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FAQs: How to Grow Your Business In 2022

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If you’re considering starting a VPS hosting business and wondering how to go about it – this piece details the steps you’ll need to take to build a thriving business

Anyone can start a business.

Growing it is where the work is. Keeping cash flow positive, generating leads, improving workforce productivity, managing inventory, and keeping existing customers happy are some small business growth challenges owners have to contend with.

So, we compiled some of the top questions people ask about growing their small businesses to make scaling yours more seamless and effortless.  We update this page regularly. So, you can bookmark it and always check back to see what has changed.

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So let’s get started.

Several SEO tools can help you rank your website on Google to grow your small business.

You can use Google Ads Keyword Planner to discover your niche's profitable high-search volume keywords. Whitespark can help you find and manage your local SEO citations, while Yext comes in handy for voice search optimization.

SEMRush, SpyGlass, and Ahref are helpful for competitive analysis. ReviewTrackers lets you understand your customers, making online reputation management more effortless. We have done an extensive article on how to grow your website ranking with the tools, and you might want to check it out.

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There are several corporate gifts you can give to your clients.

For instance, you can give them personalized mugs branded with their name, a message for them, or a gift basket with a personal note. You can also send them power banks, personalized journals, or flower bouquets. But, of course, if you’re short on cash, a handwritten note will do.

Whatever gift you send them, ensure it holds enough content to show how much you appreciate their friendship and business. You can get more corporate gift ideas with this resource.

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Freelance writers can help you create SEO contents to generate organic leads.

Outsourcing your content to freelancers means you will have time to focus on more pressing business matters and day-to-day operations. It also lets you get personalized services and publish content consistently while saving you the cost of maintaining a full-time staff.

Additionally, with a freelance writer, you’ll be sure of getting better quality content aligned to your brand tone and customer personae. You can find more details in this free resource and how freelance writers can take your content marketing to the next level, growing your small business.

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As a small business, you might need to do your bookkeeping.

It saves you a lot of cost and lets you have a bird-eye view over your finances. The thought of handling your accounting might be scary due to a lack of bookkeeping skills, but several bookkeeping courses can bring you up to speed as soon as possible.

Some free online bookkeeping courses for beginners are:

  • Accountingcoach.com
  • Futurelearn.com
  • Edx.org
  • Lynda.com
  • Udemy.com
  • Bigredcloud.com
  • Alison.com
  • Freebookkeepingaccount.com

You can get additional information in this free resource.

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Several tools can help you grow your small business.

For instance, you can use WordPress to build your website to maintain an online presence, MailChimp for email marketing and automation, and Shopify to run your eCommerce or dropshipping business. Additionally, you can generate leads on your website with OptinMonster, manage internal communication with Slack, and host and share files with Google Drive.

Other tools that help grow your business are:

  • Canva, for breathtaking graphic designs
  • Infographic to create beautiful infographics
  • Fiverr to hire freelancers
  • Ubersuggest for keyword research
  • Wordable to automatically publish your Google docs content to WordPress
  • Google Ads to promote your business, and 
  • More   
You use this free resource to find other tools to help grow your business.

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The best way to grow your small business is to understand your customers.

It lets you do things they’ll love and provide them with personalized services. Learning to delegate tasks helps you focus on business priorities and do so much daily. 

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one, so providing exceptional customer service can lead to a high customer retention rate; you can also use a reward system to keep them coming back.

Building an email list, leveraging email marketing, forming strategic partnerships with suppliers and businesses offering complementary services, and asking customers for referrals are some of the most effective strategies for growing a small business. 

Robust business processes, diversifying your product line, and building sales funnels are other options you shouldn’t take off the table. If you are wondering how these strategies can help you build a robust business growth action plan, you might want to check out this resource.

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The best way to grow your email list is by making your offers relevant to your audience.

Focus your offer on proffering solutions to your customers. Also, you must make it insanely easy for people to sign up for your list. Finally, split-test your opt-in form, testing elements like the copy, CTA, button placement, and color to eliminate guesswork from your email campaigns.

After each campaign, look at your data to see what is working and iterate them.

These ideas can help grow your email list:

  • Offer content upgrades like checklists, PDF guides, or templates as lead magnets.
  • Use quizzes to grow customer engagement and collect their emails
  • Minimize the option your give readers
  • Add social proof to your copies and landing page
  • Use power words to make your offer compelling
  • Subscribe your blog comments to an email list
  • Promote your opt-in landing page with ads

These are the exact strategies most expert online marketers use to grow their email lists. They can also work; however, you might need to check out this resource to learn how to implement them in detail to grow your small business.

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You can attract and retain top talents by branding your company as a top employer.

People will flock to join your company if they perceive the organization as an employer of choice. Also, they will give their best to stay with you, reducing your churn rate. You can also encourage employee advocacy and share behind-the-scenes of what it's like to work in the company.

Studies show that all top talents are lifelong learners. So fostering a learning culture can make your employee stay. Additionally, ensure your organization has a clear path to career advancement and can support a remote workforce.

Learn how to action these tips with this free resource.

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You can promote your business online with paid ads.

It helps you reach your ideal audience effortlessly and on their preferred channel. 

You can promote your business through search engine optimization, which lets your business rank higher in organic search results for the relevant keywords, saving you money that would have gone into paid promotions. Another advantage of search optimization is that it lets you reach your target customers when they are most ready to buy.

For instance, someone searching “best asphalt roofer in Springfield '' on Google is a hot lead, and ranking for that keyword and other related search queries if you're a roofing contractor in Springfield will help you convert the searchers into paying customers.

Besides these, you can promote your business with content, email, affiliate, and social media marketing. You can also use influences to extend your reach. This resource details some digital marketing techniques you can deploy to grow your small business. 

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You can generate SEO leads by optimizing your website for relevant keywords.

Identify the top search queries in your niche and use them in your SEO campaigns.

Additionally, ensure your website ranks for location-specific keywords to reach local searchers looking for your service or products. The reason is that 18 percent of local searches performed on a mobile device will lead to a purchase within a day, unlike non-local searches that convert at seven percent. Also, 72 percent of local searchers visit a store five miles from their residences.

After identifying your keywords, then perform technical SEO on the website to improve search engine indexability. Next, carry out on-page optimization, the off-page optimization to build quality backlinks to the website. As part of your off-page optimization, list your business on all available local business directories, including Google Business Profile, to improve local search visibility.

Also, optimize your website for voice searches to cater to all categories of searchers.

Our definitive guide on local SEO provides actionable tips on optimizing your small business for local searches in Nigeria. It can also work for you regardless of your country. Check it out here.

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You can generate leads with LinkedIn by nurturing relationships.

Getting prospects to trust your brand and genuinely showing you care about their needs is crucial to getting the leads. Burton Kelso of Call Integral Now and Nick Minicucci of Immensity Music, who have both seen success with LinkedIn leads, advised brands to humanize their interaction and show empathy in their messaging.

Another way to generate leads from LinkedIn is to optimize your profile and headline. The platform uses headlines to show relevant results to users. Nikola Roza advised people to hyper-optimize their profiles for relevant keywords.

Besides these, using a sales navigator can help you find ideal leads. Shaheer Kahn of Statehood Marketing revealed that using sales Navigator can help brands land high-ticket clients even when they don’t have any connection.

Other ways to generate leads from LinkedIn are:

  • Direct messaging brands
  • Sharing compelling content
  • Using premium account
  • Asking for connections for referrals
  • Personalizing every request to connect
  • Using complementary add-ons
  • Leveraging LinkedIn built-in ads
  • Offering freebies where it makes sense

This free resource provides a comprehensive guide on actioning these tips. Check it out to start generating LinkedIn leads.

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You can create compelling content by writing great headlines.

It’s your first impression. But, if your headline is not enticing enough, people will not read your content, defeating the purpose of creating the article. So, make the headline pop and offer readers value on the fly. 

Also, target the content to the right audience, writing in their everyday launch. Avoid cliche; it’ll make your content bland. Instead of “black as charcoal,” using something like “as black as a starless night” makes your writing original and creative.

Also, make your content relatable and more original by quoting authority figures and citing relevant industry statistics and studies. Write in short sentences and with an active voice. Finally, don’t forget to proofread your article before publishing it.

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