive results. But you must be consistent with your efforts for the best conversion.


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