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HVAC Referral Marketing Strategies: Get more referred customers In the U.S

hvac referral marketing strategies in the united states

Looking for effective ways to grow your HVAC business? Discover powerful HVAC referral marketing strategies to incentivize word-of-mouth recommendations, learn how to generate more leads, and increase your bottom line.

Suppose your HVAC business currently has 100 customers. Then, each one brings in one extra customer. That’s 200 now.

If the 200 bring in one each, you get 400, and so on. That’s a simple illustration of how referral marketing works.

It’s an easy-to-effect approach to increasing your customer base. However, not all HVAC companies are successful with their efforts.

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To ensure that’s not your story, we decided to share our expert HVAC referral marketing strategies you can implement.

These are strategies that work best with customers in the US. And ultimately, they’ll help your business grow.

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How Can a Solid Referral Marketing Strategy Help?

The stats backing the effectiveness of solid referral marketing strategies are mind-blowing. Such strategies will result in the following:

  • Fresh leads
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More loyal customers
  • Publicity for new products

The above is true, and these are the reasons: 

About 90% of online buyers will trust and patronize a brand if their friend recommends it.

In turn, the referred customers are 4x likely to introduce others to the brand.

Furthermore, new customers are sure to spend money. Research shows that new customers via referrals spend 200% more than average.

Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value compared to non-referred ones. That’s particularly true for customers gotten at the same time, within the same demographics.

When your store launches a new product, your existing customers will likely tell others about it. In fact, 91% of customers confirm they’ll easily give referrals.

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Developing an Effective HVAC Referral Marketing Strategy

The below HVAC referral marketing strategies, when properly implemented, will yield maximum results:

HVAV Referral Strategy 1: Pick the right rewards

Your existing customers will only join your referral program if you offer the right incentives. If US customers cannot get real value from what you offer, then it’s not exactly an incentive.

First, decide who you want to reward.

Will you reward just the existing customer (one-sided)? Or will the reward get to the existing and referred customers (two-sided)?

Two-sided referral rewards often have the most returns. However, your HVAC business may not be financially able to give out many rewards.

So, you can kick off with one-sided rewards. Besides, the newly referred customers can also take a bite at the cake when they refer others.

The next thing to decide on is the reward type: cash, gifts, store credits, discounts, or something else?

For HVAC businesses in the U.S., discounts and store credits work best. This is due to the relatively high cost of HVAC products.

Also, discounts and store credits are ideal for retaining your customers.

HVAV Referral Strategy 2: Start With a Good Loyalty Program Software

It’s impossible to launch and manage a referral program manually. Unless you’re expecting only one or two participants. Surely, you want hundreds and, if possible, thousands.

As a result, you’ll need to invest in dependable loyalty program software. Many such software programs are available in the United States, but we recommend Loyal Zoo.

screenshot from loyal zoo customer loyalty program website homepage

Based on our firsthand experience, you can:

  • Launch a converting loyalty program in minutes.
  • Launch a digital, points-based loyalty program or prime, subscription, and membership-based loyalty program. 
  • Manage your loyalty program from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Integrate your referral program with point-of-sale solutions.
  • Quickly market and promote your loyalty program.
  • Keep track of your program’s performance with clear stats and insights.

You’re missing out if your HVAC referral marketing strategy excludes a tool like Loyal Zoo.

The tool only charges a 1% transaction fee if you run a prime loyalty program. But, if you opt for a digital point-based one, you pay $47 monthly.

Whichever you go for, Loyal Zoo still is relatively affordable compared to other tools.

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HVAC Referral Strategy 3: Engage Customers On Social Media Using Sendible

As your loyalty program rolls out, the next HVAC referral marketing strategy to implement is engagement. You must be handy to respond to new customers as they learn about your business.

Social media is king when it comes to online engagement in the United States. 

With over 240 million active social media users, about 73% of the total U.S. population, social media offers enormous potential. So, ensure you’re active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, among others.

If you’re wondering, “how can I manage all these social media accounts?” You can do that with Sendible.

screenshot from sendible website homepage

Sensible exists to help businesses leverage the power of social media to grow their audience and attract new customers. Here are some of what we have been able to do with this tool:

  • Automate and schedule postings across different social media platforms.
  • Generate engaging content for our posts from an ocean of helpful suggestions.
  • Easily collaborate with other accounts (influencers, for example) to promote clients’ loyalty programs.
  • Quickly reply to customers’ direct messages, comments, and mentions.
  • Review our social engagement efforts via detailed reports and trends.

You can start using Sendible for just $29 per month. If you pay annually, the price is lower at $25. 

HVAV Referral Strategy 4: Send Personalized Emails

A customer will relate more if emails address them than if simply general. Stats confirm that email personalization increases open rates by 82%.

An email subject that reads, “Hello customer, we’re launching a loyalty program to reward you,” sounds good. 

But “Hi there, Mary, we’re launching a loyalty program to reward you” is better. And it has a higher chance of being clicked on by Mary.

Hence, personalized emails are critical to your HVAC referral marketing strategies. 

Loyal Zoo, our recommended loyalty program software, will also work for this strategy.

With Loyal Zoo, you can send marketing emails that address customers directly. It’s easier and more effective since the emails carry elements of your referral program.

Suppose an existing customer opts into your loyalty program. Then, the tool will send a personalized email welcoming them. 

Subsequent personalized emails will introduce the rewards and incentives they stand to gain.

HVAC Referral Strategy 5: Create Helpful Content Which Customers Can Share

You’ll make things easier for your existing customers by creating helpful content.

For instance, you can create articles and videos highlighting the best points of your HVAC business. Existing customers can easily share the content with others as they refer them.

To create articles, the tool you need is SurferSEO. We have tried this tool, and we have seen massive results using it. The tool ensures your articles use the right keywords to entice customers and optimize them to rank high on search engines.

screenshot from Surfer SEO website homepage

This improves your search visibility, enabling more U.S. HVAC customers to discover your referral program.

For videos, an ideal tool is Lumen5. You can create engaging visual content with Lumen5, even if it’s your first time using a video maker.

A third option you have is creating podcast content with Play.ht. It’s ideal, considering the United States has the highest number of podcast listeners in the world.

Over 7,000 users leverage this tool to streamline their podcast creation, including market-leading brands like Xerox, salesforce, Samsung, and Hyundai. Play.ht is cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing applications.

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HVAV Referral Strategy 6: Live Up To Expectations 

The last HVAC referral strategy here is simple: live up to expectations.

Existing customers will refer new customers because they trust your HVAC business. The new customers will patronize you because they trust their referrers. It’s up to you, then, to not break this trust.

If your product quality drops, both existing and newly referred customers will leave. And it’ll take more than the best HVAC referral marketing strategies to bring them back.

Referral Marketing For HVAC Businesses: What Next? 

Implementing the right HVAC referral marketing strategies is a one-way ticket to growing your business.

That’s true. However, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Going forward, also explore other marketing options and strategies.

As an advice, implement these HVAC customer retention strategies to ensure you don’t lose customers, already existing or newly referred. 

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Hand-Picked For You:

HVAC Referral Marketing Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do you create an HVAC referral marketing strategy?

You can create an HVAC referral marketing strategy by first introducing the right reward offer. Then, follow up with a good referral program software like Loyal Zoo.

Your program will need visibility. So, invest in social media and content marketing tools like SurferSEO, Lumen5, and Play.ht. 

2. How do referrals increase HVAC product sales?

Referrals increase HVAC product sales by introducing new customers. In business, the more customers you have, the higher your sales. 

3. How do you market a referral program?

The best ways to market your HVAC referral program are social media, personalized emails, and content marketing.

You can use popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Likewise, you can use Loyal Zoo or other popular email marketing tools to submit personalized emails.

For content marketing, however, the recommended tools are:

  • SurferSEO: for creating articles and blog posts.
  • Lumen5: for creating publicity videos.
  • Play.ht: for creating supporting podcasts.

4. Is Loyal Zoo a good customer loyalty program solution?

Yes, Loyal Zoo is a good customer loyalty program —one of the best, in fact. Here are some reasons why:

  • It supports points and subscription-based loyalty programs.
  • It has a clean UI, which makes it easy to use.
  • You get an overview of your program’s health from a unified dashboard.
  • It’s a low-cost loyalty program.

5. What makes a successful referral?

A successful referral is one where the referred customer makes a purchase. Ensure your HVAC products meet the customer’s expectations, so they won’t be one-timers.


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