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15 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Email List

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If you’re wondering how to grow your email list in 2022 and you’re stuck on the way forward—in this piece, we shared some of the things savvy brands do behind the scenes to grow their email subscribers.

Email marketing has come to stay.

Data shows that 99 percent of consumers check their email daily, making it an effective channel for reaching prospects. It also lets brands build meaningful relationships with consumers, nurturing and converting them into long-term customers.

So building your email list is a no-brainer. But the question is how?

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This article will teach you 15 email list-building tricks to help grow your subscriber list.

Grow Your Email List Using Your Website

Your website’s function isn’t just to indicate your firm’s online presence. You can use it to grow your email list when you:

Include a Call-to-Action in Every Blog Post

Your content’s call to action persuades your readers to perform a task, especially relating to the information you’ve given them. 

So, you must have a strong CTA—strong enough to encourage your readers to submit a working email address so that you can tailor it.

A weak or non-existent call to action will make it difficult for your visitors to engage with you.

Add Sign-Up Forms to Every Page

Your website’s home page should be the first place that contains a sign-up form. 

Most of your viewers may visit other sections of your websites through external links. So, ensure you include a sign-up for your blog posts, about us page, services page, etcetera.

The aim is to make it easy for anyone visiting the site to subscribe.

Don’t forget to include attractive write-ups that will draw attention and encourage viewers to want to adhere to the given instructions. 

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Use Pop-ups

Contrary to what most people believe, pop-ups work. Pop-ups have an average conversion rate of 3.09 percent, with the rates sometimes rising even up to ten percent! 

Similar to any conventional marketing strategy, you must adopt the best practices for pop-ups to work effectively for you. 

For example, using cookies, you can determine which visitor is new or returning, so you don’t show the same pop-up to already signed-up visitors. 

Also, you can link to your email list sign-up form banner at the top of your website. This is an excellent spot to link your email signup form since it appears at the top of every page and is immediately apparent to everybody who visits your website.

Link to the signup form while advertising your lead magnet and see how much it works.

Ask Visitors For Feedback

People appreciate sharing their opinions on material that interests them. Include a form asking visitors for any questions they might have about your company on your website pages. Collect email addresses so you can get in touch with the visitors later.

Add Customer Reviews to Your Landing Pages

Telling people to sign up for a campaign is one thing, but having your satisfied clients do the same is quite another. 

Customer testimonials are the social evidence that persuades people to participate in anything, so you should include these testimonies on your website, especially on landing pages with sign-up forms. 

When visitors aren’t sure whether to provide their contact information, reviews will offer true value to your material.

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Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

Social media serves numerous purposes in our lives, especially in the business world, it’s an effective tool for attracting customers, but did you know you can grow your email list using several platforms? 

Here’s how:

Host Online Contests

With social media competitions, you can increase interaction and 

attract new followers. They can also aid you in your quest to develop email list-building skills.

Considerations for competitions range from sweepstakes to photo captions to comment-to-win.

You can successfully host a contest on any social media platform. Don’t forget to offer a worthwhile reward relevant to your core product offering to ensure a successful contest. Also, encourage email sign-ups by including up-to-date contest details in your newsletter.

Add a Call-to-Action to Your Facebook Page

When deciding how to increase your email list, consider using all of Facebook’s commercial capabilities. Put a call-to-action button on your page so that people who see it on Facebook may click it to go to a landing page where they can subscribe to your email list.

You may use several tools to instantly add an email sign-up form to your Facebook page. 

Many email marketing services offer this function natively, while you can incorporate others via a third-party tool like ShortStack or Wishpond.

Promote Your Landing Pages on Instagram

You may add a clickable link to your stories that people can reach by swiping up on the stories section if you have an Instagram Business profile.

With this function, you have a great chance to promote your sign-up page or any offer on your website that solicits email addresses in return for something useful, like a free trial. 

You can also use this function to connect to a lead-generating page your audience will want to sign up for, such as an insightful blog article.

Preview Newsletters on Your Facebook Page

An excellent strategy to draw audiences and encourage them to subscribe to your email list is to create a Facebook post that features a sample of your email newsletter. 

They’ll get a sneak peek of what you have to offer, be curious to learn more, and sign up to keep benefiting from your company. 

For a quick and simple sign-up, you can put a link to your sign-up page within this article.

Share Buttons on Thank You Pages

Redirect people who sign up for your mailing list to a thank you page with social media sharing buttons. Encourage your new subscribers to tell their friends about the valuable lead magnet they recently received.

They’ll spread the word about your lead magnet, leading to additional individuals joining your email list due to their exposure to it.

Other Ways to Grow Your Email list

Besides social media and your website, other ways to grow your business email list include:

Create Unique Email Content

Want to maintain your existing subscribers while also enlisting their help in growing your list?  

Send unique emails are emails Your email recipients will always look forward to receiving them and are more likely to share them with their networks if they are engaging, valuable, and educational. This raises your profile and attracts more subscribers. 

Include Your Email to YouTube Video Descriptions

Marketers and influencers have long recognized YouTube’s value as an online marketing tool. 

Encourage people to join your email list as you create a page with videos and add fresh material.

Include a link on the page that collects user email addresses to let viewers know they may receive recommendations for further videos from your playlists if they leave their email addresses on your Youtube page.

Also, welcome visitors with a video on your page.

Co-Marketing With a Partner

You can share the audience of a related business by producing an ebook or webinar with a partner, which will divide the content development labor. With gated content, you can easily obtain email addresses from a new audience for nurturing.

Host Offline Events

If properly utilized, attending networking events or trade presents you with the opportunity to grow your email list. 

You can use a sign-up sheet just as you would at your shop. Some email marketing programs even have a mobile app, allowing you to gather email addresses from event participants using an iPad.

Asking attendees to sign up for your email list at virtual events is a great opportunity. 

Also, you can provide links to a landing page on your website as a speaker or sponsor so that guests can read more about you. 

Additionally, this landing page should include a sign-up form offering a download associated with your presentation.

Referral Marketing

Did you know that your existing client base can be part of your marketing team? 

A study revealed that over 75% of consumers are more inclined to buy a new product after hearing about it from a family member or friend. About 84% of these individuals claim they either totally or partially trust recommendations from people they know. 

So, referral marketing remains one of the most reliable sources of information about new companies or services. Indirectly related to this is influencer marketing, which entails collaborating with an online influencer to promote your products and services.

How to Manage Your Email List

It’s not enough to grow an email list; you must also manage it to ensure your subscribers are constantly engaged.

Thankfully, we know a few tips that can help you achieve this. 

Let’s get to them.

Welcome New Subscribers

The degree of engagement and interest in your brand among new subscribers who choose to join your contact list is at its peak.

After all, they deliberately chose to submit that form and provide you with their email address because they were interested in you. They are now anxiously awaiting your next move.

Sending your new subscribers an eye-catching welcome email, or perhaps a whole onboarding email sequence, is the best way to establish a positive first impression.

Learn Segmentation and Tagging

Segmentation entails you separating your subscribers into smaller groups that have similar characteristics. 

For instance, as an online fashion retailer, you may segment your audience based on gender, location, or both. Conversely, grouping by industry, average annual revenue or estimated monthly web traffic might work best for SaaS companies.

Tagging entails labeling subscribers depending on their activity. 

The tag “welcome-offer-participated” might apply, for instance, if they utilized a discount coupon from your welcome email. 

Both techniques help you understand your audience better, so you can tailor communication to their needs.

Re-engage Old Contacts

Sometimes, subscribers stop opening your emails, or their ISP places your emails in their spam folders. These are the people you should send re-engagement emails to. 

Send them a personalized email asking them to re-subscribe. The communication might include updated information on the advantages of subscribing or include a little gift. You’re doing this to spike their interest again and keep them active.

Now, It’s Time to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is not rocket science.

If done properly, it can help you grow, retain, and nurture your customers into long-term relationships. Thankfully, the tips in this article can put you on the right footing.

You must take them one at a time. 

Rushing things over might overwhelm you, causing you to lose steam, defeating the purpose of this article. If you need more inspiration on how to set up high-converting email marketing campaigns, you might want to check out our latest email marketing report.

It reveals everything we did to make six figures in 21 days just by sending emails.

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