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10 Tips to Giving Great End of The Year Gift to Your Client

Tips to giving great end of the year gift to your client

Follow these tips to give great end of the year gift to your client. Show them you’re thoughtful, appreciative of their business without breaking the bank.

The end of the year/Christmas holidays are an excellent time for giving, and showing appreciation to the people in your life with gifts.

A lot of people fail to enjoy the holiday season because of the frenzy that surrounds shopping for gifts. Gift buying should not be relegated merely to a few days before Christmas. Doing that would be a rookie mistake that could lead to forgotten or mixed up gift items.

Do you own a business and are looking to give your clients an end of the year gift to show your appreciation?

Sure, the task could seem overwhelming and appear like you’re certainly going to break the bank. However, it doesn’t have to be so. You can give the best, thoughtful gifts that are sure to thrill your clients, without going over your budget.

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Ten tips to give great end of the year gift to your client.

Tips to giving great end of the year gift to your client
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Get Organised

The number one and most important thing to do at this time is to remain organised. Organisation entails proper planning, proper documentation, and a detailed budget you are disciplined not to go over.

Do your Research

Think about all the times you have gotten a family member or loved one a gift for a birthday or some other special occasion. Did you get them something that was especially dear to their heart?

You must have thought long and hard about a gift that would mean a lot to them, or that they had wanted for a long time. The same thought process should be applied when you are buying gifts for your clients.

Begin your Shopping Early

Most commercial stores provide their customers with the opportunity to buy all they want at a much-discounted price.

Black Friday is accepted as the best day to do your holiday shopping, but the problem is that stores are packed with people on this day.

You can beat the frenzy of Christmas shoppers by starting your shopping as early as possible, say- April?

Or, better still, as soon as a gift idea for your clients pops into your head, jot it down and grab the best deal you can find. By shopping early, you reduce the chances of forgetting anybody.

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Make a Detailed List

Shopping is probably the number one activity that gets people easily carried away. Just think about the times you have walked into a store to pick up a pair of shoes, and walked out laden with five bags of impulse buying.

It is easy to lose track of exactly what you mean to buy in a crowded mall of holiday shoppers. So, plan and make a comprehensive list of things to buy, prioritising them in order of importance, with a spending limit attached to each.

Opt For Handcraft Gift Items

Handmade gifts might seem like something a pre-schooler would give you for birthdays and special occasions but, when rightly done, homemade gifts are creative and thoughtful gifts.

Consider making a gift basket from scratch, including weaving the basket yourself. Include various items that carry meaning in the basket. Or, make some yummy cookies and a lovely holiday card.

Stick to your Budget

Compare and contrast the prices of your gift ideas on different websites, shops, and online stores to get the best possible deal.

Of course, you want to get all your clients valuable gift items, but, you can’t afford to blow all your savings. There are too many shops and sites at this time offering “mind-blowing” deals and promotions.

It is now left to you to find the very best deal for yourself. Spending less on each gift will allow you to buy more.

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Give Gift Certificates

Sure, you can give gifts that almost all your clients would love. But, why not just play it safe by gifting out gift certificates?

This way, your clients can take the receipts and get items that they love for the value of your gift certificate.

Gift certificates are a great way to stick to your budget and are perfect for a business relationship.

A Luxurious Retreat

Work-related stress is enough to keep the best of us going near crazy. Who wouldn’t love a luxurious spa day or an appointment with a masseuse as an end of the year gift? Your client is probably also overworked with preparations for the gift-giving season. They would more than appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Donate in their Name

The end of the year is a time for giving. How much more thoughtful could you be than donating some money to a charitable cause. You can be sure that your client would not forget this gift in a hurry.

Make sure though, you pick a charitable cause your clients are particularly passionate about and stick to your budget.

You could even involve your client in the process by inviting them to come with you to visit the charity organisation or present the gifts. This way, your business bond is even stronger.

A Holiday Party

How about a party that brings all of your clients and business partners in one place? Make a detailed list of the people you would invite to this party.

Then, meet with a planner if necessary to make sure you get a comprehensive budget. A party would also be an excellent opportunity to mingle and grow your network.

Of course, you may have to spend a little more here, but what better way to brand your presence in your clients’ minds than with a splendid holiday party?

Remember, you should keep your business party strictly for your business associates. If you want, organise a separate party for friends and family.

Are you one of the many people who get stressed over gift-giving during the holidays? Knowing what is right for family and friends is stressful enough. When the presents are for your clients and business associates, it can be even trickier deciding what to get.

The end of year holidays is ideal for giving and receiving, and what better way to show your clients your appreciation for staying with you. With our tips, you should have less trouble planning what to gift your clients.

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